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What country are you most popular in?


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Soundcloud says:

1. USA.

2. Canada.

3. UK.

4. Netherlands.

5. Japan.

I guess most of those come from here. Netherlands is a bit surprising though.

My Youtube Channel is fairly new and has only one video with less than 100 views but it has the same countries with France instead of Netherlands.

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1. USA

2. UK

3. Germany

4. Canada

5. France

I really wish Soundcloud showed you where people were coming to your page from. I have one song that's been up for awhile that randomly started getting hundreds of plays over the past couple months after essentially being dead, so I know it must have gotten posted somewhere, but even with a Pro account, you can't get that data. That's some potentially really valuable stat tracking SC is missing out on providing to its artists.

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