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Mega Man: The Wily Castle Remix Gauntlet 2013

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Your dedication to good metadata is a shining beacon in the bleak sea of "Various Artists."

God Bless America. Anyway, I want to discuss another thing I'm seeing with novice mixers. A bit of a disclaimer: I'm going to talk now about my own approach to arrangement, and hopefully that will h

Cash is Cash and Change's new artist name.

I thought you all might be interested in knowing that this week's theme was composed by Yasuaki Fujita. Fujita-san composed under the alias Bunbun, and was the main composer for the classic Mega Man 3 soundtrack.

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Just got my votes in and picking those spots was extremely tough. Are we good for posting mix reviews/critiques? I might do a write up later tonight.

Also noticed I made two people's top 3 list! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!

I really didn't think epic-caribbean-folk-metal would make anyone's list!


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Sweet. Nice job everybody, there were some really fun songs this round! I might post some quick impressions later if I get the time. I was kinda hoping we'd get to vote for our Top 5 songs since we have more teams this WCRG compared to last time, cause some of these votes were tough!

I'll be mixing for The Beat Masters this week!

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