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OCRA-0040 - Final Fantasy VI: Balance and Ruin


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That's weird, djpretzel mentioned NIN too. I'm only familiar with his early stuff up to the Downward Spiral, but I don't particularly hear the similarities (other than the general industrial genre tropes).

Granted, I don't listen to much industrial. But NIN, both early and more recently, I just grabbed that vibe from the track and it recalled some of Trents darker tunes.

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Finally got around to doing disc five.

Disc Five

Omens I-IV - Right from the moment Black Dawn and Terror March played halfway through, I couldn’t stop myself from feeling as if I were listening to Dream Theatre. That impression mainly stemmed from the progression of the four tracks and how they felt largely progressive, tackling source tracks in interesting ways, and often times I found myself re-listening to certain parts due to either the melody, the composition, the percussion, and so on. Every time I came back there was something new I’d pick up from these four tracks, something I either didn’t pick up the first time, or something I felt blended in and then rose to it’s own as I became accustomed to the tracks. I have to say, too, that the percussion and guitar work is fantastic - and the arrangement is well plotted out to really sink the listener in.

The first two tracks feel prog to me so when Daydream starts playing though, I’m reminded heavily of some of the more slow downed tracks from the other discs from the project. It’s a real departure from the first two tracks but it has this almost haunting yet eerily calming effect to it’s music where it slowly seeps into the listener. Then the bass drops in and it’s as if the dream turned a little more sinister, and we’ve returned to my previous compliment - it’s back to sounding prog. And something about the bass, keyboard and percussion during the song that really make Daydream so…damned great to listen to.

Then about halfway through the track it’s as if we’re lifted back into the dream, and we’ve soaring above that sinister wave, but the sound of the track really makes one feel as if you’re admiring the previous instrumental that proceeded it and as the drum line begins to kick up, I get goosebumps.

Then that bass hits again, and it carries along with the percussion and guitar to lead us out and into the battle theme.

And thus we enter Polemos with a smooth fusion of tracks, and right off the chaos ensues. This track felt like the perfect end to the Omen tracks mainly because it took from a grand opening to an explosive finish, and I feel that Snappleman, norg, and Finbeard really melded together some awesome tracks. In Polemos, I have to say my utmost favorite parts, instrumentally, is that damned bass and percussion. It cements me into hearing the guitar, while never being muffled by anything, and being able to hear all the various instruments without losing track of them is quite the achievement.

Following Forgotten - Following Polemos, this song almost feels as if it’s an ‘aftermath of the chaos’ sort of track, where we sit back and try to calm back down. This track, to put it bluntly, feels ethereal yet heavy at the same time. It takes such an under appreciated track and turns it into a beautiful sounding track, and almost feels slightly oriental at the same time.

Royal Blood, Fraternal Love - Having read the notes, I came into this track with an open mind, and open ears, because the tracks concerning Figaro and the two namesake brothers have always been a personal favorite of mine, and I have to say that for trying to expand on the source, you’ve done a bang-up job. Not only is it evocative of the bond between Sabin and Edgar, but it’s also elegant, grand and very well thought out. This track easily is among my favorites from the other four discs.

Bass of the Returners - I’m not going to lie and say I recall the Returners theme too well, seeing as I usually blazed past it and never paid much attention to it aside from the story, but this track feels rave like. I can recall the Returners theme only slightly and I can definitely hear the source, and I never lose track of it. The track almost enters in to the dubstep arena but luckily manages, for me, to stay outside it because of how un-dubstep like it sounds. If this track doesn’t make you feel a grove, then something is wrong with you, because all in all, this track is…well…groovy. Heh.

Dark Blue Substance - Oy, I read the notes and had to tell myself not to jump straight into musical fan boy rage, because Cyan’s theme was and is a favorite. Needless to say, my foolish idea was put to rest once I was listening closely and could easily pick out Cyan’s theme without pause. It’s odd, but like Stone Drum, I had to listen to this track a few times to really let it sink in but after I returned a few times, I found myself rather liking the approach to Cyan’s regality. I can say that while obvious not melodic as the source track tends to be, it does well at keeping a melody found throughout it while maintaining it’s identity.

Note: I’m not the only one that must’ve envisioned Cyan donning rave apparel am I while this track played, am I? I mean…quad slice and all his other moves could easily translate to him waving some glowsticks around.

Savage Dance - Well, now…what’s this? An ethnic piece? I’m down. Listening to this it definitely felt…Arabic? I’m not certain that quite conveys how I mean it too, but it feels rather Middle-Eastern. It’s a fun track, and one that’s enjoyable to listen to repeatedly, especially if you need something to put a perk into your step, or get you going.

Note: Read the notes…yup. Middle Eastern, baby.

The 6th Kingdom - So, apparently from the notes, this one’s supposed to be a big deal, yes? Because while I can easily hear Terra’s theme, I’m not sure how I’m really supposed to approach the track other than it’s an oriental dub-tech-trance style sounding mix. Maybe I’m odd, but I’m not overly fond of it mainly because it’s just…well, let me correct myself. The halfway point of the song saved it for me when it brought in the toned-down orient and chorus and lead it back into the beat. Not the strongest track for me but it is what it is.

Slam Shufflin’ - I know I might sound pretentious when I say this, but I’m glad to be off the last track on and onto this one. It’s nothing personal, but that last one had too much going for it all at once for me, but this track on the other hand? I can hear it’s obvious music influences and for Zozo’s theme, that’s fine! Zozo has always been an odd location but this track puts some life into it and offering enough variety to maybe even put into perspective what some inhabitants of Zozo might feel like while, shall we say, a bit influenced. It’s a damned catchy track, to boot, and very lively, very fun to listen to.

Jidoorian Rhapsody - Well, after the last two tracks, hearing sudden piano was shocking. As a pianist myself, I’m always ready to pleasure my audio receptors with piano. And this track doesn’t disappoint. It’s a very powerful track that turns from powerful to playful to melodic and whimsical to quiet and peaceful. It’s a well paced track and enjoyable, especially when it speeds up and becomes such a acoustic joy to listen to.

Strange World - Another favorite from the game is the source track, and I was even more willing to give it a full repeated listening once I posted my review of the first four discs and forgot to put this up. From the notes, you said you experimented with various styles in an attempt to fuse them and I have to say that the song reflects that noble ambition well. AND! Considering the source track is the theme for the Espers, the world in which numerous magical beasts live, what’s not to say, too, that this track couldn’t be a stylized representation of all the different life forms living there? Personally the track lends so much variety in it’s almost six minute life span that I say that your fusion did very well tying together so many different sounds that even I wouldn’t’ve thought went together. I really dig the late song energy as it sounds similar to something Mitsuda put into his Xenosaga soundtrack.

Umaro’s New Groove - Upon reading the notes, I couldn’t wait to hear this ditty. And considering the quirky little back story attached to the track, I found this track all the more charming. I can hear the inspirations taken from Debney’s “Emperor’s New Groove” among other soundtracks covering a plethora of cartoon films, but the whimsical approach to such a hulking brute of a yeti makes him seem so much more lovable.

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Just got disks in the mail. I'm so excited I almost want to keep them in bubble wrap and never open them! :) But no, I will.

SUPER thanks to every single person throwing time and effort into this project, especially but not at all limited to Nutritious, Jill, OA, DragonAvenger, Morse, Mazedude, Sixto, and about a dozen others whose names I cannot spell or pronounce.

TRIPLE super thanks to Zircon and DJP, who I'm pretty sure were sweating missiles getting all this straightened out.

And, y'know what? Thanks to everyone listed under "List all artists alphabetically." I figure I have about $800 worth of material from this site, at $0.99 each. Fifty bucks for 3x4disk sets, adding in all that previous stuff, is the best deal I've had in years. This one random troll salutes you.

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zircon's "Full Speed Ahead" just popped up on my phone the other day, and I have to say, this is one cheery well-crafted tune! Surprised to see the mix not on OCR yet (guessing it's either somewhere in the to-post stream or wasn't subbed). Posting aside, I especially adore the nod to Final Fantasy VII's conclusion between 2:00-2:30. He subtly sneaks in an ethereal soundscape at the break, and before you know it the melody morphs into a double-dose of FF nostalgia. Not sure how it passed me by before, but glad this spirit-lift of a song came by again and rapped me on the noggin. :)

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The Last Dungeon is hilarious for anyone familiar with Mahler, especially the 6th symphony, with the 2nd and 3rd also being significant.

(And do I hear a little Bruckner in there?)

And I never expected Fanfare for the Common Man to show up in Prancing Mad

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I just came home from three (more) weeks of business travel, wondering if my backer rewards would be waiting for me. Well, no such luck. Please confirm whether they are still in the pipeline awaiting shipment or if they were sent but got held up at the post office, treasure hunted off my porch, forwarded to Vector, etc.

p.s. my birthday is in two days... FF6 would make a nice birthday present hehehe :tomatoface:

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