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Well right now I am using FL Studio 5. My friend lent the program to me awhile back and I don't know if he actually gave me it or not. But anyway after I installed it for some reason he took all the info I need to get FL Studio 6. I'll soon ask him for what I want that is if he lets me...

Is your friend's name "Torrentspy" by any chance?

and that has what exactly to do with this thread? keep your irrelevant comments to yourself please.

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Cubase SX3 (just upgraded from SX2)

FL Studio 5


Presonus FireBox (Laptop)

Creative Professional EMU1820M (PC)

Lots of VST thingies including...

Spectrasonics Trilogy

Spectrasonics Atmosphere

Spectrasonics Stylus RMX

Native Instruments FM7

Native Instruments Pro53

Native Instruments B4

Korg Legacy Cell

EastWest Drumkit From Hell Superior

Garritan Personal Orchestra

Broomstick Bass

And occasionally I'll borrow the Waves Diamond bundle fom the studio. 8)

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I must say, for someone who's been into this for 2+ years, I don't have much. :oops:


Noteworthy Composer - for writing MIDI.

Cakewalk Home Studio - for enhancing and maybe even remexing.

FLStudio 5 - Where all the action is. 8) I could upgrade, but all the "new" features didn't interest me.

Heck. If it's free I might still get it anyway.


Squidfonts is really good. I've been using mostly free samples. All the packages that cost money are like 15 GB big - My hard drive's only 30 GB! They're crazy I tell ya. :roll:

And that's pretty much it.

... there's warez samples?! (Man there's warez everything) :o

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... there's warez samples?!

There's a whole newsgroup dedicated to them, at least 3 IRC channels, and back in the day I remember groups that released nothing BUT sample disks.

Edit: I should have said "used to be 3 IRC channels" since I have no idea whether they still exist, and no desire to hunt them down.

(Man there's warez everything) :o

I have a warez e-peen.


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team E-MU unite!

Yeah yeah, I'll hurry up team captain so we can merge into the gigantic Emutron!

Surammu Dunkuuuuu!

Mackie 24/4 VLZ Pro mixing desk

Yamaha 01v digital mixing desk

Korg TR-Rack (Trinity) synth module

Access Virus C Desktop synth module (not the B)

Waldorf Q Rack synth module (not the Micro Q)

E-mu Vintage Keys synth module

Yamaha TX81z synth module

Nord Micromodular synth module

Alesis Ineko effect module

TC Electronic M-300 effect module

Digitech DSP-16+ effect module

Digitech Studio Quad V2 effect module

Alesis 3630 compressor

E-mu ESI 4000 sampler

Yamaha A4000 sampler

Akai MPC-1000 sampler/sequencer

Yamaha W5v2 synthesizer/sequencer (workstation)

Yamaha AN1x synthesizer

Alesis Ion synthesizer

Roland XP-30 synthesizer

Roland Juno-60 synthesizer with Roland JSQ-60 sequencer

AM-06 amplifier

Alesis Monitor one MKII monitor speakers

Tannoy Reveal6A active monitor speakers

Hartmann Neuron VS VST-plugin

Native Instruments FM7 VST-plugin

Synth1 VST-plugin

Emagic EVP73 VST-plugin

Steinberg Cubase SX3 sequencer

Midex 8 midi interface

Midex 8 midi interface

M-Audio Midisport 2x2 midi interface

Keyfax Phatboy v1 midi controller

E-mu 1212m audio interface

Expecting: Samplitude v6

Good. Don't forget to breathe!

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Reason 3.0

AcidPro DJ 4.xx (outdated :()

FL Studio 5 demo


Behringer BCF-2000 mixer

Roland 'Studio' piano (88-key, weighted)

After I move, i'm thinking of getting either FL6, Project 5, or AcidPro DJ 6. Iv gotta get a mic (cello recording, mmm mm!) and better headphones.

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- Fruity Loops Studio 6 Pro


- Sampletank 2 XL

- Sonik Synth 2

- Garritan Personal Orchestra

- Ethno World volume 3

- Kontakt 2

- Synth1


- Jim Deacon Strat copy

- Squier precision bass

- Alesis Ion virtual analogue

- Ensoniq ESQ-1 digital wave synth

- M-Audio Keystation 61 ES MIDI keyboard

And that's it... :)

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- FL Studio 4 (yeah, still on 4!)

- Ableton Live 4

VSTs and extras (that I can't live without)

- Iblit

- ReeseMX

- SFZ soundfont loader

- E-MU Mo'Phatt Soundfont with 128 presets (8))

And I used to have a new Korg Electribe EM-X before I sold it, but not before I recorded a few wicked drumloops with it.

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Actually it is a MIDI controller that can "act" as a mixer. But it's not a mixer as in terms of analog/digital mixer where you put your audiocables into it. That's actually the BCA (Behringer Control Audio).

I also considered getting one, but I dont have any space on my desk left, doesn't fit below either. But it's definitely a cool device. I might get a BCR now that it's only 130Euro, but I'll go to Musikmesse 2006 first to see if Behringer has anything better or "new" up their sleeves. ;)

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Cubase SX3

Reason 3

FL Studio 6 XXL


NI Reaktor 4 (will be getting 5)

NI Pro 53

NI Absynth 2

RCGA z3ta+

other various VST's, and VSTi's

Drumkit from hell

Symphony of Voices

Wired (drums and other samples for Reason)

a bunch of soundfonts (too many to list)

Cakewalk Home studio

Cakewalk Sonar

Noteworthy composer


Sony Soundforge 7

Sony/Sonic Foundry Acid pro 4.0


cdex (for .ogg/.mp3 encoding)


Baldwin upright acoustic piano

a plastic recorder (from elementary school, lol)

a metal kazoo and plastic kazoo

a harmonica

2 acoustic guitars sitting in my closet (I can't play them though)

Casio 76-key keyboard (I forget what model; I want to upgrade to 88 fully weighted keys)

Casio Rapmaster with plastic built in turntable("borrowing" from my girlfriend, hella old skool 80's or early 90's keyboard)

my awesome voice

I have a drum set too, but it's at my gf's house


Shure SM 57 (dynamic)

Shure SM 58 beta a (dynamic)

Samson CO1U usb (condensor)

Other hardware

some cheap 2-channel mixer

M-audio Audiophile USB soundcard

2 mic stands

a bunch of cables

Sony MDR V600's (broken, I stepped on them a couple of times..)

crappy yamaha speakers

Computer (necessary for recording/sequencing)

Pentium 4 3.0 ghz with HT technology LGA 775 with 2 mb cache, 800 mb fsb

2 GB DDR 400 (PC 3200) RAM (2x 1GB)

ASUS mainboard

ATI Radeon 9700 (for dual monitor display)

17" and 21" CRT monitors

Thermaltake Armor VA8000BWS full tower case with 4 case fans

Big Typhoon heatsink with 120mm fan (to cool my cpu)

2x 300 gb Maxtor hard hard drives (7200 RPM)

1x 80 gb hard drive (680 gb total)

CD RW/DVD drive combo drive

My case not only stays really cool with all the fans, but ALSO is VERY quiet. You barely notice it's even turned on.

I probably got other music related sheeyat also, but this is the stuff that I can think of right now.

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Cubase SX2




Spectrasonics Atmosphere


EWQLSO Silver (saving up for Gold)

Virtual Guitarist



Malmsjo Acoustic Piano

other stuff I'm forgetting at the moment

Actual Instruments:

Tabla Set

Mridangam (other indian drum)

Djembe (african drum)

Piano (Steinway)

Assorted weirdo percussion creations of mine

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oh-kay... and what of that stuff "weren't" warez? o_O

Why does piracy always come up in equipment threads, anyway? The last thing a pirate is going to read or acknowledge is a long, lectural post regarding moral consumerism.

Also, you're just being a smartass anyway, you don't know they pirated anything, unless they say so, in which case they're idiots for letting people know :)

And it's perfectly plausible that a lot of these people HAVE bought all their stuff. Save your jeers for people you know, please.

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oh-kay... and what of that stuff "weren't" warez? o_O

Compyfox, are you an insecure closet pirate or something? I think it's known that a person will keep insulting a group of people to deflect attention away from one's self (after all, a rabid homophobic is the last one would expect to be gay)

There still does exist people who pay for stuff. I know it may be hard for you to grasp, but it does happen. Yeah, it may seem cool to go into a thread and pretend that you know everyone's secret warez habits, it's a little less cool for the person who has actually had to work hard for their stuff, to be accused of it. Reminds me of Argitoth's comments towards the guy with cancer.

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Nah seriously. As somebody who has to turn around every penny twice I know what the stuff costs. Collossus for example (1000USD). Okay there was a groupbuy, but even here it was still way over 600USD, similar with StormDrum (which still costs a bunch), or the hosts that GLL uses - only Logic and ProTools were missing.

I mean... not my problem, but it sure is obvious that there's something wrong with some of those lists unless you're rich, have a sponsor (rare issue) or work as tester for that specific firm you got the VST/VSTi/host from. It simply glares at you.

Sorry if I'm a bit picky about that, even though my vest isn't purely white either. However only till I pay for the next tool, which always gives wallet a critical hit.

Now please excuse me while I use the toilet flush, arrrr! ;)

*for those who don't get it, the answer to the "closet pirate"*

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