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Squire Strat

Schecter Gryphon

Epiphone Les Paul Black Beauty

Yamaha Acoustic

No-Name Acousitc

Custom Build Strat Copy with Scalloped neck(built from a Carea)


Marshall MG100HDFX Stack

Vox Valvetronix 30 Watt


Visual Sound - Jekyll and Hyde Distortion/Overdrive

Boss MD-2 Mega Distortion

Boss BD-2 Blues Driver

Boss Ch-1 Super Chorus

Boss TU-2 Chromatic Tuner

Jim Dunlop - Crybaby 55q

Custom build pedal bored.

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I have a pretty basic setup.

Programs: SQ01 (default package sequencing software for s90. Audacity (For conversion to MP3)

Instruments: Yamaha s90 (keyboard).

Computer: Sony PCG-K25 (Relic for all practical purposes)

Other Equipment: EDIROL UA-1EX USB audio recorder.

USB 2.0 Printer cable (to transfer MIDI data).

And that's all. I also have a Boston grand piano and a Yamaha Buffet E-11 clarinet (Vandoran v-3 reeds only!) but those are for other purposes.

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---WinJammer Professional 5.06 (All MIDI work)

---Sony ACID Pro 6.0d

---Cantabile 1.2

---COCKOS Reaper (spare)

---Sony Vegas Movie Studio 7.0

---Sony Soundforge Audio Studio 8


---Steinberg/Wizoo Hypersonic 2

---YAMAHA S-YXG50, SW1000XG and S-YXG2006LE

---Vember Audio Shortcircuit

---Audjoo Helix

---KarmaFX Synth

---Fuzzpilz Oatmeal

---MeldaProduciton MDrummer 3 Large

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I don't know if I've replied to this, but ive gotten a few more things recently.


3.2Ghz Pentium 4 Compaq X6000 with 2GB RAM and slightly upgraded audio card.

a cheap second monitor.


Ableton Live 6

Reason 3

ACID 5.0 (Rarely used now)


Reaktor 5


Guitar Rig 2

Variety of free vsts i rarely use


Fender Squier w/ shitty amp

Rig Control 2 (Having troubles with connecting the guitar, if anyone knows how to fix it, please pm me!)

Novation X-Station

M-Audio MobilePre USB Preamp

250 GB external hard drive

Shure SM57 Mic

Older Pioneer Amp/CD/Tuner massive stereo rack with 5' tower speakers.


Some cheap monitors.

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argh, I've got nothing to work with. going to be like this untill vista gets into proper gear. I might go Cakewalk or Cubase, I don't know, anything that has a linear working route. not pattern one.


Reason 3.0

Use to have Cool Pro 2, but I lost the disc. :(


Sony-MDR-NC6 - Good for nothing.

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i done upgraded ma rig bros and brahs.


Fruity Loops 7 Producer edition: Only 179$!!1!

Reason 3.0

Izotope Ozone

Izotope Trash

Izotope Spectron

Orchestrial Sample CD (I'm never buying from sample fuzion again)

I got the bundle of Ozone at guitar center for only 199$ O_o

you must bow to me at my purchasing skills mortals. I have the greatest rig in all of existance. Everything I say and do is right. BOW DOWN TO A TRUE PIMP BIZNITCH!

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Bit of a hardware change. I am on vacation now, so I'm using my laptop for music. Core 2 Duo at 2.2mhz or something with an Echo Audiofire interface.

Also, I've upgraded my main setup to include a few more things. I'm working with (or rather, WILL be working with when I get home) 3 PCs the two main desktops are connected via S/PDIF and USB to jointly run VST plugins. One smaller P1 or 486 connected via S/PDIF to run Pinguin (incredibly awesome oscilloscope/analyzer for mixing and mastering).

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That Pinguin thing looks pretty full-featured. I've been looking into stuff like that for easier mastering and i don't even know what half of that stuff is :). Too bad they rip you off hardcore with the shipping and tax... It's like paying twice as much in shipping and tax. Plus a dongle? Lame. Is it really worth it?

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Edit: for content and spelling:

I'm still very much an amateur, but I'm making progress I think.

Current setup:


Bach-Strad Bb Trumpet (haven't played in awhile)

Eb and Bb Bamboo Flutes (still learning to play)


Tannoy Reveal6 Passive connected to an ART SLA-1 for monitoring.

EMU Xboard 61 for midi control and recording.

Some nameless dynamic mic. Pretty sturdy though. Sounds better than the SBlive mic that came with the card :P


FL Studio 6 for most of my work.

Rosegarden4 for music scoring

Audacity in the rare instance I need to record something.


Oatmeal and Crystal, freebies found on KVR, capable of many different sounds. Kinda my bread and butter for my electronica-type music.

Jamstix V1.81 Demo (because I can't afford a real drummer right now, and I suck at writing percussion, a weakness I need to remedy)

DSK Brass: not -too- bad sounding to me. I might take a look at their other stuff as well.

Proteus X: came with the Xboard. Full version, not the lite version. The strings sections are handy for layering, and fleshing things out.

Other various things found on KVR.

-VST Effects

Primarily Kjaerhus's Classic series.

MDA effects from time to time. kinda gives a different color or flavor.

BlueCat audio released some freebies not long ago. FreqAnalyst is useful.


Mostly solo instruments I've painstakingly hunted down through the garbage piles of SF2midi.com


A nice sounding guitar font Suzumebachi posted up on the samples thread.

some sounds from other fonts like Fluid or SGM on occasion.

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My set-up:


Fl studio 7 (producer)


M-audio Axiom 61


Synth1-free synthesizer

VST effects:

izotope vinyl ( effect to make a track sound like an old record, it was free)

Meager I know, but I just started this month.

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FL Studio 7 - Producer Edition

Synth1 (VST synth)

Bionic Delay (VST effect)




M-Audio Oxygen 8 (midi controller)

Roland JP-8000 (synthesizer)

Pioneer HDJ-1000 (headphones)

M-Audio BX5a (monitors)

That's about it :) I've got some dj gear too, but that's not used for production :razz:

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Computer (1.6ghz, 2gig RAM)

Edirol FA-101

Roland RH-300 headphones

Roland 88-key hammer action keyboard

M-Audio Oxygen8 v2

Korg PadKontrol

Behringer B-1 mic

Behringer BCF2000


Reason 3.0

ACID Pro 6


Adirz: you really should get your decks into your setup.... specially if you like hiphop :D Whats your setup?

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Adirz: you really should get your decks into your setup.... specially if you like hiphop :D Whats your setup?

The decks are two Numark TT-1625. Really basic ones. I mostly make trance and stuff like that, but some hiphop too, and scratching is useful then :-)

Just gotta learn to scratch first :<

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