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The "who uses what" thread

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It seems like a common question asked by people new to the forums is "what program does (remixer) use." While we have a lot of threads about what can be used, one has to do a bit of searching in some cases to find out what specific remixers actually DO use. And honestly, I'm also curious as to what some of my fellow remixers use.

So why not start a thread where remixers simply say what programs/gear/whatever they use in their remixes? Could be used to educate n00bs and satisfy the curiosity of veterans as well.

I'll kick it off.





Amplitube 2

Ozone 3

Antares Autotune

Antares AVOX Vocal Toolkit

A bunch of free stuff


Native Instruments B4 II

Native Instruments Pro-53

Native Instruments Akoustik Piano

Native Instruments Elektrik Piano

East West Collossus

East West Rare Instruments

A bunch of free stuff


Yamaha s03 keyboard synth

Yamaha MOTIF rackmount module

Carvin Bolt custom electric guitar

Carvin C350 acoustic guitar

Humphrey Journeyman D irish whistle

Burke composite Low D whistle

Guitar gear

Ibanez TS9DX Tubescreamer with Analog Man's Silver Mod

Seymour Duncan Tweak Fuzz

Rebick Guitars Josh-oo-wah

Voodoo labs pedal power 2

Kendrick 2210 combo guitar amp

Other Gear

Mackie 1202-VLZ mixer

SM57 mic

Rode NT1A mic x 2

AKG K-66 headphones

Emes Pinktv Active monitors


Two 2.4 GHz dualcore AMD processors


About 1TB total HD space

Creamware SCOPE audio card

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I'm using Cakewalk Sonar 5, wich is a VST-compatible

application. You need a good computer to run this, but it's sure the best if your computer can handle it.

I got a ton of VST's.

For the:

Piano I'm using:

Steinberg, The grand

Edirol Super Quartet

Ac.Guitar I'm using:

Musiclab realguitar

Edirol Super quartet

Edirol Hyper canvas

El.Guitar I'm using:

Sampletank guitar collection

Slayer 2(For some heavy stuff)

Edirol Super Quartet

Bass I'm using:

Edirol Super quartet (Best basses EVER!!!)

Edirol Hyper canvas (Synth bass)

Orchestral sounds I'm using:

Edirol orchestral

Choir I'm using:

Edirol Hyper canvas

Synth lead I'm using:

RGC Z3ta+

Synth arpeggios and pads I'm using:

Edirol Hyper canvas.

A good advice to people who can't afford VST's, they can get a free soundfont-VST from:


There is plenty of free Soundfonts on the web, and many of them are very good!!! I do always use soundfonts for the organ sounds!!!

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  • -FL Studio for 95% of everything.
    -Cool Edit [maybe I should upgrade?] for sample recording [e.g. capturing the audio from a .swf advertisement], which I do a lot, and final trimmings of my songs.
    -Modplug Tracker for chiptunes.
    -2nd hand Kawaii K11 for MIDI control

So yeah, my setup is pretty minimal.

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Not a bad idea :)


* Reason 3

* Cubase SX 3


* Electron Monomachine

* Roland Digital piano FP3

Softsynths/VST Instruments

* Arturia Minimoog, Moog Modular

* Spectrasonics Stylus, Trilogy and Atmosphere

* Korg Legacy Collection

* Kontakt 2


* M-Audio Oxygen 8 Keyboard/Midi-controller

* Korg ms20 midi-controller (looks almost like a real ms20!)

Studio Gear

* Event TR5 Active Monitors

* Seenheizer HD 212 Pro Headphones

* ESI Juli@ audiocard


* A cheap acoustic guitar with one string missing ...

And maybe some stuff I forgot about for the moment...

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Tracktion, FLStudio, Live, Reason, maybe a Cubase disc around here somewhere, Cool Edit Pro for quick stuff.


Ibanez AX7221, BC Rich Warlock Bronze, some no-name acoustic


Digitech RP200 guitar processor, Fender Princeton 60 amplifier, no-name 30w amplifier, E-MU 0404 sound card, and a Korg microKontrol.

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I smell a lot of warez users in here - so who among us is honest?

Anyway... main weapon of Choice is Cubase SX3, for engineering it's Wavelab 4.

The rest can be found on my homepage: Equipment List

(might not work with IE5.5 and below, you have to scroll by dragging the text)

This list lacks a couple of stuff however that got recently added:

- Propellerhead ReBirth RB-338 v2.x

- Wusik Wusikstation v1

- Rayzoon Jamstix

- Steinberg Waldorf Edition (PPG Wave 2.v, Attack, D-Pole)

- Peter Siedlaczek Complete Classical Collection

- HG Fortune STS-21 and ProtoPlasmTS *still testing before final implementation*

- Boris K Synthesizer Bundle (Meddle, Intro, VS Oscilloscope) *still testing before final implementation*

Also there's a typo on the page:

I'm not using "Elemental Audio Inspector" anymore, but "Elemental Audio Inspector XL". I definitely need to update that page.

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To spare you alot of reading I'll post only what I currently use.


Cubase SX3

Reason 2.5


Adobe Audition

Sound Forge

Virtual Instruments:

Drumkit From Hell

Drumkit From Hell 2

Drumkit From Hell Superior

Drumkit From Hell Custom & Vintage


NI Pro-53


NI Guitar Rig 2


Arturia Minimoog

The Grand 2



Carvin DC127

The Shredder (bass)

Fender Stratocaster

Epiphone strat copy

a few more strat copies

BC Rich Warlock


M-Audio Keystation 88

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FLStudio 5

Cool Edit 2.1


(Formerly) Audiomulch (and I miss it like crazy)


BeRoTracker (hopefully one day I'll even understand it too...)


Weird Metronome

A Whack of core VSTs


Crate CMX32 Mixing Board

Yamaha P60

1 SM57 Mike

1 Shure RS25 Mike

Koss UR-18 Headphones

Some cables too... omgwtf.

Nylon String Accoustic Guitar my dad pieced together & Capo

Tape Deck


Stuff I'd want to add:

Vinyl Record Player

Some kind of external synth toy

Small Concertina or Accordian

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Lez see...


FLStudio 6

Spectrasonic Stylus RMX

Spectrasonic Trilogy

Spectrasonic Atmosphere

NI Komplete 3


Yamaha PSR-20

Casio CT-670 (currently with a friend who said he would use it for a week....it's been about 3 weeks =\)

Edirol PCR-80


Roland SH-32


Squire Fender


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Two goat uterii

The Golden Girls on DVD

A box of refreshing BooKoo

Peter North's Greatest Hits

Dining on a Budget by Alistair Crowley

...oh wait. this isn't the Christmas Wishlist thread.


I use FL Studio 6 for overall stuffs. Do some post in CoolEdit.

My sounds come from Kompakt, Broomstick Bass, LoungeLizard and Ravity, as well as a shitton of drum samples from Modernbeats.com. I also make use of the FL plugins (mainly to thicken the bass sound using 3xosc).

I have an edirol midi controller, three guitars (two electric, one acoustic), a pair of 70$ headphones, and a AT2020 mic that runs in through a TubePre.

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I smell a lot of warez users in here - so who among us is honest?

This is getting off-topic, but after pirating Fruityloops/FL Studio since version 1, I finally broke down and bought it last week. For what it can do and how much I use it, it's damn cheap. Lifetime updates are another incentive.

My guitar is also warez. MWAHAHAHA!


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I just like how Xelebes mixed up da warez and da loot.

Actually, I got into this stuff with pirating, but after window shopping around I chose Cubase and got it for Christmas. Then my dad and I made our studio, and got complete with it. My only wave editor is a cracked version of audition, (but I feel bad so I just use audacity for now), but version 2.0 has come out and looks nice, so I may want to go pick that up.

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I wrote that comment because EKM has his list a lo of tools like Ableton Live, Cubase SX and Reason, etc.

So this sure is some nice stuff :nicework:

...or a warez list, cause those tools sure aren't cheap. And it was strange that somebody uses at least 4 different sequencers at the same time, and most of them with the same possibilties.

Nobody has a white vest (we could make a long discussion out of it), but this screamed for a comment. Sorry about that.

Back on Topic, please.


Oh yeah,I totally forgot on page 1 that I also have ReBirth 388 v2.x in my equipment list.

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