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VROOM: Sega Racing - History

DiGi Valentine

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VROOM: The Best of SEGA Racing.

Directors: Level 99 & DiGi Valentine


Jan 31st 2014 - First wip check-in date

April 30th 2014 - Second wip check-in date

June 30th 2014 - Final WAVS submitted


'VROOM: The Best of SEGA Racing' aims to be the best collection of driving tunes imaginable; a collection of ReMixes covering the very best music from SEGA’s Arcade and Home Console Racing heritage.

The remixes featured on this album will be in the vein of reflecting the different types of music one might drive a vehicle to. There can be slow tracks to cruise to, while the more upbeat tracks mirror the feeling of putting your foot to the floor and gunning it. Either way, the aim is to remix these tracks so they give off that 'driving' vibe, out on the road and letting the world zip by around you.

The project was initially envisioned and directed by AkumaJoBelmont back in 2010, but for numerous reasons this ReMix album has traded directorial duties with other people over time and has been pushed back way too much.

Now that the project is in my lap, me and Level 99 will co-direct it to completion and aim to have to have it released.

This new topic has been created because the constant 'starting' and 'halting' of the project has left the original topic full up with out of date information with edits upon re-edits and it's just become too messy to work with. Level 99 and myself have decided it would be better to just close that old topic down and start a new one.

I personally have been very vocal about wanting to see this project completed as we have a great selection of completed tracks and work-in-progresses that are just TOO good to overlook and throw to the wayside. I will be doing my very best as a co-director to run as tight a ship as possible and finally see this project to its release day.

I have the utmost respect for AkumaJoBelmont's (Robbie) vision for the project and wish to try and stay as true to his goals as possible with its direction.

Track Claims and Progress Updates:

*This list is not in track list order, as that will be decided once all tracks are complete and submitted*



- Track claimed but no wip submitted

- Initial wip submitted

- Substantial wip submitted

- Final WAV submitted and approved


Let's Go Away - Dayonta USA

Am I Only Dreaming - Metropolis Street Racer

Theme of Monaco - Super Monaco GP

Outrun - Passing Breeze

Getting Muddy [sEGA Rally Championship] - Brandon Strader

Like The Wind [Power Drift] - Brandon Strader

Like Diamonds In The Sky [sonic R] - Darkesword

Winning Run [super Hang On] - Sixto

Back In Time [sonic R] - Level 99 & DiGi Valentine

Rave Racer [sEGA GT] - Ben Briggs

Replay [Virtua Racing Deluxe 32X] - José The Bronx Rican

You Can Love Me + Let's Get It On Tonight [Metropolis Street Racer] - Sir Jordanius & DiGi Valentine

Can You Feel The Sunshine [sonic R] - G-Mixer

Revvin' Up [NASCAR Arcade] - Tuberz McGee

King Of Speed [Daytona USA] - PrototypeRaptor & Ben Briggs

Side Street [Power Drift] - Brandon Strader

Magical Sound Shower [Outrun] - Rexy & Xenon Odyssey

Last Wave [Outrun] - Level 99

Bay Side Street [indy 500] - Sir Jordanius

Sky High [Daytona USA] - Palpable & diotrans

Desert Replay [sEGA Rally Championship] - Txai

Forest Replay [sEGA Rally Championship] - DJ Mokram


Edited by DiGi Valentine
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I'm glad I'm actually seeing an updated informational post about this now. Thanks. :)
Yeah, me too, i've been wanting to post this for ages. I'm currently going through the people listed here and getting them all to check in on these new dates we have set in place.

Plus, having Stevo fully on board this project now means there's someone here to properly bounce feedback and directorial duties with. I was kinda getting lost running around by myself, lol XD;

Anyways, providing nobody drops out we should be heading full steam ahead with this project. I've been assigning and re-assigning tracks since early this year and i'm still not done sorting all that out. All being well, there may be a few little additions to this track listing, if i get it all co-ordinated in time.

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You forgot to credit Xenon Odyssey on my track, DiGi :P
Oh, my bad! Sorry. I had no idea, the only name on the file i was given earlier this year just had your name on it.

I shall correct that now. Thanks for letting me know! :)

Actually, this goes for anybody else who see's this list and feels something might be incorrect. Let me know and i'll update it accordingly.

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How about a new preview for making the wait a little... ¿easy? xD
Personally, i would love to get a new preview out to showcase some of the brand new tracks we have in here. That being said though, i'd like to wait just until after the next check-in date at the end of January, just so we can see how far some of the other songs have progressed in production.

It will be something i'll talk over with Level 99 at some point, most definitely :)

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Edit: Okay, after further consideration and some conversation, I'm tentatively going to keep my tack on here.  I'm going to contact everyone with done or near done songs to get this into a small OCRI EP release.  No new track assignments, no updates from stuff that isn't close to finished, this is basically just a cleanup job so that the music that is mostly done can be out and we can all move on with our lives.

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An update? Like WHAAT?!?

I realized I should come in and say something... at staff discussion a while back, I'm like "I'm ready for trailers, what's next?" We're like, not sure, but reminded ourselves we need to get VROOM out the door for God's sake. What no one knew was, around that time, with my first batch of free time in a long time, I was crazy enough to consider actually going back in and finishing my track, which was still stuck at WIP 1, and which up to then I thought was hopeless. Whaddaya know, it worked out, thanks in no small part to Naofumi Hataya's composition for "Replay", which has so damn many good riffs that any ReMix can practically write itself! This album is going to come out very soon, we mean it this time: we at staff are sorta the collective director, my Virtua Racing Deluxe arrangement is included, and we're prepping the OCRI release. We thank the past and present album crew, the artists and the fans for staying tuned and putting up with the twists in our timeline.

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OK, guys should obviously be aware we had two more albums since my last reply. One of them is on me sorta: while reviewing our trailer for Sonic 25, I realized we were fast approaching the end of the anniversary, so we had to move with haste on that one. The next one came virtually out of nowhere, at least on my end; I was first aware of it maybe 3 weeks ago, and a trailer was essential there as well (sigh, more instant deadline). This weekend, I'm contacting everyone on VROOM for Content Policy and to see about any possible final development. There's another album incoming, but I'm gonna try to sked this one next. We'll see how it goes.

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We're in the stretch now. Our issue is the same the previous directors ran into from time to time; artists are difficult to reach sometimes, and I can relate: I'm still swamped with my own life and stuff, but I'm committed. As soon as I hear from a couple more artists regarding final approval, we'll be done, hopefully within a week. My own track had some further tweaking in the interim, and I'm glad to have that out of the way. 7 arrangements are confirmed, and I'm trying for at least 2 more. To the finish line!

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We are imminent. All relevant artists are now confirmed, and we have something resembling an ETA. Other albums have popped up in our queue that need attention (here's one hint: "spoopy"), so there'll be a bit more time 'til release. I will call it "November... high probability". We're taking two weeks to finalize, and if all goes well, we're seeing 10 tracks and major props to Naofumi Hataya!

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I'm coming up for air again.

Absolutely the last update: the album is 100% ready as of mid-November. It came a bit too late to squeeze a release last month, but for a good reason. A track presented as finished was apparently not, and without going into detail (it'll be explained in the release notes), the artists, instead of the expected mastering polish, decided to overhaul! Very much appreciated, because it's slated as the opening track, and it's a good idea to start an album with FIRE. In that interim, as you can tell by our last album trailer (I hope), I was pretty much buried in my own work.

It's in the hands of staff now for final release prep, so it can't be too long after the Mana release gets its shine.

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