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SZRC - The Sonic Zone Remix Competition 2014 [TheGuitahHeroe wins - complete ZIP available!]


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It's midnight out here. There's 7 tracks to listen to first-hand. Time to put a cup of tea on it. :<

[EDIT: Mind me asking, but who's the male rapper on ladyWildfire's track? I heard another voice but there's no other credits anywhere o_O]

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Yea sorry! Stevo and Jason Covenant helped me out on this mix, advising mostly. Jason helped soooo much with production tips and Stevo helped me hone my lyrics and guest rapping. I totally forgot to credit Stevo in the title because it was so so late when I submitted.


Cool! I'll update the tag to say "feat. Level 99" for the final zip file I'll put out at the end of the competition.

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Hahaha what does that mean?
It means i really REALLY like your song. And now voting is going to be painful for me because i'm stuck in this no-mans land between the pair of them XD

I'll write a proper review tomorrow sometime but for the record, when halc asked you to bring it ....jeeeeez ....you brought it. That was fun and probably my favourite round and match from the Sonic Zone Remix Competition in it's entire existence, including 2012's contest entries.

...also, your damn chorus is stuck in my head

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Holy dang yo that's a tough round.

How vote


Probably not going to be voting for this one. :) unless i engage in some serious nitpicking.

Haks and Amphib damn. Either way I go with that one i'll be pretty bummed out about the elimination. :<

Hahaha what does that mean?


That was all I needed to see today.

J.C. and his boys Wildfire...

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haha, i had no idea people were looking forward to dusk matching up with me. Glad that round didn't disappoint!

Tuberz has gotta be one of the coolest people on these forums. If given the option he always votes for his opponent no matter how close the results might get. HOWEVER! I am kinda still burned on how his rock and metal remixes for the WCRG over the summer consistently outplaced mine. :banghead: ...by no small margin either.

So now i'll be looking to square things up!

Get ready to shred Tuberz!!!!

oh no

I already started my mix before seeing this, and it's the opposite of the meh-tuhlz


If I have the time I'll make an alternate mix for funsies. <3


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I got in my listens and votes. Here's a few thoughts I'd like to note.

ladyWildfire - I felt like the lead synth at the beginning (and end) had too much bite for my taste. Cute tune and fun lyrics! I dig it. :)

halc - I felt the hard hard panning of the vocals was a bit distracting. Another really fun song, though!

Sir_Nuts - That had quite a nice 80s feel to it. I would have like to had a bit more clarity in the vocoded vocals. Sometimes I feel like there was too much going on in a few places. For me, the charm of music like this is in its simplicity. Awesome production!

Ivan Hakstok - The guitar sound leaps out a bit too much for my taste. I’d lave liked it a bit farther back in the mix. It got better as the track went on, though. Nice guitar work!

Amphibious - Funky! Sometimes that bass line sticks out a bit too much. Otherwise, it’s a pretty awesome song!

SuperiorX - Almost reminds me a little of a Hall and Oates song which isn’t a bad thing. The tinkling piano thing seemed a little out of place for me and overcomplicated things. Another cool funky piece! Solid production!

jnWake - Sometimes I feel like the bass line was too busy. I would have fathered the 16th notes act more like fills at the phrase endings. I would dial it back a little. Yet another cool funky tune! Good show!

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