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Games you are excited for that release in 2014

Ryan Jobson

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It's been a while since I've actively played an MMO and I'd really like to meddle around in a new one as a casual player, just to kill an hour here or there at night and to take a break from music. There's this Wildstar game that seems alright... Kripparrian (a popular twitch streamer) mentioned he may play it when it comes out so perhaps watching him may help me with my decision.

What games are you guys looking forward to?

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Smash bros 4

Donkey kong tropical freeze

Shovel knight

axiom verge

secret of grindea (if it come out in 2014)

wanderlust adventure


catacomb kids



legend of Iya

delvers drop


hearth forth alicia

ghost song a journey of hope

evilquest 2

And I'm not sure if the list is complete

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Bravely Default

Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze

Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy

Super Smash Bros. 4

Kirby Triple Deluxe

I'll give some reasons for these then, since I didn't even think about that.

Bravely Default: Classic-styled RPG, awesome music, fun and engaging battle system, what more do ya need?

DKC Tropical Freeze: More DKC action, this time with some Dave Wise tunage. Aww yeahh

Layton: His final adventure! Gotta finish this up. Plus, all the puzzles...

Smash 4: Smash 4.

Kirby: It's a motherfuckin' Kirby game. Those are always fantastic.

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Murdered: Soul Suspect, Left 4 Dead 3, The Order 1886, DriveClub, Watch Dogs, Destiny, South Park Stick of Truth, lots more.. should be a great year. I'm excited to see the first JRPG on ps4.
Folks, let's try to post more than just a title or a list of titles. Give some reasons and get some discussion going.

Murdered: Soul Suspect is a game being published by Square-Enix, and developed by Airtight games... while Airtight's reputation hasn't been particularly good with quality games, Square-Enix's reputation as a publisher of quality games (Sleeping Dogs, Hitman, Tomb Raider) has been pretty good. So this could be a great game.

Left 4 Dead 3, hopefully it will bring something new to the table. We know it's being developed in source 2 and not too many other details about it.

The Order 1886 because it's going to be probably one of the first big post-launch epics on the PS4. The concept is really interesting so it'll be cool to see if they pull it off or it falls flat.

DriveClub, because while I'm not particularly fond of driving games, you can't argue with free. The graphics have looked pretty mind-blowing. I haven't actually liked a driving sim since the PS2 days so we'll see how I like this one.

Watch Dogs: purely based on hype. Everyone is talking about this game, it looks great. grand theft auto but with hacking... GTA (grand theft applecomputer?)

Destiny, from the makers of Halo, next-gen on the ps4. Nuff said.

South Park Stick of Truth, they've delayed this to make sure it is good. It's supposed to play like an episode of the show, or a south park movie. The gameplay trailers have been great, and this will hopefully be quite good.

I WANT to see another game like Eternal Sonata for the PS4... or something in the Tales series... I just hope they use the ps4 to its abilities rather than just settling with simple cell shading... they can still do cell shading but there's a lot more graphical detail they could do that they didn't even do on ps3.

Sorry for not posting details before, hopefully this is sufficient. :-)

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This thread made me realize that I'm only excited for Watch Dogs!

I'm excited 24/7 for upcoming Bethesda games, not sure if that counts. Link Between Worlds also rekindled my excitement for Zelda after Skyward Sword fell short for me, so here's hoping we get a Wii U Zelda announcement soon.

Elder Scrolls Online? Maybe? Would rather play FF14 to be honest, but maybe ESO will be the next big thing.

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