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Super Smash Bros. Brawl


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They should pack as many characters in there as possible as far as I'm concerned, so long as they put time into making them all cool. Put Cloud and Tifa, for that matter Sephiroth, While they're att it put Ryu from Ninja Gaiden, and as many clones as they're willing to come up with. The more the better for all I care. As long as they're performing due diligence on each characters move and fighting style etc.

Yeah! Lets throw as much shit at the wall as we can! Some of it is bound to stick, right?


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It would be more realistic (and probably more what you want) to wish for a game -made by Square-Enix- in which characters from different RPGs of the company fight. If that game were made, and made well, it would sell insanely.

Amen to that, brother! I've been thinking that for a while now (I always imagine it in the style of Soul Calibur, though however Square would set it up would be awesome).

Also, I lol at !Nekko!'s image, because that seems to be what a lot of stupid people are hoping for. I'd like to see how the Moon would fight. "Drop Down From The Skies Attack: The most powerful attack in the game, but it takes three days (Wii clock) to connect." :razz:

I hate to reveal my ignorance, but is Castlevania from a third party? That is most definitely a game series worthy of a character. (Although he/she would most likely be using a whip, which is at least as evil as a longsword, but oh well...)

Speaking of which, I will speak no more against Marth and Roy. I just suck at the game. I admit it. It's fun, but I get my butt kicked a lot of the time.

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wouldn't Kuribo's shoe --> KuribosShoe.gif be a cool item for brawl?

Hella Yeah! that would be amazing! it was by far the best item in SMB3.

it would make the Brawler jump like yoshi (height) and only do damage if landed directly above the victim and send them flying like Falcons/Ganondorf/Ness's ariel down smash A. most times, it would smash them straight into the ground but if you are risky you could try to smash a recovering opponent which, if you missed, would spell certain disaster.

And, (yeah I'm not done, I like this idea) if you got hit from side it would knock The Brawler out and it would bounce a couple times around the stage for someone else to jump in.

Also making it so that the Player would be unable to deselect the item would be hiliarious

it would be awesome!

and if you need any other reason to be sold, imagine snake in a Kurbio shoe bounceing around the stage and then off the map,

You know, that inspires me! how about a whistle (SMB3) item that transports all the Brawlers to a different stage if used?

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Oh, fuck that. The moon would totally pwn prof. Oak. What's Oak gonna do against the moon? Throw pokeballs at it?

catch that bitch with a masterball ya

They need to put Navi in the game just so everyone can KILL HER. A LOT.

It would be a great stress reliever, kinda like fighting 3 Level 1 Jigglypuffs on infinite stock, with their handicap on 1 and yours on 9.

i concur

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