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TotalBiscuit has cancer


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So it was

on his youtube channel a while ago that he might have something that could turn out to be serious. Today it was confirmed on his twitter that it's full blown cancer and he's going to start treatment.

A while ago TB started to regularly promote OCR in his videos by featuring an OC ReMix at the end of his vlogs and industry news videos. He's done a lot to help OCR reach a larger audience, and I think it's only fair that we show our support back to him.

I watched his videos since way, way back when he just did some quirky World of Warcraft videos. Since then his channel exploded to become more or less the largest personality in PC gaming. I hope the chemo is successful and that he feels well enough to keep making videos.

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I think it's cancer of the colon. He was saying that it was caught just a little too late, and there's now something like a 2cm lump. He made a video about it. Not sure what type of chemo he will be put on, but perhaps he may share some more information. His tweet did say that the doctors are optimistic, so I'm hoping for the best. He's a really good guy, and is very young still.

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