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Non-Sonic Sega games: what's your favorite?


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Since I grew up without a console in my house (dirty lil' secret from an OCR judge, I know), I'm not very familiar with the Sega back catalog of games. Nintendo and Sony's stuff seems to get more airtime as far as "popular themes," aside from the Sonic stuff. I'm working on a project that involves Sega game remixes, and I need some education. :-D

What's your favorite non-Sonic Sega-based game? Doesn't have to be a Sega exclusive, necessarily.

Bonus points: what's your favorite remix from a non-Sonic Sega game? Doesn't have to be from OCR, necessarily.

Extra bonus points: what's your favorite electronic/dance remix with the above criteria?

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Expect a lot of people asking for some Streets of Rage. :)

While I'd love to say Ristar, I however have gone through as many remixes that the wider community had been able to offer and have not once seen a full-on EDM remix of anything (though Eino's from a PRC last year is as close as we're gonna get lol). I do however have a huge soft spot for coda's Ring Rink DoD track from a couple of years back though!

As for a non-Sonic EDM remix that may tickle your fancy, how about several? I know I linked a few Sonic related ones to you, but I'll get a headstart on you with Vectorman Remixed, which several VGMix based EDM arrangers at the time worked on.



I still have the album on my person - I'll send it your way by Facebook or something :)

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Do we have to pick just one? Because all of these (and more!) are worth playing:

  • OutRun - Time trial driving game
  • Space Harrier - 3D shmup where you play as a dude with a sweet jetpack
  • After Burner - 3D shmup where you play as a sweet jet
  • Power Drift - racing game
  • Virtua Cop - Arcade shooter
  • Virtua Fighter - Fighting game
  • Super Hang-On - Motorcycle racing game
  • Virtua Racing - One of the first 3D polygonal racing games, somehow managed to get a very impressive Genesis port
  • Golden Axe - beat-'em-up
  • Super Monaco GP - top-down Formula 1 racing game
  • Daytona USA - Stock car racing game, taking the formula set by VR and perfecting it
  • Alien Syndrome - top-down multi-directional run and gun
  • Alex Kidd - classic platforming series predating Sonic
  • Phantasy Star - SEGA's first RPG series
  • Shinobi - classic ninja sidescroller
  • Streets of Rage - excellent beat-'em-up series
  • SEGA Rally, Indy 500, Manx TT Superbike - More SEGA racing goodness
  • House of the Dead - Cheesy horror arcade shooter, super fun
  • Typing of the Dead - Same as above except instead of a gun you use a keyboard
  • Skies of Arcadia - Gorgeous Dreamcast-era RPG

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SEGA won me big with the Dreamcast. There's loads of great games with great music, many SEGA exclusives. I have to give Jet Set Radio a shout out (Jet Grind Radio in NA) which has amazing music.

Going off the top of my head, I've always loved this Shining Force remix by Gray Lightning http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01233 (Shining Force 1 and particularly 2 have exceptional music)

And since I've heard it a lot recently, I love this remix by Hideki Naganuma of his own mix in Jet Set Radio Future

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Hey it's a favourites thread!

So many great games, soundtracks & memories. I'll just mention two:

for the Master System; classic 8-bit tunage in this almost metroidvania platformer

for the Mega Drive; superb fun tactical RPG, with really great sound from the machine (I also thoroughly enjoyed Shining Force Gaidens II and III on Game Gear emulator recently). Honestly back in the day I didn't have the appreciation for the 16-bit Sega's sound I have now and considered SNES's sample-based sound much superior.. until this soundtrack made me open my ears!


Hey, pretty sweet that Rexy mentioned my Ristar arrangement. :) I *really* need to pick it up and give it some more work.

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Skies of Arcadia is my number one favorite non-Sonic Sega game. Altered Beast was pretty fun back in the day and I've also liked what I've played of NiGHTS into Dreams after it was rereleased on the PSN. There's a whole album of awesome NiGHTS ReMix goodness and it's hard to narrow down that list.

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I'm with DusK; Shinobi III, as a game and a soundtrack, is now getting more appreciation from me than Revenge of Shinobi did, and that was the all-time classic that YUZO worked on. How amazing is III's use of leitmotif with such complex melodies?

Altered Beast and Golden Axe have long passed their gameplay expiration dates, but the music is still steady solid.

Treasure and Technosoft were virtually second-party devs on Genesis/Mega Drive, so you might be able to get away with those titles.

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PSO and Shining Force are at the top of my list


please give a thorough listen to the OST for Comix Zone and then come back and agree with me that howard drossin is a god among men

also, the game is damned fun, too

Agreed, though it doesn't quite make my list because I couldn't even get past the second level when I played it. That game is INSANELY hard

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