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OCRA-0048 - Super Mario 64: Portrait of a Plumber


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Super Mario 64 is an iconic game in many ways. It first introduced us to a three-dimensional Mario. It featured revolutionary controls and gameplay for its time. To this day, it is still a popular title for classic game enthusiasts and speed runners. What's not always recognized or remembered by the broader public is the masterpiece that is Koji Kondo's soundtrack. Though relatively short by today's standards, each theme evokes the feeling and experience of the stage that they are set in. From the upbeat Bob-omb Battlefield music to the calming melodies of "Dire, Dire Docks," even the casual player is likely to recognize these catchy tunes.

I'm incredibly proud to have the opportunity to direct this effort. This album has been a long time coming as we experienced ebbs and flows in progress and times where we questioned whether it would ever come to completion at all.

Though I joined soon after the project's inception as a remixer, I eventually would become the 4th director to take on the project. I'd like to take the time to recognize the previous directors who, without their hard work laying the foundation, this project never would've come to fruition: First, POCKETMAN, who was the project founder and original director. Also, thanks to Fishy & assistant director Sole Signal, who took over after POCKETMAN's departure.

Musically, this album showcases OverClocked ReMix's reputation as a community proficient in a diverse set of genres. Portrait of a Plumber features rock, electronic, orchestral, and more. There's really something here for everyone. I sincerely hope that this will serve to highlight both Kondo's fantastic work as well as the work of the many many talented artists who came together to make this possible.

- Justin Medford (Nutritious)

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The whole album is great, but I noticed there were quite a few small errors in the lyrics for the track "junkie".

"the main ti-tle is good to the core"

should be...

"that game is good down to the core"

"a-nd ma-ri-oh is su-per cool"

should be...

"su-per ma-ri-oh is su-per cool

"this song would'nt be so ac-cursed"

should be...

"this song wouldn't be so ac-cursed"

...And a few other small things.

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This album's amazing :D!

I'm still going through the album, but Sunken Secrets and Through the Flames have definitely become my favorite's!!

Great job to all of the artists on the album! And definitely to the Director's as well :)!

This album is actually one of the reasons I'm here on ocr in the first place :).

Great job on the release everyone :D! !

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Wah! Yah! Yahoo! :D The Mario 64 album is here! ^__^

I was most looking forward to the ghost levels and the music did not disappoint. :)

Boo's Cues is suitably scarey (love the reference to SMW!) and Mari-O-Round's cheerfulness only adds to the fear. >:3 The splishing steps take you back to that level... that first time. -_-

Devastation's Duel and So Long-eh, Bowser! Kick. Ass. >:3 Fantastic build-up. It feels like Castlevania at parts. Also props to the accent in your title. XD

The Strange Green Pipe has a lot of menance, but it's also uplifting and inspiring. :)

Through the Flames feels like Mario's had a bit of a sit down and is contemplating the worth of it all. Poor Mario. Don't be told how to view the world. It gets better! :c

Roads to Everywhere, Somebody Set Up Us the Bomb-bomb, and Supersnowman, are so so happy! :D What beats! (Also woodwind <3)

The Third Dimension and Wings to the Sky are almost too happy even for me... almost! >:3 Very pleasing chirpfulness. aww c:

In Roads to Everywhere, I can almost hear coin heaven at 1:22. And 1:31 makes me think of Donkey Kong. Very cool. :) Fun sections in Supersnowman at 2:20 and 2:35, followed by a playful end.

Really enjoy the Coin tracks. Two great takes on the source. :D

If any track brings back most nostaligia, it's Sunken Secrets. So much time spent there, and it's so easy to listen to this piece on repeat. I do like the effects from 3:01. Powerful finish.

Prog Mario is light! head banging fun. Good feeling drive especially at 1:20. Strong outro.

See You Next Time is a nostalgic finish to the game. ^__^

Do Pirahna Plants Dream of Electric Italians is a final wave goodbye. -_- It feels like a second ending credits except for the musicians.

A lovely step back to almost twenty years ago. Thank you all for the music. c:

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timaeus222 said:
I'm waiting for the listening party to hear the whole album, but I really love the art! Literally some of the best art I've ever seen! ❤️

Yes, the arts!

Hip hip! José! :D

I wonder if he'll hate that. ;)

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Sole Signal, I can't believe you did TWO remixes of the Cave Dungeon theme!!! I love you! YOUR TRACKS ARE HEAVENLY! I've been looking forward to this album for years, especially your take on the track(s!), and not only have they met my expectations but you've completely shattered them!

I mean, I was looking forward to one great Cave Dungeon remix, but TWO? I don't think I've ever liked a remix as much as I like these two!

That said, this album's really good, I'm loving it. I've found Boo's Cues, Devastation Duel, Sunken Secrets and Do Piranha Plants Dream of Electric Italians to be album highlights though there ain't a bad track in the bunch. :)

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I never knew the game was supposed to be played at mealtime! The things you learn!

(Read Me.txt claims that it was a "lunch" title.)

It's also made with the "•" character, which isn't recognized by any .txt reader I can find other than a web browser.

Strange, I just saved it in Windows Notepad and could reopen it with no issues. o.o;

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First and foremost, I'd like ti thanks all the community for this phenomenal album! I never played super Mario 64, yet, there is not any track I find weak! Every one of time are absolutely phenomenal and interesting! I also love the fact that the album cover a wide range of genre! It is something that I really pixel love lately! Anyway all this to say thank you to everyone involved and that I'm a proud supporter of the Patreon!!!!!



Edit : oupps reviewed in the wrong thread.. Reposting here!!!

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I never played super Mario 64, yet, there is not any track I find weak!


this guy is saying he's never played SM64?


just wut.


how could you.

it is the greatest game that was ever made.

go play it.

right now.


I thank you for your kind words about the album, now go play the wonderful game and you will understand. the world will make sense. all will be well with the world.

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Listened to this album while I was working and have to say this album is really great! The one two punch of Somebody Set Us Up The Bob-omb and Through the Flames was the highlight of the album.

Despite me picking favorites, I still really enjoyed this whole album. My only gripe is that I don't have any gripes.

Have to say the album's cover art is well designed. Definitely suites the game very well!

Wait, was this really OCR's first album featuring the iconic plumber? Why does that feel odd?

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Confession time, I never finished SM64. Don't think I even came close. I have it on Wii VC tho, I should pay it again.

There is also a remake on the DS. The major difference is that the "main" character is Yoshi and you can also play as Luigi and Wario. Why Wario is there? *shrugs* Also 30 more stars to collect. Woohoo.

Either are great games and in my opinion, the best music the Mario series has offered.

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Confession time, I never finished SM64. Don't think I even came close. I have it on Wii VC tho, I should pay it again.

Don't worry, it took our file 10 years to be beaten ("our" means that me and my cousin and quite young aunt shared a file hahaha).

And then the file was deleted a couple years later by a younger cousin :(

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Confession time, I never finished SM64. Don't think I even came close. I have it on Wii VC tho, I should pay it again.

Who let this guy on the project? ;)

Definitely my favorite game growing up, and I'm so glad to have had a chance to be a part of this album. I would have remixed all three of the sources I took anyway; thanks for letting me take those three on the project! I almost dropped "Blue Coin" altogether, but some final production tweaks and some convincing finally got it to a point I was comfortable with releasing.

Fantastic project with great tracks. Just to name a few, some completely surprised me with the direction they went (Hush Hour, Perilous Pathway, Do Piranha Plants, Peach's House Party), some really expanded on the source (Through the Flames, Somebody Set Up Us the Bob-omb - those chords!), and the classic sources were done right (Sunken Secrets, So Long-eh Bowser!).

I'll go through and comment on each track soon.

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