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Mega Man X: The Sigma Fortress Remix Gauntlet 2015


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The most important thing I learned in this compo is how to get ideas down fast and that I should never spend a ton of time tweaking minor things before writing the entire song structure.

Yeah, I spent extremely percious time on goddamn hihat patterns, that I should have used on recording another verse & actually putting some stuff on the bridge.


edit: ditto on the busy man thing Tuberz said

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I feel a little less shitty for bailing on the competition seeing how many other people had life get in the way (My first missed mix was admittedly just lack of creative inspiration, but afterward I got hit with a massive sack of real world events.)

I do look forward to catching up with the other rounds.

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Had a great time competing this year and was glad to see my remixes consistently perform better then they have in past compos.  Over the course of the competition I found a few more EQ cuts I like and some different ways of parallel processing that i haven't tried before.


Special thanks to Esperado and LadyWildfire who were up for joining me in this thing at the last second and gave some great feedback each week to help push the remixes forward.  :)

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I had a lot of fun this competition as well. Personally, I struggle with arrangement and flow vs creativity. Either I have one or the other but never both in one song. Time constraints hurt too. I'll continue trying to improve and wanted to thank everyone who has offered help and feedback.

We need a Zelda compo next with power, courage, and wisdom brackets :).... Once everyone recovers from this.

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Source usage to Laulu: I used the A and B parts of the Sigma source as verse and chorus. The melody is from Frost Walrus: for the verse, the long sustains of the A-part broken up rhythmically to incorporate lyrics. I shifted the line upwards in relation to the tonic to fit the Sigma source. In the chorus, the melody is from b-part of FW, I had to change a note or so to fit. The (unfortunately unfinished) bridge/break between 2nd and 3rd chorus is the final part from FW. The outro is the first four bars of the B part of Sigma. I also sprinkled a little of the FW A-part descending melody to the piano in the second verse.
Here's the lyrics to "Laulu". The idea was to make something for our newborn daughter by using NGGYU as the basis. The music itself is not exactly childern's music.
verse 1:

emme ole muukalaisia olleet milloinkaan
emme tule olemaan

sanotaan tämä on vain peliä, keksi omat säännöt
me autamme kyllä


en koskaan hylkää
tuota en pettymystä

en anna periksi milloinkaan
uskothan kun sanon sen
miks' itkettäisin
valheit' laskettelisin
ei hyvästejä milloinkaan
ei ensimmäisiäkään
unused verse 2:
täydellinen omistautuminen, sitä suunnittelen

mitä muutakaan

kokonaisen ihmisiän olemme tunteneet

tämä peli loppuun katsotaan


Let's do a translation via Google, it should start looking a little familiar:


we are not strangers had never
we are not going to be

they say this is just a game, invented their own rules
we help yes

I will never reject
produce I do not disappoint
I do not give up at any time
please believe me when I say it
why 'itkettäisin
valheit 'laskettelisin
no goodbyes never
not first either


(unused second verse)
complete dedication, the more I plan
what else
an entire age of men we have known
This game is considered complete

Slightly correcting it:

we are not strangers, have never been
we are not going to be

they say this is just a game, invent your own rules
we'll help

I will never reject
will never disappoint
I will never give up
please believe me when I say it
why woud I make you cry

(why would I) lie
no goodbyes never
not even a first one

(unused second verse)

complete dedication, that's what I plan
what else
we have known for an entire lifetime
this game we'll see to the end

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Well, now compo is almost over and I guess it's time to say something about my first MM Competition. 

Lot of creative and good musicians. Lot of great music and greatest ppl in the world.  Too little time.
Due to life's things I had no experience. Had lot ideas for "trio", probably i'll try to unite our team in future.


Thanks! People who gave their thoughts about remixes. This mean a lot for any musician.


Now.. The only thing i didn't like in this como.
I had a strong feeling that i'm listening an album of ONE single artist.

Since first round till the last. Some electronic dude or girl made most of the tracks for his/her album and put em to this compo. It's just sounds like this for me.
Same drums sound, same synths and mixing structure. As I said, most of remixes can be united to one album. Cause sound is the same.

Someone say that everybody use same tools.. Yes. All of us using same tools. Still, we have our own sound.

No offence! Just my ears. Sorry if you got me wrong.
Best of all for OC people! Thank you voters and critics!


Oh! Sorry for my suck tracks.. I failed my first competition :< 

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Interesting observation you have there. Not sure I agree with you, but you have some points. I can see that a lot of us use the same equipment and instruments (probably because we're all in the same prosumer range) and of course all of us are also influenced by a lot of the same music: game music. That's why we are here on OCR :P. Using the same game that uses the same genre across its maverick themes would probably cause the tracks to be a bit similar.

As for my own tracks, yeah, they sound like me even though they are in different genres. But if I would compare it to Eino's or Tuberz' tracks they are different too, with Tuberz having a bias to guitar oriented rock and Eino a preference for complex cerebral arrangements. So from a production perspective they might have the same production values (mixing, loud, compression, etc), but if you look/listen deeper I think you can quite clearly identify each person's own style.

Anyway, interesting observation to ponder on :)

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Some misunderstanding, i guess. Different remixers sounds like one, not different remixes. That's what I'm talking about. Having your own sound "signature" is great thing! Having one signature for everybody is not .. Hm.. Interesting.. or even bad. Once again. No offence. Nothing bad in my thoughts. It's jusе my observervation. And, as I said. MOST of tracks. Not everyone. Sorry.



Everyone has their own toolsets.  :)


Sets... Tools mostly, are same. Nevermind.

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