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Mega Man X: The Sigma Fortress Remix Gauntlet 2015


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Only issue with this that I can see is that it counts ALL the votes, including the ones after the deadline. In some cases that drastically affects the voting. Wonder how Darke is going to handle that.

Me too. Since I figured that there's sometimes less time for voting because it takes a while to get the music up (and because community participation might be more important than strict rules) I didn't take it into account. Darke's compo, Darke's rules & scoring; my sheet just aims to get a bit of insight in what we've all been doing these last weeks :)

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Next time the Maverick Astley team does a compo, they should find a way to slip in John Cena, seeing as he's the new rick roll.

I blame Eino and Tuberz for coming up with the team name and making me join in on it. The alternative was getting tubed ;)


Having said that, don't feed them this kind of inspiration, it's at your own risk!

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Subbed mine. I was sick for a lot of this week and I know my remix is imperfect in terms of both production and arrangement, but I'm still pretty proud of what I did in fewer than 10 hours.


Many thanks to bLiNd for mastering my entry again (which he also did for my prior entry "Es-cop-ay" but I completely neglected to acknowledge in the listening party and this thread D: )

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I started without inspiration and energy on this track, which left me with a bunch of disconnected ideas in bad shape. I think the final track turned out pretty well, but it's still not connected too well for my taste and the mixing is also a bit rough at places. Awell, blame the deadline; maybe I'll pick it up again later :)

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Dem epic rap battle! Maverick Astley, doing things untold, so be afraid you'll again get rickrolled :)

The Astley reference definitely perked up my ears, looking forward to the full lyrics!






verse 1:


I'm back in the lab while I brew a new gab
with this lyrical jab, concocting a dab
of this and that shit that's so fat that
the rest will sound flat while they look at
just how many addicts we make every day. 
They can't keep away it's like crack or cocaine.
Am I really okay or am I insane
but my drug is this music it eases my pain.
I'd take a syringe and shoot straight to my veins,
but unfortunately I can't get it quickly
enough so just hit me.  Bear with me I'm sickly
from listening day in and day out to music
I can't get to leave. So is it just me, 
or did we hijack this whole compo spontaneously?
But seriously, these myths we create will be legendary.
It's scary just how far we've come in these weeks,
becoming so viral we spread to the streets,
with just a few beats from the myth lab.
Rock Hard Mandrills, 
Bringing it down,
Rock your body,
To our hard sound,
Verse 2:
We go triple bard when our mixes bombard,
straight from the yard they call us rock hard,
we're the man drills, we got mad skills.
Bringing dope ass tunes from the streets to the hills
so listen to the sound, while we bring the house down,
we don't mess around our lyrics are profound,
when this whole thing is over who you think will get crowned?
cause it's not gonna be just anybody
Well let me see, who else could it be
who, maverick ashtley? They do the same thing 
what, every single week? Comeon don't get hurt
but the Rick roll, it gets old.
I never wanna lie, just let truth be told.
We won't let you down watch our legend unfold
You don't have to cry man up and be bold,
so lemme say goodbye you punks just got trolled.
Verse 3:
Will Rock here with another clean rap
The Rock Hard Mandrills don't give a crap
As we make musical songs on OC Remix
with lots and lots of really really cool tricks
We've got Ghetto Lee Lewis on the keys
And I rock shredding my guitar with ease
Jason Covenant brings the big epic choirs
And all of us together.........????
Man, Will really lost it at the end.  The guy has some anger issues I guess.   :razz:
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Man, Will really lost it at the end.  The guy has some anger issues I guess.   :razz:


... on the plus side all the censoring stuff did make for one of these cool musical tricks you refer to in your lyrics ;) Really liked that little gimmicky bit, almost more than my own gimmick!


We had some ideas floating around for some raps too, unfortunately didn't get around to it. Awell, there's always next compo.

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