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OC ReMix releases FF5: Fabled Warriors Vol. II - "WATER"


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The wait is finally over!

Now that Q4 2011 is finally here, it's time for volume 2 of Final Fantasy V: The Fabled Warriors... Water!


We've left no puddle unsplashed, with 10 great pieces painstakingly and wetly arranging classic FF5 themes from "The Prelude" to "Song of Storms"!


I'm sorry for the delay, but I had a pretty lengthy case of writer's block for my track.

However, thanks to djpretzel, the vision for that piece has been even better realized, and we're now able to release Water and move forward to working on volume 3! If we could have gotten a liiiiittle bit more Patreon funding, we could have afforded lossless encoding for ALL of the tracks. Sorry, brah. Maybe next time

- DarkeSword


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  • Liontamer changed the title to OC ReMix releases FF5: Fabled Warriors Vol. II - "WATER"
5 hours ago, Nostalvania said:

OCR is going down the drain.

I agree; the music seems watered down lately. I sea that with this album, OCR has really hit rock bottom. Nothing has any depth anymore. Congratulations Darkeword. I'm shore you're happy you FINished off the stream of good music. I'm going to go krill myself. Actually, I don't eel like it.

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