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OCR01515 - Final Fantasy V, I, Chrono Trigger, IX, VII, VIII "Fire Cross"

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Parts of this remind me of Megaman and other parts remind me of Sublime. And it's final fantasy go figure.

I am huge fan of all three of those, so mix automatically gets 2 thumbs up from me.

Besides that jazz, this is a pretty enjoyable listen. I think the highlight of this mix is def all of the different guitar sounds being blended together. Variation is well done, it keeps the mix moving at a good pace while giving the listener something different to groove to every so often.

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I guess this is the first OCremix that I listened to which features recognizable ska influences - even considering Faxanadu's "GoofySka". When I read your comment on the victory fanfare as a bonus, I thought "Well, others did this before..." but I wasn't prepared for this nice little gimmick. A suitable ending for an excellent track. Rock on!

Hope to hear more from you on OCR.

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Here I was hoping for a remix of a track from FF1, but alas, it's an another medley. Not necessarily anything wrong with it, but FF1 sure deserve some more attention.

Okay, no more negative feelings, I need to start focus here. My interest got piqued when I noticed that Gilgamesh's theme was in this arrangement, which is actually a very good thing since I happen to like that theme but also because FF5 needs some more remixes too. After that came World Revolution, Hunter's Chance, Conde Petie, Gilgamesh again, Fighting, Don't Be Afraid, a small piece of the Battle theme and then ended with the Fanfare after a brief pause.

What can I say? Excellent electric guitar, heavy drums along with a furious and chaotic bass, all these ingredients are essential to make a foot-thumping and head-banging creation such as this one. However, my favorite part wasn't the arrangement of Gilgamesh's theme, but instead Conde Petie. The acoustic guitar, that italian instrument what's-its-name and the organ. I loved that part. Created a very calm and french atmosphere, soothened your nerves until the remix picked up the bass again and continued with its rampage.

This song needs to grow on you, it seemed very rough when I first gave it a listen but it gradually started to appeal to me and now I simply want it. Kickass remix, and therefore, a kickass remixer. Nice work.

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Before I review this here mix... there was no need to draw unnecessary attention to Lulza's gender in the write-up... things like that, as well as Arek's reaction, are good examples of why more girls are hesitant to join these kinds of sites in the first place. Now then...

As a fan of rock, it only took a matter of seconds for me to start enjoying this track immensely. There's nothing sloppy about it at all which makes it even more pleasing to the ear. It's easy to see how this won first place at DoD, it is extremely well done!

It's nice to finally see a remix that at least touched on what I find is one of the most neglected Chrono Trigger songs of all. The main battle theme... I just never hear a solid remix of it, but Lulza gives us a little treat here with a small section dedicated to that funky little theme that was quite addictive.

Although I have not heard most of the source material (I was never a big player of the FF series), the song is still incredibly enjoyable and energetic. Definitely a great song to give you a kick of energy when you need it!

All and all... this here's an incredibly rock remix! If you are a fan of heavy rock songs, download this NOW or you MUST be hit over the head with something blunt! While those that aren't fans of rock should probably stray away... as this is rock at its core!

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ROFL! - No really, I won't say I told you so. :wink:

This song is a delightful guitar rage hardcore extravaganza. The fact that you remixed Hunters Chance only adds to the awesomeness, best section of the remix. The transitions are really well done also, the themes blend together very smoothly.

Nice n'rockin!

Mas eu ainda acho que você está se vendendo ao sistema

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Before I review this here mix... there was no need to draw unnecessary attention to Lulza's gender in the write-up

It's mentioned in the writeup as encouragement for any women who think there are no females out there in this community who aren't primarily vocalists. Attempting to draw in more talented female arrangers isn't "unnecessary" to me, and the reasoning is spelled out pretty clearly in the writeup.

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I don't really think it's so damn clear

the whole first segment is about her being a girl, and how special that is and blah blah

i agree there's not many females around, but you don't have to witch hunt them either

now every lonely horny bastard will try to get in her pants, and there's alot of them here

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You can't have it both ways - there's criticism that pointing out that she's a "she" is unnecessary and that it'll bring unwanted attention, but the point was that girls should feel comfortable submitting stuff, and if that's the case, why should it cause any harm?

The argument that females should try to conceal their status or that it should be ignored is less egalitarian and more protective, which are in this case rather contradictory goals; you've got to be okay with who you are, and okay with people pointing that out, in order for things to be truly cool.

Boys will always play sad stalker games whether I mention that mixers are females or they find out themselves, through the *amazing* power of "pronoun usage observation"; this site is not about catering to the lowest common denominator or playing the reverse psychology game. I haven't done those things in the past and I'm not about to start.

This is a worthwhile conversation, but LuIzA's put together a kickass mix, so let's try to focus on that - I felt the need to respond personally since the writeup is my own, but if you've got a beef with it, just pretend like it doesn't exist and write about the music instead.

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For the record, I'm with DJP here. Dumb guys are gonna be dumb guys no matter what the writeups say. He shouldn't have to *hide* our gender to the public... And believe me, LuIzA can handle a few internet stalkers; with talent like hers, I'm sure that's nothing compared to the kind of attention she gets in real life! :wink:

Back on point, yes, this remix rocks.

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