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All Time Hardest Boss

The Coop

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I hated the materia keeper in ff7....

Does everyone have to say this is hard?

And how come people say the wepons from FF were hard? If you get to level 40 they are easy without KOTR.

As for hardest boss. that damned Lisa Trevor, I know you can't kill her but I tried for a whole 20 hours to kill her dammit...

And then I realisd you had to push rocks into the ground... DAMN MY DAMNED STUPID DETERMINED BRAIN.

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Way back when, back in the days of the Amiga, a friend of mine had a game called Shadow of the Beast. Very pretty game, great music, and hard a hell. Having never owned an Amiga, I was happy the day the Genesis version of SotB came out. It looked just as good, was just as hard, but the sound suffered. Still, I enjoyed it. A couple years later, Shadow of the Beast II arrived on the Genesis. With better sound quality (though worse tunes) and nice graphics, it was the challenge of this game that was killer.

SotB II was twice as hard as the first game. Everything had to be done in a precise order throughout the game (like the first one), but now the enemies were tougher, there were more traps to kill you, and dead ends that couldn't be gotten out of until you died. It was a mean spirited game... and I loved it. But while the boss at the end of SotB was a wuss, the boss at the end of SotB II, Zelek, was anything but.

He had few attacks... namely, a fireball shot if you were further away from him, and a downward flame stream if you were below him. He bobs around in the air, floating back and forth in the area where you fight him. If a fireball hits you, it does a nasty amount of damage. If the flame stream hits you, your health vanishes steadily at a quick pace (and in this game, you don't have much in the way of health). If you come in contact with the boss, it drains your health just as quickly as the flame stream. To hit him, you need to make sure you grabbed a special weapon in one of the areas earlier in the game. If you missed it, you can't win. If you did get it, you still have to jump up in the air and fire it to hurt him... as he follows you back and forth. You have to be far enough away to jump so he can't touch you, and time it between fireball shots so you don't get hit. It seems simple, and at heart it is... but with how fast you lose your health on this final boss, the fact that at most you get a couple life replenishers (and that's assuming you didn't use them up just getting to the final boss), and no continues too boot, this makes this "simple" patterned boss a real pain.

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I'm not the best gamer when it comes to actions titles. I admit it. Most of my gaming prowess comes with shmups. But, I'm not a newbie at the genre either. I've beaten some tough games. But there's one old school game that just bugs me to this day. While I enjoy the Shinobi series, and can readily whoop the asses of Revenge of Shinobi, Shadow Dancer and Shinobi III, the original Shinobi on the Sega Master System has a final boss that I've only ever beaten once.

First, he has a barrier around him. You can only hurt him at certain times (I believe when he lands on the ground). He jumps around, trying to hit you, all the while being impervious to your attacks. Should you manage to hit him a few times, then he changes his attack. During this phase, you can only hit him up close. Not too bad. But his third phase is mean. Here, he starts hopping around again, except when he hits the ground, he make a clone of himself... and that clone starts attacking you as well. And unless you can time it so you hit him before he hits the ground again, you're going to have clones all over the place attacking you.

But, if you should get through all that, then he goes apeshit. His attacks are hard to dodge, and the only way you can hurt him is by hitting him in the back. While this boss doesn't do really any more damage than other bosses, he does the damage a lot faster. It's just frustrating as hell, as his attacks come so fast and frequently, it becomes... maddening.

All I gotta say is I'm glad the bosses in the rest of the Shinobi series aren't like that final one, in that being skilled is somehow replaced by just being lucky.

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I don't know if it counts as a boss battle, technically, as it is the final strategic batte that ends the 70 year story of Gustave XIII, but I'll say The Battle of South Moundtop from Saga Frontier 2. Earlier in this thread, I stated the battle that ends the other half of the game, but I think TBSM is flat out unreasonably difficult.

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I'm going to go with Luca Blight from Suikoden II.

I confronted him with a party of six of my strongest, and he beat them. (I lvled these guys like I had no future) And then a second wave of six of my guys, a fierce battle ensued, and again, Luca was the victor.

My third party rode into battle, and he wiped five of the six members out. I survived with one person (Nanami)

and was like "Ohhh damn.. I lived?"

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