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OCR01526 - Sonic the Hedgehog 3 "Knuckleduster"


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This remix here is definitely something out of the ordinary... not your typical remix, and covering an equally bizzare theme too!

I've always found the Marble Garden Zone music to be rather strange... and I respectively hated the stage in the game itself...

The intro to this remix is kinda dry... I didn't like it very much personally... but once the main feel of the remix came in at 0:34 with the lyrics things certainly picked up. Speaking of the lyrics... they get a serious WTF. I can't even understand what's being said half the time... but I will admit, I personally can't stand lyrics, but the singing in this piece was actually good. I can listen to this remix repeatedly without it getting on my nerves, which is a huge step for any lyrical piece put in front of me.

Sticking closely to the original melody did this remix plenty of good, it makes the song easy-listening and easy to get lost in the beat. Definitely enjoyable to listen to, and disturbingly catchy. :P

Production, as has been commented on, is solid. There's nothing negative to be said about it, heck the arrangements, even if somewhat minor, are still perfect for the piece.

Although I do enjoy the remix "Pure Black, or Marbles and Cream?" more than "Knuckleduster"... I'll admit that the latter is more fitting within Project Chaos. The remix keeps up with the solid quality present in Project Chaos and is certainly one of the better songs within it.

Anyone that liked the original Marble Garden Zone music will probably get a kick out of this. Even if I do enjoy a well-done MIDI version of the original more than this remix, that's a matter of personal taste, and quite frankly, I recommend everyone at least give this a listen or two. It can take a couple of loopings to get the feel for it, so don't toss this song away too lightly!

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I always thought Zone 3 was one of the easier stages on S3K myself, although the boss at the end is tricky. There are several extra lives and tons of rings. Back to the remix, I found that the BGM to Zone 3-1 was a very versitile theme and it has been made into a techno remix(SonikElektronik), an elevaor remix (Pure Black, or Marbles and Cream) then this one. As far as the association to the original track to Zone 3-1, I only had to hear the first second to know exactly what BGM it came from. As a matter of fact, I could've told right off the bat if it was either Act 1 or Act 2. Speaking of which, I don't know if it's been done or may be done in the future, but I wonder if someone will do a remix for Zone 3-2, because the ones I have heard so far are all Act 1. It probally wouldn't be that much diffeent since the songs are rather close in melody.

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I like how well it sticks to the actual song with a whole new twist. As a lot of Project Choas tracks tend to stray rather far. And, as I said earlier, this is the first remix with vocal that I actually liked. They're well sung and actually fit the song. However, I've got no idea what he's saying. Could anyone post the lyrics?

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Sorry this took so long.....

Knuckleduster lyrics -

I've gotta know

Who takes a life for free?

Some kind of man,

I know would tell her openly

I know your eyes expand

I won't lead you by the hand

I'll ask again,

Please, is there anybody free?

A foreign land

Why won't they speak to me?

I know your eyes expand

We can't lead you by the hand

Know you're a knuckleduster

And you're caught in a relapse now

With eyes half open and a trail of head crumbs,

Tell me again where you are from.


Hope that helps people who have been mouthing nondescript sounds.

btw, i welcome criticism gladly, although some of it in this thread was blatantly ego-boosting trash talk. However, there's a reason they didn't like it, and I use that as additional perspective to analyze my own work and improve it. If people don't like my singing, hell - most of the time I'd agree with them. I finished this track about 6 months ago, and gained some perspective from not hearing it for so long. I know where they are coming from, but the goal of this song is the same goal I have with a lot of songs - to try something new. Some things worked out well, some things not so well. Just like Invertebrate Retreat - a song about a worm - try to write lyrics at least partially pertaining to the subject of a 16-bit sidescroller. It's tough! But again, I wouldn't do it if it wasn't fun.

I showed an early version of this track to Jared Hudson, and he said it sounded like Milli Vanilli. That's EXACTLY the kind of response I was looking for. I laid the cheese on extra thick for this one. This is by no means the type of music I would listen to, but damn - it was fun to make! I'm glad there are some people out there who appreciate my efforts :D.

Thanks for the comments, guys - and expect some more tracks soon. Maybe this time it won't be from a site project ;)


Here's the lyrics.

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Ugh, I don't like all this drama.

I'll state a simple fact. Usually remixes with vocals wind up layering on the cheese, and I mean extra-thick. This mix didn't. And not only that, I really liked it. This is probably one of my top 20 from the whole site, much less just the project.

Very tight and well done.

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This the first remix I've heard that I actualyl liked the vocals. They fit perfectly, and that NEVER happens, in my experience.

Yeah I totally agree, I rarely find remixes with vocals that I enjoy or fit well. With this one, it just seemed right. I know there are a lot of conflicting opinions, but I really liked it. That last verse tied it together (know you're a...), I find myself coming back to listen to it over and over again.

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After I read the "I heard the singing and then deleted it" comment, I felt the need to register and post here (most likely for the first and last time) just to say that I fucking love, love, LOVE Knuckleduster. It's the most different, daring song in the entire project and the vocals are amazing! Dan can fucking sing, man.

Anyone who doesn't like it needs to diversify their tastes, haha! :<

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