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OCRA-0008 - Sonic 3 & Knuckles: Project Chaos


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That's seriously brilliant.

Worthy of a finished work.

It also reminded me of an idea I had running around in my head years ago, after the "Sonic Boom" CD was released: a rather dramatic short with Spencer Nilsen's rendition of Sonic Spinball's so-called "Flight To Volcanic Fortress," based on the game's opening. Man, just wait 'till I get around to using Toon Boom or something...


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I haven't been able to match the main lyrics to the theme strangely, despite having almost all the Sonic 3 and Knuckles original tracks burnt to a disc. But now that I am aware of this, I will probably notice..

Yeah, I know the Sonic 3 ending theme was supposedly on Disc 2, but I was still expecting it to be on Disc 1, with a crazily awesome remix of the S&K ending theme (Its been done before, an official remix album for Sonic and Knuckles had an 10 minute+ remix of the ending theme. Sure enough it doesn't need to be that long, but man, when I imagine what could be done..) and as for the Knuckles Theme, the fourth track is indeed similar to the Knuckles Theme, but I was expecting a separate track, most likely on Disc 3 (Disc 3, I figured it would be all the side tracks, like the Bonus Rounds)

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Given Rexy's affinity for it, I wouldn't be surprised if there's some Spyro in her track. She loves sneaking bits of other themes into her remixes like that.

Both aspects can be true - I can sneak in other themes at times, and I have a passion for Spyro the Dragon. However, the intro is actually referencing to Sonic 3's title music. Though, I do see where he's coming from with the rhodes piano and whatnot; I do see the uncanny similarity in musical style.

Ragnor, your commentary is very well detailed; thank you for taking the time to express your opinions :)

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Hi All,

Just thought I would drop some feedback on the album. Overall pretty cool, glad someone followed up with a Hedgehog Heaven style album for Sonic 3.

I really loved some of the tracks like 105 Walk on Water (finally a brilliant remix of Hydrocity), 107 Three Ring Nightfall for Carnival Night, and I was paticularly fond of the tracks by Kanjika for Hidden Palace and Sky Sanctuary, I think these two not only hit the mark but flew past it. My personal credo is that a good remix has to be close enough to the original music so you can recognise it, but also remaster it in a new and exciting way. And these tracks really did that brilliantly.

But I gotta admit, I felt a few tracks were a bit lacking, like That Freezing Feeling for IceCap. I know Icecap is a daunting one as it's everyones favourite, but I feel this track didn't capture the umph of the original music, it was too soft and boring.

And one in paticular I hated, and thats 110 Robotnik Radio, I can in no way hear how that track relates in any way to the original Sonic 3 Launch Base Final Boss.... aside from having the spring/star noise in, I wouldn't even suspect it was linked to Sonic in general. Feel it was a poor choice to include that one.

Overall good album, although I would say maybe a second edition could be done and some changes made? I would say that Haydn's Head up for Tails is better than Snapples Malcious Fingers for the Pre-Doomsday Final Boss.

Also, give some consideration to including existing work in the album. Although Snapplemans Dead Batteries is a really good take on Flying Battery, I've always felt the top track ever for Flying Battery is Catapult by Beatdrop, similarly the best Lava Reef track has got to be Lava Reach by JiveMaster.

Thats my two cents anyway.


- Pw2374

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Overall good album, although I would say maybe a second edition could be done and some changes made? I would say that Haydn's Head up for Tails is better than Snapples Malcious Fingers for the Pre-Doomsday Final Boss.


Come on, Malicious Fingers is probably the best track on here! :?No offense to Hadyn, of course.

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Try opening the files in an audio-editting program, re-encoding them (as mp3's/wav's/whatever), and burning the newer, re-encoded files. Should work!

As I have stated... I cant get the programs to run properly as I apparently have alot of missing components the program needs to run...

I'd just like to say that I love each, and every person that was involved with this. That is all.

Agreed. There was obviously alot of passion, detial and care that went into creating each songs remix. Very worthy soundtrack.... and with great replay value.

There are still a umber of songs I havn't been able to download yet... *sigh*

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