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OCRA-0008 - Sonic 3 & Knuckles: Project Chaos


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This was worth the wait and then some. The original tunes from allt he Sonic games populate my iPod, all providing me with nostalgia and each bringing forth a particular memory or feeling when I hear them. But the ones that get the most air time are probably the Sonic 3 & Knuckles themes by far. The best game in the series, (alongside Sonic CD) and by far it contains the most fitting music that really tell the story.

The remix you guys have created don't just mimic the originals, nor do they simply play off the tunes. These interpretations actually seek out the themes and builds upon them. The original tune is still definitely evident, (which is desirable - nobody wants a theme they can't recognize), but you've also expanded on them and really utilized them to the fullest. I love the variation between hard rock and sweeping epic...ness.

In fact the songs inspired me so much ("Secluded Stronghold" made me cry ;_; )I just had to work on an original piece of S3&K art. http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/43203126/

Thanks for a fantastic soundtrack. It's a work of art.

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Thank God it's out! I tried waiting up, but I said screw it. But that just let me get a nice present for waking up!

Fantastic work, might I add. I had to listen to Hydrochill first, as it was my most anticipated song on the entire list. But then I gave the rest of you a chance. And you didn't disappoint, either. If Sega ever made a S3&K remake, the songs would have to sound like this.

Keep up the good work in the future on whatever you do. All of you.


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I've been working my way through the tracks, and I must say...

Kanjika...YOU FREAKIN' RULE!!!

I'd been following your Sky Sanctuary mix back when the WIPs were about on VGMix. Back then, it was one of my favourite mixes. Now, you have truly gone above and beyond - a masterpiece!

And top work all round from everyone!

(Hetcenus = pure class)

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This album has really outdone itself. Great work by everyone. I have a few favorites, but I really don't think it's fair to single out people because this album is just so awesome overall. There are so many different styles here that even the most picky listener could find at least one track they enjoy.

Quality isn't outdone by quantity here; these are all great tracks.

special thanks to the people doing this project, as I have been listening to this all night while I've been writing an essay that's due now in...6... hours. It's kept me sane and relaxed during the one all nighter writing session

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I want the teaser site's background tracks tooooo... :(

I think I should clear up what happened here. There were something like 15 tracks on the teaser site, and we all held a vote-off for a top 5 that would be added to the project.

The top 5 voted were:

Rayza's Azure Lake 14

Aku - water on the dancefloor 13

Hadyn - Heads Up For Tails 12

Kanjika - credits 8

Gamebox - Ice Cap 4 Life (WIP) 7

And Lava Passion/Hydrochill were also added as an extra bonus.

The other teaser tracks will be made available eventually, but they're not part of the official project and thus will have their own, separate release when we decide the time's right =)

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The other teaser tracks will be made available eventually

Woohoo! Even those WIPs were top-notch. For months I had the teaser site open at work with the songs looping all day long. I was hoping that they would eventually all come out in downloadable form.

I'm at work unfortunately, so I can't download everything now :( Just a few tracks will have to do to sustain me until I get home tonight...

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