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OCRA-0008 - Sonic 3 & Knuckles: Project Chaos


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wicked nice hobo, simple design yet it looks badass

Great proj guys. The live instrument influence is def a nice touch and gives the proj a certain feel.

Gotta say I love house's track, funky and catchy guitar. Great stuff from Kanjika as well, guess he really had to hold up the orchestral goodness for this proj.

That lava reef track had me listening tons of times to see how you guys rearranged it. Def inventive and new.

Overall all the songs sound very well mastered too, guess all the hard work paid off. This whole proj has a very distinct feel to it.

Oh yeah sweet flash design hadyn!

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Ack, you're right, Rexy. :P

And I've been told so, but my brother instantly catched the Judas Priest cover at the end of Doomsday.

From the Minibosses Forum over at The Shizz:

Any one catch judas preist refrance? hahahaha metal meltdown?

Nope, Electric Eye.....

After writing that section I realized the progression was identical to that part in Electric Eye, so I stole Tiptons solo... :)

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I think there's something wrong with tracks 8 - 14 of the Bonus Tracks. I've loaded them into iTunes and all I get when I try to play them is a bunch of garbled sqweaks and squalks.
Hello? Were you reading the thread?

I've been saying for about a page and a half that headers and tags are broken for several files, including the bonus tracks (but not only them).

Actually, I pointed this out in #ocremix a few minutes after the project's release, but everyone was like "OMG YOU LIE THE TRACKS ARE WORKING FINE".

Oh well, Winamp can read them anyway. Most of the times I get wrong titles and authors, but it's not a big issue.

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Hello? Were you reading the thread?

I think it's obvious that I wasn't.

Sorry, dude. I didn't really mean to be rude. But this issue really upsets me as well. What's the point in releasing a project with broken mp3s? Ok, it's a player-related issue, since some of them can read the tracks just fine, but a project should be 100% compatible. For people who use iTunes, Winamp, Quick Time, Real Player. And yes, even the black shit Windows Media Player. The bonus tracks won't play in Media Player Classic (at least, not the version I have).

I don't care to go against "the big guys". There is a problem here. It is a fact.

1: Several tags are missing the closing byte. So some players will read the tags as follows:


2: Some headers are broken. This causes some players to crash (iTunes, Media Player Classic):


Now, no one can force people to use a specific player. So the mp3s are to be re-encoded and re-tagged from 0.

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I have to compliment Rexy on the sequenced acoustic guitar solo in "Divided from Grace." Hot stuff.

Whoa, thanks - I thought I'd get shot down for that O.O

If it helps, I'm getting the real thing for Christmas, so the acoustic is becoming a bit of a passion at the mo.

I still think that my drums sound like they were processed in a washing machine, but nevermind. All's well that ends well :)

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I echo this. Someone fix the tracks plz. I have to use iTunes cuz I don't feel like changing media players and everything (three ppl in the house have iPods, and the other two aren't computer-saavy).

and i want to hear my awful bonus track.

I fixed the tracks using a converter and now they work fine in iTunes, im uploading them to sendspace for you, and the link will be ready in a few minutes

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Everything works just fine for me... except the occasional clicks from my crappy soundcard, but that's to be expected (Stupid useless Dell laptop soundcards...).

Finally... a remix project on this site that I not only like... I absolutely adore it. :P Project Chaos definitely gets the paws down vote of Best Project so far for me. XD This is most likely due to my typical genre biases, but hey, it's a really well-done project and I'm certainly impressed.

Great work to all those who contributed, Project Chaos will definitely be a treasure here on OC. :)

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I'll upload fixed tracks tomorrow (almost 1 am here). I'm quite busy right now, as exams are approaching.

Please be patient.

I didn't notice those crashes/bugs although I listened to the project on almost everything for almost a week : VLC (MacOS), iTunes (MacOS/Win), mediaplayer classic (Win), Windows Media Player 9/10/11, Quicktime (MacOS/Win), PowerDVD (Win), WinAmp, my own iPod nano... my brother has it on his low-end mp3 usb key...

That's kinda weird actually.

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This project is just plain awesome. Excellent music, excellent site, excellent everything.

I'll probobly put up a full review later, but right now, just a few comments:

Walk on Water - wow. just. wow. words cannot describe how much I like this one.

Three Ring Nightfall - This is one of the mixes I'm most impressed with. I don't know much of anything about actual remixing, but to me, Carnival Night seemed like a theme I thought would be really tough to arrange for. But this mix was done really nicely, and is one of my favorites in this project. (plus, for some reason, the opening percussion makes me think of Sonic Rush)

Kanjika mixes - epic.

Before the Storm - doesn't sound at all like Death Egg, but it definitely is the Death Egg (though it took me a few listens to really make the clear connection). Another one that I can't stop listening to.

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Hey, I'm glad you liked three ring nightfall! I feel all validated and stuff =P

It was certainly a weird track to take on, but i think most sonic music is. This one in particular took me a year to put together over all, including several phases including one point where it was actually destined to be a collaborative effort, with Ellywu2 mixing the drums. I still sort of feel that it would have been a better overall song if he'd stayed with me, but one day he just dissapeared from the net, and I haven't heard from him since so I ended up doing it all on my own~

But yeah, glad you liked it!


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I've listened to the whole project several times now, and every time I like it more and more.

1. SnappleMan - Sonic the Hedgehog and Knuckles

SAAYY-GUHH! Nice touch.

2. KungFuChicken! - The Wait is Over!

While this isn't quite what I expected it to be like, it's still pretty damn good. It gets a little weird around the 1:11 mark, but recovers at 1:25. I would have liked to seen this one developed a little further.

3. Rexy - Divided from Grace

THANK YOU FOR INCLUDING THE SONIC 3 TITLE SCREEN! I was a bit worried that it wouldn't get included! I really like the varied instrumentation, although the drums sound a little... off (which may have been intentional, I'm not sure). Nice tempo changes too, the faster paced part at 3:52 works well. Nice acoustic guitar sequencing. I like the references to other themes as well.

4. Daniel Baranowsky - Caution: Echidnas May Eat Your Brain

I wasn't expecting anything like this at all! Interesting instrument choices.

5. housethegrate - Walk on Water

I really dig this one. I like how you separated the two acts, but still managed to make it cohesive. Nice work.

6. Daniel Baranowsky - Knuckleduster

What exactly is a knuckleduster anyway? ... Nice fusion of several styles. I was expecting a guitar solo to come in at 2:43 (as per the WIP version I have from a while back) but this new, softer piano ending works very very well.

7. Hadyn - Three Ring Nightfall

This one had me worried from the start. Not the remix, but the source; it seemed to me that it'd be very difficult to re-arrange. I was expecting a straight out cover, but Hadyn did an excellent job turning this one around and making it his own. I really like it, even though I kinda miss the circus-y feel of the original.

8. Hetcenus - That Freezing Feeling

Beautiful. By far the best Ice Cap rendition I've heard to date. As with Rexy's 'Divided From Grace', I like the tempo changes.

9. Gecko Yamori - Elevator Music

Good, but in my opinion it's missing ...something. I dunno what. But something.

10. GaMeBoX - Robotnik Radio

There's a lot of good ideas going in this one, but it doesn't quite do the original track justice in my opinion.

11. GaMeBoX - iMushroom

Again, a lot of good ideas, but it just misses the mark. The intro and first minute or so is great, but after that it starts slipping. The part at 1:41-2:25 seems out of place. However, things do improve after this. Not bad, but it could be better.

12. SnappleMan - Dead Batteries

It's SnappleMan... of course it's awesome! A lot of impressive guitar work on the go in this one.

13. BrainCells - Live at the Sandopolis

I never thought a track with a desert feel would work well as a metal song, but BrainCells has proven otherwise. The orchestral interlude at 1:12-1:26 was a nice touch. I would have liked for the the source tune to be reprised once more at the end though.

14. Rexy, Hetcenus - Beneath the Ashes

Yet another impressive piano track. A great, original arrangement, yet it never strays too far from the original.

15. Kanjika - The Secluded Stronghold

HOLY SHIT. WOW. Did you hear that thunk? It was the sound of my jaw hitting the floor. This track is easily my favorite on the project. It completely blows every other interpretation of this song I've ever heard out of the water.

16. Kanjika - Breathtaking Vision

MY GOD, ANOTHER? Breathtaking indeed!

17. BrainCells, SnappleMan - Scrambled Eggman

Another awesome guitar track from the likes of BrainCells and SnappleMan. Nice breakdown at 1:39.

18. Joker - Before the Storm

I'm not sure what's on the go in this one. I can hear the Death Egg source, but I'd like to hear more of it.

19. SnappleMan - Malicious Fingers

My favorite of the SnappleMan tracks on the project. I like the new drum track that's been added since the version you sent me a while back. It, and everything else in this version, sounds much more polished. I miss the synth that was in the older one at 2:13-onward though, and the current version lacks some of the interchanging guitar/synth sections that I liked so much in the old version. That being said, the new synth solo at 3:54 makes up for it in spades.

20. SnappleMan, Ashane, norg - The Doomsday

Clever intro, I like it. It's about time there was a decent Doomsday remix, and this trio did it excellently... well, almost. Everything goes fine until the 2:07 mark; it seems as if the track was spliced at that point, and the change is a bit jarring. I think it would of worked better if the new section was introduced in under the static at 1:53. I also would have liked to hear the source again in the ending.

21. Red Tailed Fox - So Long and Thanks for All the...

...fish? I'm not sure if I like that 'squeaking'. It kind of detracts from the song in my opinion. I also would have liked to hear more of the synth at 1:13 in other places in the song. Otherwise, a great arrangement.

22. chthonic - Red Sphere, Blue Sphere

Pretty sweet work, chthonic. I like the instrument choices, especially at 2:15-2:32.

23. Rexy - Schumacher's Bar

Again, nice work including other themes into the arrangement. I didn't really like the source that much, but this track is pretty good.

24. Ross Kmet - Momentary Standstill

Although I'm not all that fond of the intro, things pick up at 2:07.

25. Ichitootah - Helium Stairways

I was expecting a more... faster paced take on this one. Nice work nonetheless, it's one of my favorites on the project.

26. Hetcenus - Ivory Gadget

Yet another stunning piano arrangement from Hetcenus. I'm looking forward to hearing more of your work in the future.

27. Joker - Heat Blur

I like this one a bit more than your take on the Death Egg track. I would have liked to hear the 3:05 section earlier in the track, before it started to fade out.

28. jmr - Eternal Excavation

meh. This one should have been a lot better. Oh well.

29. Rayza - Groove Basin [WIP]

Why? Why did your hard drive have to crash? Even in it's unfinished state, this is one of my favorite tracks on the project. ...Are you sure this was the latest version? I can remember a slightly longer version that didn't simply cut out at the end.

30. AkumajoBelmont - Water on the Dancefloor [WIP]

Will this one ever get finished? It's pretty good!

31. Hadyn - Heads Up for Tails

An excellent track, although it seems a little repetitive at times. I like the strings at 2:20.

32. Kanjika - Stranger to Closure [WIP]

Again, wow. I'd like to see this one completed as well. I'm a sucker for good orchestral arrangements.

33. GaMeBoX - Ice Cap 4 Life [WIP]

I liked this one much more than your other tracks on the project, GaMeBoX. It seems different enough from the multitude of other Ice Cap remixes out there, I'd like to see this one brought to completion.

34. Kanjika - Hydrochill [WIP]

Very nice work, yet another track that's worth pursuing.

35. Xenon Odyssey - Lava Passion [WIP]


The quality of this project is undeniable. There's enough variety here that it can be enjoyed by pretty much everybody. There are few tracks with room for improvement, but even those tracks are still pretty damn awesome.

Nice work on the web design, Hadyn and BLueberry.

I'll comment on the artwork when it's released.

A big thank you to all involved in this project. I feel honored to be included on the same album as you guys.

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This is the Sonic project to end all Sonic projects. Jesus Christ, I almost wept in Kanjika's tracks, and the Braincell's tracks made my neck hurt from headbanging. This shit is SU-FUCKING-PERB.

BTW, I have a siterip of the demo site that s2b made at one point, so lemme know if anyone wants it :o

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