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OCRA-0008 - Sonic 3 & Knuckles: Project Chaos


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I don't review as a rule, but as a longtime fan of the blur, I have several thoughts.

One, of course, is that I'm sorry I missed out; I will keep an eye out for any future projects dealing in Sonic music... I'd love to be considered.

I count this as a triple album, because a whole CD's worth of extra songs, especially more than in each of the main volumes, almost defeats the purpose of the phrase "bonus tracks." :wink:

The number of tracks done in piano and in electric guitars is not an issue in itself (helluva nice display of chops in both), but from a mastering standpoint (mostly the second disc, and I'm aware of the track order closely following that of the game), similar songs sequenced together in an album could become a bit of a blur.

The guitars, however, are a standout, as well as "Knuckleduster" and GaMeBoX's programming.

Excellent project, everyone.

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GaMeBoX's programming.

Ouch, that doesnt ring to well in my ears.... (btw, my account is now functional again..) Just to make one thing clear here, the only thing that is programmed in my songs (not including icecap4life though, thats a real oldie) are the drums... The rest is 100% hand played, including the pitchstick on the synth etc. Anyways, glad you like the sound of it :)

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Robotnik Radio and Three Ring Nightfall took me by surprise! Thanks to both of you for taking on such difficult source tunes and turning out great music. Also, I really like RTF's rendition of the credits. Good stuff.

Of course, Walk on Water, Knuckleduster, Malicious Fingers, and the Secluded Stronghold are also some of my very favorites. Great stuff all around.

EDIT: One thing, for the wikipedia entry for Project Chaos shouldn't it display the Project Chaos artwork instead of the Sonic 3 and Knuckles logo?

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The last time I saw spire's cover art, it still had the non-final track names for Kanjika's tracks, and I don't know if hobo's version is still around. In case any of them has made a final version, I think everyone would appreciate if they posted them here.

I guess it's better to wait for that, so we don't waste time uploading an outdated version.

EDIT: I've just uploaded the logo from the front page of the website... at least it's better than the game logo...

Also, which one is the "official" one? (if not both)

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About that cover art,

Not only have I finally returned (yeah I'm terribly sorry to everybody about the wait!! :cry: ), but I've also completed the artwork and already sent in the final version (with a completed track list) and thumbnails to Blueberry on Sunday. So it should be available any time now.

I really wish I was around during the release but that just did not work out. Still, I am to blame for not regularly checking my PMs here on the site during that time. So for that I'd like to convey my apologies to everybody!

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I'll be putting the cover art online in the next few hours (I still have a bunch of exams during the next few weeks).

About the "itunes fix", I haven't put those online as the pack linked here was badly reencoded (why the sudden bitrate enhancement? how?), the filenames were changed, and the tracks were actually stretched by 40-50%, at least in my VNC and iTunes (under MacOSX).

I tested the old tracks again, and they worked fine in every player I tried.

Since I haven't got much time, and re-uploading everything is somewhat painful (create an archive + album = 400 MB, to 6 mirrors - not long though), if someone hands me a proper reencode of the tracks, I'll upload them right away (after getting the approval from snappleman or another project director).

EDIT: I just saw I was credited on that wikipedia entry. If you want it right, just put "BLueBeRRy" (and I'm Pierre Capillon, by the way).

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Hello again,

Album art is available here :


Thanks to Spire.

Current stats over the first week after release (4 mirrors out of 7) :

HTTP transfert: 453 GB

BT transfert: 189 GB

Website only (flash+php): 49 GB (56 GB between flash teaser launch and project release)

30373 visits / 757261 hits since release.

Does not include people accessing the website trough an ISP proxy.

By country:

USA (45%), France (25%), UK (9%), Canada (5%)

1-5% : Australia, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, South Korea.

Others: 8%

These figures do not include three mirrors: KyleJCRB, AR33.com & FastFeet Media.

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France (25%)

Heh, wouldn't have expected that.

Me neither. We don't have CarboHydroM or mv or anyone like that on the project, so what gives? :P

Either way, many of these tracks have made their way to my iPod for great listening. After many intense listens I've grown to love much of the material. Prime picks from Disk 1 have included Walk on Water, Knuckleduster and Three Ring Nightfall (holy cow Hadyn, this is a jump up from you in terms of quality O.O), and from Disk 2 I'd say Live at the Sandopolis, Breathtaking Vision and Scrambled Eggman are great to absorb. Disc 3, of course, had bonus material to cover but was worthwhile for Red Sphere, Blue Sphere and Ivory Gadget (this track, of course, being Hetcenus's audition into the Dragon Warrior project if you want to know - great to hear it was finally revealed to the public).

Man, I love you guys :D

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I found most of the album to be near perfect - with the tracks keeping part of the original songs, while arranging them in ways very pleasing to the ear.

The only 2 tracks I wasn't a fan of were the ones for Ice Cap and Lava Reef. I don't mean any offense to the artists that arranged the tracks, but frankly I found them to be boring, and I really did become drowsy in the middle of the Ice Cap arrangement. While I can objectively see they were as well done as the other pieces, I personally can't find myself to like them.

But again, that's just my personal opinion. I want to thank each and every person who worked on the album in getting it released. You've all ensured that the frequent traveling I'll be doing will be accompanied by some excellent music. A batch of karma cookies for each of you!

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Hey Omatic.

Why not focus on highlighting the one or two tracks you liked most instead of the two you didnt like so much. Now youre only spreading bad energy. Everybody will not always like everything anyways, we all know that allready. So in the end, this really doesnt say much about your musical taste or anything.

I was hoping I wouldn't come off as too negative, but I guess I did. I really don't mean to spread any negativity, but at the same time I guess I shouldn't only say what I didn't like, so I hope to fix that here. Thanks for checking me, Gamebox.

Anyway, to me the most memorable remixes were the Hydrocity remix, the Marble Garden remix, and the Sandopolis remix , so I'd have to say those were my favorite. They were upbeat and implemented various instruments well. I also can say that the boss music remix was a very cool turn from what I thought it might be.

As a side note, I listened to the album throughout the day on my MP3 player, so I can't recall the track names and the artists associated with each.

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While we're on the subject of bad energy...

Man, this blows. I was really looking forward to this week's podcast, the project being one of the reasons and my venture to Video Games Live in London being another. I don't know which of the project personnel caused the podcast to take a break, but you've just crushed whatever spirit I had when I woke up this morning. Thank you. :cry:

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... of the three people who had a hand in the projects' direction...

KFC, Snappleman, Rexy, and myself. I might not be a mathematical genius, but isn't that four?

Zircon pm'd me yesterday whilst I was at work; sadly I haven't had a chance to check OCR until tonight, which explains my absence from any interviews. Plus, you know, I live in Australia. But yeah, that sucks about the lack of a podcast =(

Oh, and Rexy; cheers for your comment on my carnival night track. I'm glad you think I've improved =D

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Feel free to flame me all to hell if you're being consistently bugged about this, but have the fixed bonus tracks been uploaded yet? I tried using the originals in iTunes and they didn't work, obviously. I tried saving them again in Goldwave, and Goldwave froze on me. I downloaded the fixed files from Sendspace and edited the snapping at the beginning out with Adobe Audition, and resaved them. But they won't import into iTunes, as in, I can't even add them to the library. So have any official fixed files been put up yet?

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