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OCR00029 - Alex Kidd in Miracle World "Sugar High"

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Alex Kidd in Miracle World 'Sugar High'

This was my first ReMix submitted to this fantastic site. I saw that DJP was a Sega fanboy (as am I) so I figured he'd take quick notice to this.... and he did! He quickly posted it and sent me a check for $1,000, which I feel that everyone should do. :) OK so he didn't do that. This is a decent mix, I think. It shouldn't blow you away and you shouldn't run away screaming, either. I added a string section towards the middle to change things up a bit, otherwise it it the main Alex Kidd melody with far superior instruments than those used in the Sega Master System and Sega Genesis versions of the game.

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This mix reminds me a little too much of the Gold Saucer from FF7... it's not quite as loud and seizure-inducing as that tune, but the feel is kinda similar. This is from WAAAAAAAAAY back when, in the days of yore, so its quality can't really measure up to the standards these days; the software (I'm not trying to diss vocalwriter, really!) just wasn't the same then. This mix won't dazzle and it won't astound, but it's not to bad, a fairly solid piece of OCR history. Give it a try.

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Very catchy and bubbly. It does sound a lot like the original with better instruments (as was stated). I can see a group of kids running around a playground as this song starts. It's like something right out of Kids Incorporated or The Mickey Mouse Club from the late 80's.

My only complaint? It should be longer. Around 2:30 or so. I would love to get an extended version of this.

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Comment to this song:



<Frash> !!!

<Frash> SHUT IT!

<Frash> SHUT IT




* Frash screams




(song finishes)

<Frash> awwwwwwwww....

<Frash> Finished

* ^^SK^^ sicceth thy Holy Lord upon Frash's unclean soul, wiping his very existance from thy mortal realm with thy divine weapons of utter horrific destitution. And verily the Lord did speak; "Burn In Hell You Fool"

Commet finished.

I hope I'll be still alive when I'll click the "Submit" button...


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Man, it startled me. I wasn't expecting something so friggin' happy. Aaaahh.... errr, eeesh.... damn, that's happy. It kinda hurts my negativity. Errrr.... make it stop. I mean, I just see balloons and balloons. I hate the circus. Clowns scare the crap out of me. Ferris wheel thrice 'round, please. No.

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This is so happy it's sickening. Bleh.

That being said, the fact that I can't stand it doesn't mean it's bad. A VERY happy setting, drums that drive the mix (they do get a bit repetative), and some decent strings. Overall, the sounds are old, and the melody's too much for me, but at the time it was probably a pretty decent mix.

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Of course, this just reminds us that we need more Alex Kidd. On the site, in our mp3 players, on our videogame consoles and in our lives in general. Although, maybe not this track specifically.

The strings are the only thing that save this. That, and the obvious nostalgia factor. Things get somewhat muddled, and the entire thing creaks with age, but bleh. At the very least it is good soundtrack material for reminiscing about the old days when this mix was considered 'cutting edge?'.

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Seven seconds to start... unforgivable :P


Once it gets going, this is a cute little rendition of a naturally happy little tune. Sort of reminds me of a holiday, winter jam, not sure if that was intentional at all. But yeah it's kind of just a cover with nicer instruments. Not super impressive but it's nice to see Alex Kidd get some love. 

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR00029 - Alex Kidd in Miracle World "Sugar High"

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