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OCRA-0003 - Sonic the Hedgehog 2: Hedgehog Heaven


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heh, I downloaded the torrent and I must say I'm glad, because its better than what I expected.

My personal favorites (in no particular order):

Snyderman - Chemical Reaction

Sadorf - aquatic project

Jayson Litrio - Hill Top Heaven

Analoq - Oil Spill

Analoq - Next My generation

Hadyn - Travelling Through a Dream

Blak Omen - SuperSonic Ska

Jonathon Striker - Casino Jazz Club

Richter - Radio Reluts (LMAO that was helluva fun!)

I liked how there was a good mixture of diferent genres, although I think that the jazzy and funky songs prevailed. hell, even my song has some touches of jazz. Anyways, this was nice. And again , Nice Work.

I TOTALLY LOVE YOU I thought nobody liked my mix ;_;

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I only have tracks 1-9, and SuperSonicSka. I agree, it is cool. Not the best, but you did a good job on a 10 second original song :P.

So far, only analoq's two songs are lovable, and Chemical Reaction is another cool one, but the rest I have are not for me. I stilled haven't found out how Project Aquatic is like Aquatic Ruins. House of Cards (The original Casino Night Zone is my favorite of the game) is very interest, hard to desipher from its original, but it gives it a carnival feel. The rest are not the best.

I honestly don't hate them, or think they suck (And some songs take a couple of days before that 'awesome' factor kicks in for me) but I think it could have been much better. I think the project is still a success either way.

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Well, after having my little tagalong's dance of joy, I suppose I should give a proper review now that I've listened to HH a couple of times through. Is there going to be, as someone mentioned, a regular feedback thread like there is for RotC? And you can link it to the HH pages?

In any event, here 'tis:

Faves: Chemical Reaction, Hill Top Heaven, Next My Generation, Casino Jazz Club, Robeatnik's Theme, Sonik Caves

Congratulations on doing the first Chemical Plant remix that I really like. The original song is my baby, and I've heard nobody do it right except Snyderman. Super Sonic Ska was a great solution to a tough task--remixing Super Sonic--and comes out having fun. Props to Jason Litrio making Hill Top no longer annoying, but actually quite friendly to my ears. Of course Next My Generation kicks, and Casino Jazz Club provides something cool that finalizes this album.

I wish that there wasn't so much of an electronic feel to some parts of Hedgehog Heaven. Kong in Concert achieved that, and it shines for it. Tracks 1 through 7 of HH (beside some others), however, are a lot of computer music broken only by the breath of fresh air that Hill Top Heaven brings in. The songs sound good and are well-made, but it sometimes feels like too much electricity and too many binary numbers.

I would have done Is This The End? differently. Nice sound, but it toes the line of the original too much, and it doesn't take advantage of the original moods as I would have liked it to.

I stand by my earlier statement, though: "Hedgehog Heaven kicks ass." Good job, mates.

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One or two good songs in this whole arrangement.

All in all, I think these songs didn't do the GREAT soundtrack of Sonic 2 justice. ESPECIALLY Mystic Cave Zone. That was my favorite track from the game, and it sounded awful ont his. It's a shame these remixes didn't come out better.

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Selected track assessment:

1. Emerald Nights: Good mix. Nothing really special, but enjoyable.

2. Chemical Reaction: Good, but not my favorite of this excellent track. That title actually goes to Chemical Overdose, Musically Inspired's WIP, followed by Chemical Juice from Jivemaster.

3. Aquatic Project: Great stuff here. In a way very similar to Rayza's Sonic 1 Green Hill Euroclub Remix, I find myself unconciously dancing along with this track more or less every time I hear it.

4. House of Cards: Also great stuff. I like how everything sounds (or is) off-beat.

5. Hill Top Heaven: Disappointing, but good. This was probably my favorite track on the game, and I was hoping for something a little more fast-paced and rolickling than laid-back groove. It works, and works well, but it isn't the way I would've done it (assuming that I was able to remix anything instead of just play instruments).

6. Cavern Escape: I'm sorry for bluntness here, but I really do not like this track at all. Beatdrop's Stripmine is far more to my liking.

7. Oil Spill: Great job. I love when the drums come in around 0:30, harmonic chords that start around 3:40. Very well done.

8. Next My Generation: Easily my favorite track on the entire project. Wow. I was singing this bassline/melody in my head all day for about a week after I first heard it.

9. Robeatnik's Theme: Second favorite on the project. Love the swing on the melody and the beat. Great work.

Good project overall; some tracks are disappointing, but Next My Generation, Robeatnik, Oil Spill, and Aquatic Project take up the slack in a big way.

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I've been listening to the CD 3 days straight when it first came out. I should come here and tell my appreciation at least.

Although the CD in general didn't make me go WOAH! as i expected, i'm still enjoying it. I'd first like to congratulate all the new remixing figures that took part in the project. You're not veterans, but the fact that you've been able to make a remix that got accepted on a project is probably an honor for you :D As for older/more experienced remixers, you still did a great job as always, and you already have more than enough in kudos from other listeners.

To everyone, great job into creating and finishing this project. I'm more or less curious of what the new faces from HH will sound like in a year from now, with the experience you'll aquire. Don't be discouraged by how some found the project to be bad (or to suck in less good words), this isn't a project created by veteran remixers only, like they were expecting.

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Wow just wow, I know its been mention so many times, but so what I need to express myself. I want to give the biggest thanks to you Richter and everybody involve in this project. Every track is awesome and very different from each other, and Richter the Hedgehog Heaven site was the special touch to it, I love how you set up the site.

Also showing what tools you made to make the site,

you have influence me more to learn about web development. As always the remix music on the Sonic 2 project gets me going to do my own remix music. Again thanks folks for doing the music in Sonic 2 project and to Richter for setting it up, manging and not givng up on it.Peace

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This collection is incredible. Sonic The Hedgehog 2 is my fifth favorite game of all time, and this collaboration does the soundtrack justice and then some. Every song is excellent, there's no break in the quality, it's just fantastic remixing the whole way through. My thanks and praise goes out to everyone who was involved with this project.

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Also showing what tools you made to make the site, you have influence me more to learn about web development.

Cool I'm always happy to hear about people interested in web standards. If everybody would stick to 'em, my job would be way easier 8)

Thanks for all the great praise everybody! Though VGF may not want us, I'm being interviewed about Hedgehog Heaven on April 13th, 10:30AM on a radio show in San Luis Obispo, California, called Unforgiving Edges. It's a somewhat new show, and doesn't yet have a website or stream, but I'll be getting an mp3 of the show and will post in on the site sometime later in the month. If anybody in the Californa area can tune in, please do! ... heh, I guess it would be good to know what frequency it's on... anyway, more to come.

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I am gald to have been a part of the project with my one track thats short and not outstanding but has completed the CD. To be honest, I don't care for all of the tracks too much, but one of the greatest things that I love about the project is not so much the quality, but that it encouraged people to complete the project by doing remixes to songs that haven't been touched as well as putting out better remixes that previously weren't done. analoq OilSpill (track 7) is awesome and I am so amazed by it. I'm also glad to find hilltop zone remix, which the original sounded so synth country, and radio results (track 20) brings a nice touch by adding imagination and yet leaving it simple though long. I'm actually happy to see all of the sonic 2 themes have at least one remix now, and I hope to see the same results with future game product. torrent these files guys. If they aren't all to your liking, try replacing tracks with what you like, but now you can finally have your own sonic 2 remix CD.

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I'm being interviewed about Hedgehog Heaven on April 13th, 10:30AM on a radio show in San Luis Obispo, California, called Unforgiving Edges.

Woops, show's called Press Start. Anyway, for anyone that cares, here's that: MP3 - 28MB


Woah.. I just listened... and... MY NAME GOT MENTIONED ON A RADIO SHOW... :lol:

Haha... glad you guys like my artwork...

EDIT: 100th post...

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