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holy crap, i'm engaged!

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i'll keep that in mind, pixie.

like i said, this is summer 08 stuff that we're talking about, but i'm up by the great lakes, in buffalo ny.

she's got a 1/3 carat marquise diamond ring, 14k gold. it's all i could afford, but she's so tiny (think smaller than jill) that it looks great.

i told her i wanted to have ocr kids in before the wedding and hopefully at the ceremony, and she asked me if 'those types of people are who i want to be partying with in my last day as a single man'. i pointed out i don't really have any friends to hang out with anyways, and she laughed and said she wanted to meet everyone. i'm worried for her, with some of you.

Anyone else catch that? Nice one. :)

while bahamut's right, THIS is why you all aren't allowed to be around after the wedding thing. receptions are expensive, but i want to get some funk on with me wife. she likes DHS's Human Race mix for the first song after i carry her in over the vestibule.

i love how everyone on my projects has come in and said something =) i have the best friends that i've never met. except for pixie, bahamut and gt, so far.

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as of 4:25 EST today, i got engaged =)

so, today was the second anniversary of me meeting her. so, we were talking about that on the way back to my room, and she mentioned that she had just gotten a late valentines day gift for me (a book). i said i had something for her too, and she had to close her eyes and hold out her hands. she did, and i put the ring on her finger and asked, "will you marry me?"

she was so totally surprised, and said yes (of course). so, now i'm engaged. OCR meetup before/at my wedding (NOT AFTER), sometime in summer of '08.

i'd post a picture, but i don't have any good ones uploaded right now.


Win. You are a lucky man. Congratulations and may it last forever.
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