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New TMNT Movie

Atomic Dog

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Drawing from Rotten Tomatoes, TMNT currently scores a mere 29%. One might think that bodes ill for this film but let's put things into perspective here.

The original Live action movie scored in total a 36%

Turtles 2 scored only a 20%

Turtles 3 scored a 29%

As far as the critic consensus collected on RT, TMNT is par for the course. So, anyone leery about seeing this film due to what the critics have to say, realize, they didn't like the original films either, and those are much beloved by fans.

I plan to catch TMNT this weekend and I'll post my own critique afterwards.


TMNT 3 beat..TMNT 2?

What...the fuck.

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Arek "left" here, but he's supposedly posting on Remod now. I believe he made a rather large post about wanting to continue being there.

Yeah, he posts quite a bit in Remod. He didn't want to continue posting here because he shares most former unmodders' TOTAL HATRED of certain judges and mods.

Ah well. I do think OCR and Unmod are better off being completely separate.

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That was Arek's title. Blame him. Didn't he quit the evil interwebs anyway?

You're not the first "victim". That's very ego-centric. And yes, we are mad with pow4r. You knew this already.

As for that movie...

olol someone told me about larrys post so decided to comment

i quit offtop, as can be seen. still doing tourny thread and mww, but easyp is taking over tourny thread after this so ya.

plus i had to make thread cause i liked movie probably due to the fact that we had a sweet crowd go. you guys wont have said crowd more than likely so you wont like said movie nearly as well.

sucks for you

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I thought it was a pretty decent movie. I think it has room for a sequel considering the open ending of the movie (though sadly, Mako won't be present to provide Splinter's voice). just listen to the last line Karai has in the movie and you can get the feeling you're going to be seeing some familiar faces. Of course...from what they seem to hint at, they may end up facing Shredder yet again.

But who knows.

Also, note, if anyone's on X-Box Live, they've had the original arcade version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles up for download for a while now, and believe me, it's true to its original arcade glory days. So download it and enjoy (demo is free, but you need points for the full game).

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I don't know if my standards are lower from having watched Hollywood wreck virtually every franchise they've touched from comic books to video games over the past decade or so, but I thought it was fantastic, both as a film and as part of a franchise.

The only glaring issues I had with it were that it was too short, and April O'Neal has been totally overhauled with no explanation despite the fact it attempts to be in complete continuity with the other films. It's barely an hour and a half long, and while it doesn't feel rushed, I think about another 10-15 minutes spread out would've helped. As for April...I guess it's because she's April the Vampire Slayer (if you don't get it, check the VA) she's now almost as badass as her turtle companions.

But yeah, good film. Watch for the subtle homages too. I don't know if anyone else caught it, but at one point they show the full moon with the wispy cloud in front of it, just like how the cartoon/video game used to open up.

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I also feel this movie did an outstanding job of making up for, not only lost time but for the 3rd movie above all else haha.

It was great and fun... the story seems deeper and more involved... I noticed some people complaining elsewheere 'cus there wasn't more action... uhh it's called developing a story ><;

I woulda like to have seen it a 'lil darker but this was great... I'll totally be getting this on DVD and I'm looking foward to its sequal

Is anyone else kinda pissed that Don gets like 4 lines during the entire movie, and Mike is only occasional comic relief?

They didn't even really show either of them fighting at the end.

Yeah yeah yeah clash between Leo and Raph see also: all other TMNT movies.

Don's my favourite so I felt a 'lil cheated from more Don time... but atleast when he WAS on screen it was good

And this Raph and Leo fight was a bit more then what we seen in the previous movies

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