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tl;dr: genre stuff wasn't used before because genre snobs would then not listen to the many cool mixes that weren't in their preferred genre.

You could try to use this off-site resource to create playlists and work out of those. I gave it a quick try with an artist-sorted iTunes library, which didn't work. They playlist can be drag-n-dropped or otherwise imported into iTunes, but ends up empty.

The playlist file is just a list of the filenames for the tracks. Dunno how up to date it is, at what stage the tagging project is, if iTunes or more recent naming conventions screw with the filenames, or it can be conveniently converted to something that takes different music library organization schemes into account.

Or perhaps importing the m3u from a directory full of shortcuts to the files works?

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As I recall, this was discussed in the past... I'll see if I can find the thread and link it to you (although it might be somewhere in the Ask a Judge thread).

EDIT: Found it: http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=9889&highlight=genre

thank you for answering!

ouch, 18 pages :S I go throught the thread and the answer is their is no need for, you can ask the forum members? :S that is definitely not a good solution : /


Thanks for answering

I actually don't understand what you writting about :mrgreen: but sorting by artists is not very helpful i think :S


Thanks for answering

Are all remixes in this forum?? your just the discussed ones?

btw I do know a thread for searching of Genre, to test that solution...

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Most of what I said makes sense if you're using the link I gave you to create m3u playlists and attempt to import them into iTunes. If not, ignore it. :)

While on this topic, iTunes seem to wanna sort ocr tracks with the new id3 tags into a single itunes media/music/compilations/http___ocremix.org (on mac). Once the entire ocr database is updated and ppl use files with the new tags, a script that does this could probably be added to Kieran's thing. Or ppl could just open the m3u files and search&replace all new lines with new line and whatever parts of the locator are needed.

idunno, Larry, Dave, Kieran, whoever.

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Sorry if this has been suggested before, but would it be possible to get a genre tag for the different ReMixes? It would probably be a lot of work to add them, and I bet it would be difficult to classify certain songs, be they unique, multi-genre, or what have you. Perhaps the ReMixers themselves could choose a genre(s) upon submission? Alternatively, perhaps mixes could be searched by features, like specific tempos, vocals, etc. But anyway, it would be cool to get a list of all piano covers, rap songs, metal mixes, etc.

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If you click search along the bar above the forums (its in between "Calendar" and "New Posts") you can Search by Tag. The threads for remix reviews / comments are all tagged with various features, such as "metal" and "vocals" and the like. It would be cool if you could search in the top right for genre or tag and go straight to the song instead of the remix thread, but its at least possible to do on the forums.

*EDIT - Older remixes are not tagged however. I'm not sure what point they started adding in the tags.

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You might look into this thread for further info. Or this one.

My understanding is - short version - they were avoiding doing anything of the sort for the longest time because they thought it would encourage people who might otherwise be unwilling to give dubsteb, or electronica, or orchestral, or whatever kinds of music a chance, to listen to everything. You know, if you can't search by "death metal" then you have to go through song by song, and might discover a chill techno piece, or cool spaghetti western, as you went that you otherwise would've never bothered to look for.

Dunno what the current staff thoughts on the matter are now, though.

EDIT: Whoops - looks like Amph beat me to it while I was finding the other two threads, and with more updated information than what I had. Go with what he said. :razz:

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