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How about simply tagging the file? So that after you download it you can sort your play lists according to genre. I realize I can do it myself (and I'm trying lol) ...it's just tough now that I'm 500 ish songs into OCremix ^_^

For those songs that don't fit, simply leave as Game Remix, because I see that as a perfectly acceptable genre in itself.

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How about simply tagging the file? So that after you download it you can sort your play lists according to genre. I realize I can do it myself (and I'm trying lol) ...it's just tough now that I'm 500 ish songs into OCremix ^_^

For those songs that don't fit, simply leave as Game Remix, because I see that as a perfectly acceptable genre in itself.

No. :lol:


We're not gonna tag the files with different genres. "Game".

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Hmm - one thing I have noticed recently is that the 'instrumental' tag page only ever has 500 remixes on it -- no more. I think there must be a LIMIT 500 somewhere in the SQL?


For example, 'Mega Man 3 Magnet Missles' (http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=22452) is not currently visible on the instrumental tag page, even though it's tagged as instrumental.

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Is there any way to sort tunes by genre on OCR? I ask because I think it might not be an all-bad idea. Say you're looking for house music, or acoustic, or whatever - the way things are now, if you want to see if there's a popular song in your preferred style (say, Gerudo Valley), you have to click on all of them. I don't know if that's intentional (so as to force everyone to listen to all the songs until they hit one in the style they want), and I'd be more than willing to compile a list of genres and tunes that fit them. I'm not sure what sort of genres we'd want, or if anyone could work with me so as to create a consensus of sorts: hence, this thread.

Right now, I have this list:


- House

- Trance

- Ambient

- Experimental

- Downbeat

- Drum 'n' Bass (DnB)

[not sure whether dance should go in, too]


- Chamber

- Orchestral

- Live Solo - Piano

- Live Solo - Other

- A Cappela

[here, I'm stuck. Romantic/Baroque - do we have enough baroque tunes to distinguish?]


- Classic sound

- Guitar - Sheddage (I don't know a better word for this)

- Folk Rock

- Heavy Rock

- [Metal]

[debating sticking metal in here. Thoughts?]


[no categories yet; does this even need any categories?]

Would such a thing be wanted? And, if so, I'm willing to set to work on it, but if anyone's interested in giving me a hand and/or giving me some genres to work with, let me know.

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It's not about finding some one arsed enough to spend that time doing so, it simply won't happen. There've been a few threads before suggesting similar ideas and all were met with a big, fat, no; not without good reason.

Just trying to save you the trouble and time you could have spent better upon. Like trying to beat my highscores on Gradius V or something. :lol:


Why pigeon hole all the tracks into genres when they can all be a surprise when you listen to them..?

At the very least, all the tracks have an opportunity to entertain some one who'd not likely hear it in the first place had it been plopped into a genre section.

However, certain games often get certain types of music, or at least most recognizable. Final Fantasy often get classical and rock, Megaman rock and some metal with electronica ect.

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This list would be far too long and subjective for there to really be a complete list on here. There are at least 100 different styles of electronica alone, let alone the tons of various styles of latin rhythms and whatnot that could be on there.

Not to mention metal. Oh God, I could think of millions. (which, by the way, shouldn't be under rock.)

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That's why I organize my music only using eight broad genres:





Folk (incl. Jazz/Blues)



Indie Pop

Haha, well, uhh...

I like how indie and indie pop are their own separate categories from both each other and the main rock/pop categories...

But Folk and Jazz are grouped together... and they're about as polar opposite as it gets.

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I love how it

aggressive album ambient angry bass brass cello chill chiptune cinematic classical collab compo dark duet electronica ethnic flute folk funk funky goofy guitar happy hip-hop industrial instrumental jazz latin live recording lyrics mellow metal new age orchestral organ piano pop rapping rock romantic sad sax sexy singing solo strings synth synths trance vibes violin vocal vocals winds world
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Oh, wow...d'oy. Not the greatest tags in the world, to be honest. 'Cello'? 'Sexy'? Didn't know they were there.

What's wrong with either of those?

Also, I put this here because I merely airing the idea as a possibility. Mea culpa. Sorry about that.

If you're airing an idea specifically about the site, it belongs in Site Issues & Feedback.

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We've talked about tags several times in this forum, and we hope to make it better in the future. Right now, the first 1000 mixes or so are not tagged save for a few, and complex searching is impossible. I know djp's plan is to eventually make the tags a bigger part of the site, and at least make searching by tag more prominent and more complex. I'd love for a remix to show you similar remixes. If you check out codebeard's site, he's already set up something similar to that using the tags we've applied.

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i dont know if this goes under feedback or request but is there really no way to search genres?.youd think it would be obvious considering theres 2000+ songs.:???:and alot of these songs sound good even when you dont know the game its remixed from. if there is a genre optionn i just didnt see it please point it out. i dont mind looking stupid:-D:ocrgreen:

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After mostly lurking around on the site for just over a year, I really have only one request for the site: the ability to search mixes by genre. I know that this might be difficult to implement (what with having to go through around 2000 songs and classifying each one), but I think it would be worth the effort in the end. By having a genre search, it would be easier to find songs in styles that one likes, rather than the current system of random chance, stumbling across songs in the Russian ReMix Roulette or by random browsing.

My rough idea of how this would work is that each song would be given two "main" genres, e.g. Electronic and Orchestral. Then, each song could be given a set of secondary genres, such as Dance, Jazz, Latin, Ethnic, etc. Genres would most likely be assigned by the judges or djpretzel, dedpending on who reviews and posts the mix. From a layout standpoint, my first instinct says that on the page of search results, the one or two main genres would be listed on the right side, along with the post date. Secondary genres could be viewed on the ReMix detail page (along with the main genres), and could link to each genre's Genre page (like the pages for individual systems, ReMixers, and composers). It seems impractical to me for the search box on the front page to have a Search by Genre feature, because there would be a set list of genres; however, I like the idea of having a Browse Genres button beneath the search box that links to a page listing all the genres. (Unfortunately, this would make it hard to search for songs in two categories, such as if I wanted to only see songs that are both Dance AND Jazz.)

Secondary genres could be the same as main genres (meaning, for example, that Jazz could be used either as a main genre OR as a secondary genre) or they could be a separate set, although I think the former is a better system of classification. If the first system is used, it would probably settle into a pattern similar to the second system, with certain genres being used mainly for main genres and others being used mainly as secondary genres, but the first system leaves open more possibilities.

Here's my rough list of genres (in no particular order):

  • Orchestral
  • Electronic
  • Acoustic
  • Vocal / Choral (might need two separate genres)
  • Ambient
  • Hardcore (= not ambient?)
  • Dance
  • Jazz
  • Funk
  • Chiptune
  • Solo (generally for solo piano mixes)
  • Rock
  • Metal
  • Upbeat
  • Dark (or distorted...? Mazedude might need his own genre...)
  • Ethnic / World
  • Hip-hop/Rap (might be covered by Vocal)

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