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Frustratingly unsubmitted remixes


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What game remixes have you come across on the net that you're frustrated haven't been submitted to OCR for mass consumage? I have a few:

Destiny - Veiled World

It's a remix of the FF9 tracks I love so much, Terra and The Place I'll Return To Someday (Nobuo Uematsu). New-age/tribal/medieval/celtic/something., Around the 3 minute mark there's actually a section based around a fragment of Decision Bell (Hiroki Kikuta) from Seiken Densetsu 3. Not enough to label it as an SD3 remix, but hey, it's there. Just so you know. :)

Every time I hear this one I think of snow for some reason. Awesome, and in the words of the Disneyland adverts - "simply magical!"

Download link: http://www.destiny-hikari.net/palace/Veiled_World2.mp3

Fatty Acid - Madame Balamb


I think this one is either loved or hated. Can you guess which category I fall into?

Zelda Swell Session's Remix

Link (lolz): http://www.myspace.com/swellsession

(just click the swell remix)

Kinda reminds me of Fatty Acid's work. Kotaku linked to it recently and I think it's pretty okay!

Anyone else got unsung favourites?

FAKE EDIT: Sorry if this thread has been posted before, choosing search criteria for the topic was kinda difficult.

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Most remixes I find through ocremix or VGmix, so I don't have a great deal to contribute here.

However, a couple of years ago I came across Peddler's Tune's take on the Scumm Bar theme from Escape from Monkey Island:


Of course, I don't see this ever getting submitted or accepted, as it's a medley featuring the scumm bar theme as just the base of it. But still, I think it deserves a little bit of attention.

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songs besides madame balamb:

Unsubmitted due to Submission Violations:

Timeless Hero by Luiza

Suicide for Two Pianos by Bladiator

virt lol

Unsubmitted for I have no idea why:

Linear Groove by chthonic (YES I'M STILL LOOKING AT YOU CHTH)

JAZZ PIANO by Shnabubula

Shiny New Ferrari by Luiza

Warrior in my Longjohns by Trenthian

Obsidian Ocarina by Unknown

The Underdog by zyko and po!

The Unforgiving Mist by zyko

Chronicles by Sixto and Geoffrey Taucer (after they tighten it up a bit)

Vector Point Engineering Water Buffalo by Prophecy

La Hora es Tarde by housethegrate

Norfair Tenement Blues by Neskimos

ROBOTS vs. The BS Samurai by Mellogear

The Ness Shot by Joshua Morse

Medical Insurance by Joshua Morse

Winters & Morse by Joshua Morse

Peaceful Bean by Joshua Morse

Everything else unsubmitted by Joshua Morse

Rose of Solemn by Ashane

Oil Spill by analoq

Psi Piano Omega by Shnabubula

that's all I got for now.

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I'm surprised that Stemage hasn't released a lot of his material on here. Also, 'Let The Wind Flow' is probably the best Ninja Gaiden 'remix' that I've heard, but I think Brain Cells left that one for VGmix's well-being.

Some of Analoq's stuff (ahem.. 'I Beat The Game') and a lot of Disco Dan's stuff should be on here.

There are also some really groovy Blaster Master remixes that I remember hearing a while back, but I can't remember who did them.

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Ailsean's Everquest arrangement. Mostly because that game's soundtrack has an absurd amount of overlooked remix potential.


Though, really, considering how obscenely difficult it is to pass through the panel these days, I suspect it would be rejected pretty quickly.

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I'm surprised that Stemage hasn't released a lot of his material on here.

most of his stuff is straight up covers, but one that I really like and is definitely ocr material is phendrana drifts.

let me dig through my collection a little more....


Ailsean was releasing quite a bit through vgmix's second incarnation and in many dod's. many of his mixes are now probably borderline, even Dragon Dreams, which was very well received and won a dod one month. his only significant work that is certainly over the bar would be Trans-Transylvanian Orchestra, a collab he did with Chad Seiter and Victor Lawrence. I do have a special place in my heart for Zelda Sunshine, and now thinking about it, it might have a shot here even though it's pretty light on the arrangement side.

chthonic never submitted Red Sphere, Blue Sphere from the s&k project. Please Let Me Help You (Come Inside) from the fruity loops project was pretty solid too, but it probably falls below the bar.

Love Me All Night Long (D.M. Cruisin') by Dale North and Mustin is adorable and awesome, but I doubt they'll submit.

I have no idea why Darkesword gave The Beautiful Traveler (Starlight Mix) to r:ts instead of ocr.

In the Streets of Fayetteville by Diggi Dis is over the bar and released on the Bad Boys pseudo project.

Ridley's Revenge by Dr. Fruitcake was not very well-received at vgmix, but I actually thought it was far superior to mario's tropical paradise, which was a very similar mix.

Double Tall Chrono Latte by Fatty Acid was very solid and went completely under the radar. It's a departure from his normal style as well, even though it is still very chill.

Planet Oil, a collab between gecko yamori and rayza, wasn't half bad and no one noticed it.

Salutations by Halle-Bopp is an ancient dod entry that got no exposure because the metroid month there was so strong.

Brinstar Minibossa by housethegrate came from the same dod and was similarly overlooked.

israfel submit the rest of your crap for goodness sakes

Welcome Home by Kaijin, another song off Bound Together

Mazedude has a hell of a lot of unsubmitted stuff on his site from the all american project or whatever it was called. I was kinda meh on most of it except glow worm jim, which was mentioned above. was keyz to new junk city submitted? I forgot. if not, that too.

Grapegarden, the "unnamed" arrangment by Neskimos is very good, although a bit drawn out.

Magic Fountain by Nixdorux I felt is better than most of his stuff that made it on here. wait did that make it on here too... I'm confused... and not checking the factuality of my assertions.

moonside meditation by po! never got on here did it?

On Top of Jacob's Latter by Prophecy is a worthy track; as is a collab he did with Prophetess (whoever the hell that is) called Back to the Place I Once Knew

If anyone missed them, make sure to check out Protricity's unsubmitted tracks from Kong in Concert, those being Rare Reminiscence and the unused Plight of Heroes (with vigilante). He also never submitted Tryst with the Enemy, the mix he used as an excuse to show up at vgmix and hack it.

Quinn Fox has about a billion solid mixes from vgmix2 he never sent this way.

Ryan8bit has been pumping out pretty good dod tracks for a while now... MUCH better than anything of his here. My favorite being Forlorn Dream, but since that really isn't my genre, I wouldn't know specifically which to recommend beyond that.

SirNuts hasn't been keeping up with submitting his tracks here. The best of them I know is Interstellar Travelers.

Scott Peeples had a handful of songs he never submitted. The most notable in my opinion was a remake of another inspiration, entitled Reiterated Inspiration. I also thought Decisive Battle and Quies Creperum were very good too.

Shnabubula has an entirely unreleased opus based on Ender's Game, which he once told me was the best music he's ever written. I don't think they are hosted anywhere any longer.

TO has a TON of solid tracks that are borderline here, but you'd probably like them if you enjoy the game's music. Most of them can be found on doulifee's competition hosting.

Final Exam by The Wingless and Vigilante was never submitted for whatever reason. It's on The Wingless's site.

zyko has made about forty three thousand remixes, few of which are actually here. I already mentioned the ones I thought to be most worthy... let me add Perchance to Dream with Waking Eyes and Of Futility and Hope to that list... although obviously they are both like 12 minute songs so he would have to recut them to submit them.

again, this is done with zero fact checking outside of my hazy memory, so if some of this was actually submitted, excuse me.

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