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I'm excerpting from my large post at 1up:

Everything was exactly 100% as I expected. Except for Sam, every single human was

a waste of screen time, Cullen was the shit, and there was plenty of action to offset the

cinematic garbage we all should've seen coming. Overall, excellent popcorn flick. So

much of that film did kick ass, but it was such a LONG, PAINFUL, HIGHLY ANNOYING

trip just to get to all the good stuff. That whole "masturbation" dialogue almost made me

want to walk. This movie could've been 110 minutes, easy.

Yes, it was worth it, and here's my full disclosure, for those who didn't know already:

I'm a true G1 fanboy, and I still watch the original series, NOT out of nostalgia; I still

love, LOVE, the 1986 movie to death, but in all honesty, my opinion it that only

the concept, the characters, and the fact that it was animated well most of

the time kept it from being a pile of crap for the ages. This new flick,

I would say, is actually on par with the '86 film overall, but it only has the concept,

so it's not a keeper. Next time I see it will be a rental at home after I set up my new

home theater.

If I didn't have a coupla buddies with me, I would've stayed during all the credits, but

I asked to stay long enough to catch the cast list. Went too fast for me anyway, but I did

see who did Starscream: Charlie Adler, who is quite the voice talent veteran himself. Some of

you know him as Buster Bunny, as Cow AND as Chicken.

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Took too long for things to really get off the ground, IMO. You're really only introduced to the majority of the Decepticons in time for the big fight in the city.

I'm not quite sure what the fuck they were thinking there: 'Hey, let's take this thing the bad guys are looking for right to a place where there are thousands and thousands of people who can get hurt and/or killed'.

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Okay, one thing to keep in mind: This is not a transformer movie from the perspective of transformers. It's the human side of the transformer wars, a side that was rather downplayed in the series.

...but that side's lame. Especially in a Michael Bay movie.

Eh, I was fairly happy with it, overall. Most of what Jose said is pretty accurate, though I expected a good bit of silly comic schlock anyway, so I just kind of grinned and bore it. My only real regret for the movie is that Optimus should have pwned more. Don't get me wrong, he was a hardass, just not quite on the level I was hoping for, having been a big fan of G1, Beast Wars, and Beast Machines.

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They've already greenlit two sequels. One's due out in 2009. Apparently we may see the Dinobots, Constructicons, and Soundwave who was supposed to be in this movie but got kicked out because they couldn't figure out how to do him properly.

Soundwave was actually turned into Blackout, and Scorponok was originally going to be Ravage. They switched things up a bit in order to not piss off the fans too much.

Frenzy was at one point also considered as Soundwave, but with the changed role he lost that name as well.

Also, as a side note: The movie contains a subtitle error. The tank is referred to as Devastator, but is actually Brawl(See: credits, the toyline) Should be fixed for the home release.

Oh, and if you like Transformers toys, the toyline that goes with the movie is pretty damn awesome. Especially Leader-class Prime, Barricade, Ironhide and Wreckage.

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Honestly, I'm suprised by what everyone has said about the film. I think it's the best movie so far this year (A BILLION times better than Spiderman 3). I have to ask, Why does everyone nitpicking the script? I haven't enjoyed a film like this since Star Wars Episode III. I was very impressed with the film. I don't know all things Transformers like the lineage, mythos, etc., but I enjoyed the film. If some would quit acting like it's such blasphemy for them not to use every single bit of acuracy, you might actually enjoy the film.

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I think the other transformers had to "see" an object first because at that moment, it was imperative that they blend in the environment and have some sort of disguise to get around in. When Megatron was unfrozen, I think he quite frankly doesn't give a fuck about disguise, he just turns into whatever he sees fit and goes straight after the cube. You might notice that the jet doesn't resemble anything human, it's completely alien.

Aside from that, I, too thought this movie was just sensational. Like others have said, I haven't enjoyed a move this much in a LONG time. But then again, I never ended up getting into the Transformers franchise so I didn't have any high hopes in terms of accuracy, the film just completely blew me away.

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Hated it. Sorry, but not even the incredibly impressive and well-done robots could save this film for me. It got mugged down in the horrid human-based storyline. When you can't even root for the main character (who, let's face it, was as shallow as the football player who didn't even play a significant role in the movie), it's hard to keep the wind in those sails.

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Just got back from seeing this.

I thought it was fucking amazing

My only "wtf" moment was when Megatron turned into a jet as soon as he was unfrozen. All the other transformers had to see the object first.

Explanation for this!

Transformers always have an alternate mode, which also affects the way their robot mode looks. As you may have noticed from the scene where the other four Autobots show up, this alternate mode can be modified(Note that they enter in the shape of comets, transform into robots, and go find a suitable alternate mode nearby) The alternate mode is normally modified by scanning something with a similar size. The original G1 cartoon doesn't cover this(Instead the TFs are repaired into their new forms) but other series have(Beast Wars, Armada, Cybertron)

Megatron had a Cybertronian jet mode he used to reach Earth, and when he arrived he was pretty much instantly frozen, causing him to not be able to adapt. When he was finally revived, he didn't bother scanning anything nearby because he doesn't need a disguise at this point and his current alternate mode was good enough for his purposes.

And why did the other Decepticons have a disguise? They had been around on Earth for some time already, and replaced the vehicles they scanned(By which I mean they destroyed them)

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Pretty awesome. He's giving the character a whole new voice and style, not recycling old Megatrons. And you don't really notice it's Weaving. Cullen on the other hand shows that he is still Optimus Prime, and really makes the character come alive.

Sidenote: Saw the movie today, and I can safely say it's awesome. Michael Bay's actually the right director for this stuff, and the action scenes are simply beautiful(Especially the final battle, when there's parts flying all over and lots of explosions, it's also quite long)

A few highlights: Starscream's aerial assault on a bunch of F22s, the highway battle between Prime and Bonecrusher, Barricade attacking Sam and being stopped by Bumblebee, the first attack from Blackout that's also seen in the trailers.

It's also got quite a bit of humor. Frenzy serves as great comic relief due to the way he moves and acts, the garden scene where the Autobots attempt to hide themselves from Sam's parents, and a few funny moments in between the action or just small details(Bumblebee lubricating a human, some masturbation comments about Sam, the Nokiabot, Bumblebee's air freshener)

The little nods towards G1(Visual and textual, even some you might miss unless you know them, and yes, The Sound is there twice) and other Hasbro products are also quite nice.

Starscreams aerial assault fight was cool as hell. I loved the movie. Oddly, Prime having a 'nose' slightly bothered me. XD

Edit: Megatron's jet form was cool as hell by the way.

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I just saw it today.

Overall it was a good movie but am I the only one really annoyed by that Sector 7 dude?


That guy was fail and a waste of about an hour of the movie. I never watched the original Transformers cartoon, so maybe he was based off of someone from there, but he's still dumb.

Edit: don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the movie. I just think the first hour or so and the last 30 minutes were probably the best parts.

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I saw it last night, and I was fucking amazed. This is seriously the best movie I've seen since the credits rolled on Return of the King. The CG is THE best I have EVER seen. Seamless. The editing was amazing, the score fit... but Shia LeBouf was actually a great actor. He played his part beautifully,and Bay and the scriptwriters did an awesome job of not giving in to cliches. Great stuff. AWESOME stuff.

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The movie was alright. My major complaints

1)There wasn't enough robot vs. robot fighting throughout the film. There was Bumblebee vs. Barricade and the big climactic robot fighting at the end, and that was about it.

2)Sector 7 "Don't fuck with the Jesus" guy was annoying

3)The scene where Sam is trying to hide the Transformers from his parents and a discussion about masturbation ensued was drawn out waaay too long. I'm really surprised that wasn't mostly cut out and appeared on the DVD as a "director's cut" or something.

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