The Newbie Introduction Thread: Come on in and say hello!

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Hello! My name is Kyle; finally making an account after lurking here a while. I am an academic musicologist/librarian type who is interested in communities of vgm music makers like this one & although I don't make music like this (yet?), I'd like to get to know more of y'all and get involved. There's a lot happening here all the time and it is great! Thanks to @BardicKnowledge for unintentionally continuing to remind me to make an account here.

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Hey everyone! My name is Peter, but my username is that of my synthwave band, Vercetti Fade. 

I say band, but its just me. Anyway, I've listened to remixes from OC Remix for years, but never thought to actually join the community because of travelling/lack of common sense. Happy to be here!

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