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Happy Birthday, djpretzel!


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Hey DJP! I don't really know you, other than that you started this whole thing :) I hope you are having a rockin' b-day!

Thanks a lot for starting this site, and really helping to get video game music heard! Back in the days of dial-up internet (thankfully I have broadband now) I used to spend hours waiting for new remixes to download, and to this day I always enjoy downloading the latest mixes. Without this site there would be no good way for people to hear all this awesome music!

I'm sure it is a lot of work to run this place! The site looks great and I look forward to all future features and remixes :)

Happy Birthday!!!

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Happy Birthday, djp!

There is a horde of quiet listeners out there enjoying OCR and the incredible effort you put in it. Thank you, and keep up the good work!

Have a propser, happy and long life! We wouldn't want OCR to go down just cause you couldn't work on it, do we ;-)

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