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OCR00789 - Chrono Trigger "Temporal Distortion"

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What?! Another Chrono Trigger mix!! Arrg!

Anyway, this seems like it could easily be in the soundtrack to a new Chrono Trigger game. It has all the ingredients of professionally done music, and the combination just sounds good and very deep. Distortion is good, but a little heavy for me, so I have to sort of put this in the same category as the Doom e1l8 remix as being a remix that is very well done but one I don't dig personally. Pretty much, you'll like it if you're not me...

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This mix was ok.

Not that great, not that bad. Some parts were really outstanding, and it followed the song close enough, without being the song, so I appreciated it in that aspect.

The music flowed pretty well, but there are parts where there's too much. The drums often stand out more than they should.

All in all, it was a good download.

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Pretty decently put together, my only gripe is that the Orchestral parts sound nothing like a real orchestra, both in sound quality and arrangement. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, the mix would have been far stronger had the emphasis been on the techno part, as the techno elements are dead-on.

Space Pirate w/ Laser Sword gives it an "ARRRR...RG?"

Approximately equivalent to a 6.5.

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Hey, this isn´t half-bad! Altough I feel that there is a bit TOO much going

on in some parts.

I can imagine how dude Salzman really wanted it to be perfect

but in Sweden we would call it "brötigt"...

This is a recommended download though... if not just for

that distorted synth-lead (I luv it)!!!

Keep up the good work!

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this one easilly makes it into my playlist. wow wowow

I love the orchestra mixed with the synth. Beautiful remix.

not much to say. Theres nothing i can gripe at, and this like someone else said, sounds like it could actually be part of the games soundtrack.

on a scale of 1-10... i give this a 9. ^.^

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This song pretty much makes my day, i listen to this as i would to every other mix, and the piano + drum makes me want to play it again and again.

This mix has great quality, great sound, perfect lenght, a definite must for anyone who likes (or even DOESNT like) the chrono theme!

10/10 , two thumbs up !

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Temporal Distortion is an outstanding technical work. But more importantly, it is the most tasteful remix I've heard to date on OverClocked.

Attention to detail is important; good production and realistic engineering are also; but they are not themselves an end. The difference between a professional mix and a powerful one is where one aims these tools - for that is all they are. Star Salzman's tools are honed, and never fail to hit the mark in Temporal Distortion. There is no sign of a method or principle being followed here; this is no textbook mix. It is not orchestral, nor is it electronic, and while it contains elements of both it aims to be neither. What I hear is a shot at beauty, and only the most fitting parts have been selected for the job.

Often, the remixer hopes to recreate the mood of an original piece. At other times, a different, individual interpretation is the goal. This remix bothers with neither. It shines light on the beauty of the original theme. Mitsuda's work is expounded upon, not imitated or replicated.

For many remixers, mastering the skills of the trade is difficult enough. All we can do is admire the masterpiece and continue our efforts. But for the elite, Salzman is a real wakeup call. You have the tools, but to what end are they put to use?

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Hey -

This is one of my favorite remixes :D Definately goin on my next audio cd (I put my absolute fav remixes on audio cds to take along with me, while the whole all-of-OCR+more playlist plays daily here at home hehe).

I got this piece a good while back on vgmix and loved it from that moment on :D Amazing work Star... you really are an inspiration to me. Thanks for the link to your site... I downloaded all your songs posted on vgmix, but am happy to know there are more :wink:

Would you mind telling me what hardware/synths and software you use? I'm trying to put together a good setup, and all the advice possible helps hehe

Again, thanks for the awesome mix... keep it up man.

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Ahh. one of my favorites. What star did here, is put some elctronic elements almost where youd least expect to find them... yet he makes them fit so perfectly. everything seems to belong here thats here nothing seems out of place. I really think the percussion gives the peice alot of charm. very prefesional sounding and, well, excellent. I really have no complaints with this song. A nice job indeed.

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Well, after the build up, and all the great words from everyone else, to say I'm disappointed would be an understatement.

This is a very average mix. Nothing spectacular, nothing that'll blow you away.

Sound quality is very high, and the arrangement skills are very nice, but it just feels like anything and everything else out there. I truly don't find anything that puts this song above and beyond any other mix out there.

Nothing original that makes it stand out from the pack.

CT fan? Well, I guess you'll like it from the response of all the others here. ReMix fan or trying this even though you've never played the game before? It's nice... but don't believe the hype.

endblink grades this mix: 65%

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