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Kirby Ultra Super Deluxe announced!!!~


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Thread Revival ftw...

I am so freakin' psyched about this game it's not even funny. This is probably my favorite game of all time, next to Super Mario RPG, and I still play it all the time.

The one thing I am looking forward to is the soundtrack being redone. The Revenge of Meta Knight Ending theme is my favorite song of all time.

I hope it gets remixed by someone here.. :<

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Alright seems there are new modes and new surprises. One mode being hinted at is Meta Knight Ultra which the press release basically confirms you'll be playing as Meta Knight. Honestly I am soooo excited for this game. Not only that but the box art.....Kirby is....he's happy?! No, this can't be! Something doesn't seem right :P

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Wha... but... how... not own a DS?

Wow. Are you poor? Or live in a third-world country? Are you Amish, but hide it pretty well from the others?

I don't have one either. Too expensive. I'd rather keep to my Gameboy Color or GBA, honestly, and I actually never even play them anymore. There's not much I'd want for the DS either - maybe Contra 4 or the Phoenix Wrigth games. I have thought about getting one though, maybe when I finish all these other games I've been playing.

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I've always been fond of Kirby Super Star, I especially loved the ending credits music for Milky Way Wishes...

Here's a remix...


And one awesome guitar track from Chrono Trigger remix...


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