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No more sexy time!

The Pezman

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May I be the first to say: Thank God.

I hadn't been that fed up with hearing the same movie quotes regurgitated mindlessly since Napoleon Dynamite. Here's to ruining mediocre to good movies with absolute cultural inundation. Seriously, if more than a quarter of your "jokes" in conversation are movie quotes... *sigh* Even Monty Python gets grating after billionth time.

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It makes sense. It's hard to have fun with unsuspecting people when so many know the character you're trying to fool them with. He got some mileage out of Borat and the other one, so it's a good idea to come up with a new character or two now.

He still has Bruno, though I don't expect that to work for long, either. Since Bruno REALLY looks like...well Sacha. Nothing really hiding that.

Bruno has the best Sacha Baron-Cohen skit ever, imho

Edit: Aww, that link cuts out the best part when he tells them that's for the Austrian Gay TV, lol

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