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OCR01664 - Guilty Gear X "Alpha Blade"

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Beatdrop knows what he's doing. Great synths all around and a solid beat. The lo-fi drums during the intro took my by surprise but it was a welcome intro indeed. Squelchy bass together with heavily reverbed and delayed synths makes the mix sound very big, almost too big at times in my opinion.

The stutter fills worked great and acted as a break from the huge soundscape that Dain built up. The leads had a lot of character, especially the one entering with full volume at 01:13. Interesting breakdown at 01:43, feels almost like a chiptune in it's nature. Heavily modulated synths all around, might be too much for some. The stutters that follow are pure genious and helps the "main part" at 02:25 sound extremely big indeed, the ravers would go crazy. Very dynamic arrangement.

While I personally think this remix is a bit heavy on the detuned synths with a bit too much delay and reverb it's still an exceptional remix that shows how to make a great trance arrangement and still keeping it fresh. Major props.

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Didn't really want it to be straight-edge generic trance, since I've had a considerable falling out with the genre as a whole as time has gone by. Like zyko said on the panel, it basically fell right in line with some of the more standard styles that can be heard on 'In The Dark.' Heavily synthetic, difficult to define, and a tad on the glitchy side. It's like the sister of 'Azure,' one of the last songs on the album.

And somehow I always seem to make this stuff louder than all the rest. Like Rob Overseer.

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I first heard this one last night and it's been kind of stuck with me ever since. Great buildup with some cool scattered glitches, and when the main theme comes in, it's pretty exciting. I agree that the lead synth could use a little more body to it, especially during the chorus; I think doubling it with an epiano would have made it rich enough without losing the edge it has.

I really thought the segment where it glitched to be slightly off a beat, and then a second later glitched back was really cool. Maybe it wasn't off beat, but the entrance to the ascending riff wasn't at a spot I was anticipating. Very cool surprise.

Overall a really good mix and a very unique way to interpret a theme that I am very familiar with. Awesome work. :-)

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I commend you for remixing my most favorite tune in Guilty Gear X. The opening beat is rough and edgy, and that's enough to know it's Beatdrop material. Yeah, the high-pitched lead is very grating sometimes, but it doesn't clip and you can just lower the volume a bit. Beatdrop lives up to his name yet again!

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