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Yeah, but they didn't have to make that fact so overwhelmingly apparent with the design...

Indeed, if only there was a Titan of graphic design somewhere on the tubes who was familiar with VGmix...

In other news, holy shit VGMIX R BAKK! Just has Vrit has promised, so has it come to pass.

::gazes up into the clouds::

I kiss my frog in your honor, Pu-may-man

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Funny you should mention the graphic design thing....

I'd actually gotten ahold of Virt in early '07 to see if VGMix3 would need any kind of graphic designing help, since it's more or less my major in school and I have a little bit of experience doing forum skins and such. He got back to me saying he'd love some help and that he'd contact me when they were in that phase of the plan.

Never heard back from him after that, save for me pestering him once and him saying he'd get back to me.

Sooooooo.....yeah. Shenanigans.

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-Heeelp! My mustache causes me to fall at a 45 degree angle!

-The Gods will give you the dry look

-Now, they're going, to boff in the air, and la la!

-Then they draped a net over me, and called me prince valient, and said i had a dumb, fakey religion...

-This always happens to me! some aztec guy throws me out a window, tells me i'm pumaman, then leaves

-Ah yes, the goal of every superhero: to be left alone.

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