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    • Wow, it's been a fast two years...  @Kat and @timaeus222 have said what needs to be said so i'll keep this short.   All previous comments that were made in my post still stand.  Maybe some things were changed as you say but unless someone is intimately familiar with each of your versions the changes that were made are not going to be noticed.   Honestly I think you worked yourself into a corner with what is probably a massive, cumbersome project.  If it takes hours of work to make what ends up being barely noticeable changes then your best bet would be either start over or keep what's working and cut the rest.  In this case I would recommend you keep the intro and give yourself one entire stating of the source to work with.  That means cutting roughly 9-10 minutes of what's here. BUT with that entire chunk of source you have left try to reinterpret it in various different ways.  Change some things, play with it and see if anything sparks your own creativity. You can use other areas of the timeline in your DAW as scrap work to use later on if that helps.  Once you have some ideas down then you'll have a remix that is much more engaging and not just something that sounds like it's on endless repeat.  
    • Having not heard the original version since you originally posted it it's hard to draw direct comparisons, but many of the prior issues still remain. I still believe it's far too long. Right now you're still recycling the same segments over and over with very little variation, outside of instrument swaps. The brief flute solo at 4:42 was a nice change, and following it up with those piano variations was great, but you quickly went back into the same cut-and-paste segments, just with different instruments. I don't have a ton of time to go over everything, but I'll outline a few specific points:

      The good:
      - A lot of the solo/variation/etc writing is pretty solid, even if it's not particularly complex.
      -While there aren't a lot of dynamic variances, the mixing itself isn't bad.
      -The intro is still really nice. It had a fair amount of build-up and left me wondering where you would go. The bad:
      -The length of the song does not match the amount of content. I'd again suggest severely cutting the length of the song and focusing on the arrangement.

      -A lot of the instrumentation is still very robotic. Some of it could be attributed to lower quality samples, or perhaps not using the samples correctly. For example, staccatos at 3:28. As they're taking over the lead, it feels kind of odd writing it like that. A more flowing sustained section might work better, especially if you happened to have a well-timed brass section swell up alongside it rather than simply chugging along with the backbeat. -The song still ends abruptly. Even a fade out would be preferable to that.
    • OCR has been the site that I have frequented the most consistently over the past 17 years or so.  I have many mp3s that still reflect a "last modified" date in 2000 and 2001.  Speaking from experience, I know that these forums are probably a lot less active because we oldtimers are having kids, jobs with more responsibilities, etc. -- so just less free time in general.  But I still visit OCR at least once a day to check for newly posted remixes and any WIPs in the forums.  Being someone that isn't involved in the creation of music in any way, OCR has definitely expanded my horizons in terms of musical tastes and experiences. So, indeed, thank you and good job to the community for keeping things chugging along for the better part of two decades!
    • Hey everyone, quick question. Trying to record a podcast. We have three microphones. We have them hooked into a Focusrite 18i8, which is a usb to my laptop. We record with audacity. I can not get the 3rd mic to get through, even though it shows up as working on the headphones and focusrite control. Audacity will not pick it up. What do I not understand, is this fixable?
    • Yeah, I should have said that although sometimes it sounds like loss of breath in the middle of a phrase, having them isn't necessarily a bad thing. So you should use your best judgment whether to keep some of them and whether to make some of them quieter.
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