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    • So I saw this thread a while back lol, and was checking out some of the new remixes posted on Youtube.....when I came across this xD. (The last part is what gets me lol)  
    • Got a really nice WIP shaping up from Moiré Effect, I'm pretty hyped about getting it in here!  Might be a good opener. Please note that the next check-in deadline is just 3 weeks away!  If you haven't sent me anything since the last checkin, now's the time to crack down and get it done!
    • Pokemon! Good choice for a source, and a great choice for the direction to take. The source seems to have a more ominous, epic feel to it, while this is more intense and in your face. To be honest, I think your track would be a better fit for something like a crazy intense battle. This is a very dense track. The overall production is quite loud, to the point of having mild clipping and some limiting errors throughout the louder sections. Every synth seems to be fighting for space, and none of them really win out past the 1:02 mark. Production-wise, this needs to be redone from the ground up: turn off your compressors and limiters, rebalance the mix so clipping doesn't occur and so that the leads are always clear (but not overpowering everything else). Then one can boost the volume using a limiter or such, but even then be careful not to create issues in the process. The drums sound quite generic, and do not come through at all throughout the mix. When balancing the mix, be sure to give some special attention to the placement of the drums in the track. Some special attention should be paid to the reverb in this as well for every instrument, since everything sounds very oversaturated, and is likely contributing to the overcrowding that's occurring throughout this arrangement. I don't think the notes in the arrangement sounded too off, save for a single note at 1:27 and 1:38 sounding a half step too high in the melody (either that, or the harmony is carrying a clashing note). If you're going to raise the lead for the sake of a cadence (as the source does), make sure it doesn't clash with the backing texture or harmonies. Listen to the source again and check to see how they handle it, as it's definitely in the source. The arrangement works well enough even with the vanilla synths, and despite the production and mixing issues there is a certain amount of energy that the source is lacking. I think it's a good approach, but you've got a lot of cleaning up to do on this. I wish you the best! NO
    • Project FB/Info Page: someone who knows how to pitch a project to a journalist Someone to create the Kickstarter(s)(I've tried multiple times. I suck at it.): Financial adviser(to help with the finances of the project + do the kickstarter monetary breakdown i.e. spreadsheet):   PM me if interestested.
    • The remix starts off great, building into a nice energy level, but then it sort of peters out.  The rise going into 0:37 promises an explosion of depth and energy, but then it doesn't really deliver.  The percussion is very thin, distant, and limited.  There's also a significant lack of bass presence, just a simple pad in the mid-low range, used throughout. The highs, on the other hand, get very complex and busy: 1:15-1:27, for instance, has what sounds like four different synths, all similar in timbre, competing for a very narrow range of frequencies.  They're crisp and don't step on each other as badly as they might, but they still fight for the listener's attention--and that's not counting the percussion, which is also stuffed into the same spectrum.  They're a little shrill in general, and you only use a couple of different leads (the saw and the square) the whole time, which is fatigue-inducing. 1:34-1:39 doesn't sound right to me either.  Sounds like there are some clashing notes in there.  It sounded unusual but OK to me up until then. The arrangement is a lot of fun, and while it was a little conservative there was more than enough additional accompaniment and riffing to make it interesting.  Spread those frequencies apart, go somewhere a little more interesting with your synths, come up with a better ending, and fix that clashing section.  Sounds like a lot, but you have a lot of strong work here that actually has you most of the way there. NO (resubmit)
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