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  3. Is this even still alive.....? Waiting on that review, Nika.
  4. I have a WIP that I can try to finish up by tomorrow, if the deadline is extended.
  5. Thank you! Yeah, I agree it could be longer. I make 1 video a week at the moment, so I kinda have to churn this out. For that reason, some of them end up being a little on the shorter side. One day I'll have to extend them.
  6. Last month I put together a band for a single weekend. These are personal friends, fellow VGM musicians I've met over the years (online and in person), and my best friends: Strader and Juja. My career doesn't allow me to be social (so my friends are internet folks) or to go on an actual tour with a 'band', so I came up with the idea of taking my fictional 'band' on a fictional 'tour'. We all met up for the first time in a recording studio the day before our only show and hit 'record' on our practice session. The intent was to release a fake live 'world tour' album, complete with fake cheering (recorded ahead of time by some of my friends/fans), banter, etc, and mixed like a live album. We spent 5 hours recording 55 minutes of music, and the next 17 hours editing, mixing, mastering, and burning copies of the album so it could be released the night of our big show. We had a lot of fun and this is the product of that weekend. I hope you guys enjoy the fake live album, of the fake tour that never happened, by the fake band that doesn't really exist. I proudly present - The Careless Juja World Tour Live Album! DIGITAL DOWNLOAD: (proceeds go toward recouping recording costs) For more info about how the album is made, sometime that weekend we also recorded an interview with NerdyShow. It's humorous and also provides a bit more insight:
  7. Could be a bit longer, though, but that's my only complaint here. Really love the original, and you did an awesome job!
  8. I found the EQ work with the percussion and some of the instruments real frustrating and sort of gave up on it. I need better EQ software - I'm using BlueCats and FL Parametric EQ 2, guess it isn't enough. EDIT) I didn't notice too much EQ issues at all. Heavy metal isn't exactly the easiest genre to get perfect imo. EDIT2) Not that I make too much in the way of metal, but I did notice other OCR people frustrated with it back in the heyday.
  9. Woops! I can't believe I forgot to actually link the piece. I feel dumb now. Thanks for giving me a heads up!
  10. Changed the EQ on my mix and uploaded the new version. If I had another twenty minutes I could probably make it better but this is gonna be it for now. Blah, I'm so bad at getting the spectral balance right. I really need more practice on that.
  11. OCR03567 - Lufia II "Sapphire Oceans"

    At the start, I thought it was quite nice. Then, a cool breeze through my hair... an ocean mist against my skin... and the crash of the waves against my ship... and I could feel the adventure ahead of me on the endless horizon, new discoveries to be made in every direction Thank you for this experience~
  12. If this is the way this remixer goes out (with this series), it is done wonderfully. I particularly enjoyed 2:30-2:55, and the following sections deliver the finish. It's epic orchestral to perfection! On a larger note, Roetaka's Dark Souls series (as I've come to think of these postings) has been one of the most enjoyable out-of-nowhere surprises I can think of in all my time at this site. CONGRATULATIONS ON A WELL-DESERVED RELAXATION! I'm excited for this author's new directions and new challenges - but I have to say, couldn't be more excited that he gave such a fitting tribute to his run of dominance. Well, well, well done!
  13. The Frontier (Retro Sci Fi)

    Between Voltron, new Star Trek and Blade Runner, it felt mandatory for me to take a stab at a classic sci-fi theme.
  14. This is pretty good! I've never played FF9, but it sounds like I would never be annoyed with hearing the battle music so much, especially if it was your rendition playing. Great job!
  15. Your medieval-style arrangement of the Halo theme sounds great! This style is definitely worthy of being an OCReMix track. I've been listening to OCReMix for about seven years now and I've heard many other styles more "out there" than medieval. As far as length goes, anything between 2 and 7 minutes is good (from the submission page: I don't think you need any padding, but if you want to make it longer, go for it! More medieval-style Halo music can only be a good thing.
  16. Hi Daniel! Would you please post a link to your arrangement?
  17. my first pass(tell me what I can do better, especially to balance out the mixing): Source:
  18. Last week
  19. Working on some Altered beast remix. I'm kinda stuck on what I should do next with it. I may leave it alone for a while and come back to it in a couple of months. Let me know what you guys and gals think.
  20. Awesome bonus entry. Inspired me to work on my own a bit more. Nice work Dex
  21. As others have mentioned, this is a pretty decent if vanilla mix ruined by that awful synth.
  22. Hey man, this rocks for sure. Arguably the hippest part of the tune is the beginning with those sweet subdivisions, though, so I'd recommend adding that in. May be tough to get the hang of, but would be totally worth mastering.
  23. Yo! I uploaded new cover on YouTube. Time for some tactical cardboar...krhm i mean espionage action! :D. In this arrangement, i focused more on drums so i could bring some 80's or 90's feel for it. Feedback is appreciated! Here is the Cover: Here is the Original:
  24. Seiken Densetsu 3 - 2020 here we come!

    Interview is retranslated and in OCR brass hands. More progress to come soon!
  25. Thanks, Wiesty--totally down to collaborate with you guys sometime!
  26. I have listened to this more times this week than I care to count. It's just so catchy! Very well done.
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