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  2. Yup, nyKad crushed it. I was sitting back wondering who the next act is while reveling in the playground of Zelda smooth that I was walking through. Man, maybe there's some technical considerations but the spirit and feel of this piece is A+!
  3. By the gods, the ending walkout is even better than the opening walk-in. Just gorgeous imagery and touch. Perfection for its type.
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  5. "Having fun on the beach in a 90's anime montage" - well, I see that December's "Best Analogy of the Month" contest is already over. Move along, nothing to see here. Great analogies aside, this remix is fun, bouncing, and it would be a good remix even before the Fear of the Heavens adjustment. All told, really great stuff, I enjoyed it!
  6. OCR03652 - Secret of Mana "Whispers"

    So I actually love Enigma, and I'm forced to agree that the whispered lyrics actually distract me from the track, but let's be clear - the track is wonderful, and I'm a big fan of what the remixers went for with this effort. It's almost like they could have been separate songs. But I hope this doesn't discourage the remixer from trying something so beautifully ethereal in the future. I definitely give props to the idea and most of the execution!
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  8. Hello! I made orchestral cover for The Mad Doctor theme from Mickey's Wild Adventure game. This project was kind of practice thing where i tried different kinds of string combinations and pan techniques. Here is the Cover: Here is the Original:
  9. Does this sample technically count?

    Disney is ultra-possessive of their IP, too. OC ReMix hasn't attracted their attention in the past, but it's maybe not such a good idea to push our luck. Nothing wrong with impressions, though.
  10. Thanks for the awesome post and compliment I'll consider carefully your advice about the samples.
  11. I need to know if this is normal...

    No problem; actually, that's what has been giving me trouble too for most of when I've been writing music. I write linearly from beginning to end. Sometimes I would have months of breaks between writing a particular remix because I just wait for the inspiration to continue it (but that's just because those didn't have deadlines). Nowadays---and this is an ongoing effort---if I am, say, 90% there on the sound design, I put on hold the hunt for the perfect sounds and just write, knowing that my future self will be able to polish the sounds further later on. The composition, however, is not something I trust my future self to be able to remember, so that's why I would want to get as much of it written out in one session.
  12. I need to know if this is normal...

    I can't really help you but I seriously hope you can figure out how to get past those feelings. There's so much talent in this community and it's always so cool when someone from here goes past remixing for OCR and composes for a game or a TV show, or starts a successful business creating and selling sample libraries, or ends up performing at Video Games Live or MAGFest. All of these things! I really hope that'll be you, too. I'm not a composer like most of these people. I couldn't create anything original to save my life. All I could ever do was make silly remixes and I don't even do that anymore. The only thing I've done in several years is finally finish a remix I started a long time ago. And I really wish I hadn't. It honestly feels like I've actually made the world worse for putting my "music" out there. Just calling it "my music" makes me cringe. There's a voice in my head that says "your music? Please. Just who do you think you are? Come back down to Earth." I just started my first solo album but I'll probably never finish it. Can't seem to make it past "this is really dumb and nobody's going to like this." So pretty much all I do now is contribute things to other people's music. Guitar parts and things like that. Over the years, I've amassed a large collection of all kinds of samples. Particularly drums! So I offer to help people with things like that too. It helps me stay at least a little relevant to this community, which is all I really want.
  13. Ooo, I really like this. I saw in the other thread (and even dropped this suggestion in there), but listening to this here, the real problematic samples are the two from Sora. Of course the Goofy/Donald samples are not good either for OCR's purposes, but you can look through some Disney material to find suitable substitutes. If those Sora samples are more popular quotes from the game or have some more meaning to the players (Not as familiar with them myself - only played through it once when it came out and once a year ago) you could perhaps speak the parts yourself. You never know, it could be a really cool effect on it's own with your voice speaking Sora's parts. Sorry we can't actually take Square samples, though - it causes so much unnecessary trouble for people. On an unrelated side note, that Halloween town remix is dope as hell - you've got some real solid vocal chops. It... just autoplayed the Soundcloud list while I was writing this, so there ya go, I'm a fan.
  14. Does this sample technically count?

    Not a bad question, but that's no-go, as Darkesword said If it were from one of the Disney characters, though, perhaps sampling a Disney property could be a useful workaround? It feels weird suggesting sampling the largest media company in the world rather than Square Enix, but them's the ropes 'round here. Otherwise, er, perhaps a good impersonation is in order? Ask around; you never know, someone might really pull through.
  15. I need to know if this is normal...

    You will always be your hardest critic. I don't think that's a bad thing though - critiquing your own work helps you get better. However, don't let your thoughts on your work become self-destructive. No piece of music (or sound design) is perfect, and sometimes you have to accept it for what it is. Even the greatest composers or sound designers aren't perfect, and they never will be. This is the nature of our work. As someone who has Imposter Syndrome, I feel like a faker all the time. But remember, just because you feel a certain way, does not mean that is what you are. Be proud of what you have accomplished so far, and strive to be even better in the future.
  16. I need to know if this is normal...

    I haven't been motivated to work on music for over a year because of Imposter Syndrome and related issues. The constant criticism mixed with a small audience and poor stress control make it much less rewarding than it should be. Logically I know that I should just make things because I want to, should just make things that I like to listen to, and to accept that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and someone not liking my work shouldn't be taken personally.... but I don't often think with my logic brain.
  17. I need to know if this is normal...

    No disrespect whatsoever to @timaeus222 but the opposite is true for me - when I am not feeling "inspired" about an arrangement or a composition, I put it down. That being said, I've heard that Chuck Close is credited with saying "Inspiration is for amateurs," which I disagree with especially because I think his stuff is (on the surface) the same thing over and over again. I recently finished 10 or so tracks for an indie game, and I flat out DIDN'T meet deadlines because I wasn't feeling inspired about some of the tracks. They weren't saying what I wanted them to say! So @DarkEco to your original question, I would advise you to first master your primary instrument, and I mean strive for professional level playing. Most of the composers I have played have had a big impact on me and my arranging. We are all of us product of our influences. Cement to yourself who you want to emulate, because everyone emulates someone. Bach got his hands on some of Vivaldi's orchestral scores and came up with the Brandenburg Concerti because he took apart Vivaldi's introductory phrase structure and reconfigured it like legos into something he loved even more. He walked many many miles round trip so he could go listen to Buxtehude play organ, which impacted the rest of his fugal composition. If your influences are your contemporaries, that's perfectly fine too! Rush cites Led Zeppelin as a HUGE influence, and they were playing/touring at the same time. I think Neil Peart said in an interview that for a couple years in Rush's early performing, they sounded like a Led Zep ripoff band. They found their own voice eventually, of course. Led Zep, their biggest influence was blues form! If you aren't a formally trained musician, that's perfectly fine. Just cover the music that you love - don't play the same stuff all the time, and internalize the components that you love. Have no fear in incorporating your influences into your compositions. It creates meaning. Jazzers are advised and taught to transcribe solos from the greats on their instruments (and NOT their instruments).
  18. Does this sample technically count?

    Cool, thanks. At least I tried XD
  19. Does this sample technically count?

    It's a Square Enix property.
  20. Does this sample technically count?

    Hi, I have a remix that I would like to submit, however the song does use voice samples from Kingdom Hearts. Based on the submission guidelines, its prohibitive to submit with something that contains samples from Square Enix properties, however isn't Kingdom Hearts "technically" a Disney property? Yeah I know I'm splitting hairs here maybe, but just ruling out all my options lol. Just trying to find a work around. If not, then it's all good.
  21. Hi there, Thanks for the listen As far as what I use, I'm a Cubase Pro 8 type guy (still need to upgrade >_>). For the videos, I usually just use Premier and After Effects. I've created a visualizer from scratch before, however this time I used someone elses. It's nice but it was a super heavy project to work with. Took me 3 hours even on a powerful system to render x_X
  22. I need to know if this is normal...

    One day all of your efforts will be payed off, so stop blaming yourself and do what you should do
  23. This absolutely oozes old-school flavour and I feel like I just walked through a smoke-filled lounge in the 1960s. You should already be grabbing it from the server, really. What a trip. The brass parts for me are a bit of an issue, albeit maybe not as much as DJP or the judges may have thought. To my (super average) ear, it kept going from "this is near perfect" to "okay a fake but it still works wonderfully." Maybe that's why they were far in the back at times? Might bother some more than others so I think it's worth noting. Regardless it's an awesomely well-crafted piece and is worth downloading for that electric piano solo alone, not to mention the overall atmosphere. Hurry, before the Rat Pack takes the stage!
  24. This is a very faithful orchestral remix. With your choice of source, your biggest challenge is making your orchestral remix sound realistic. The Super Mario Galaxy music was performed by a real orchestra so an orchestral remix of any of its songs should be as realistic as possible. The piano sounds okay, but the strings don't sound realistic at all. I agree with AngelCityOutlaw on the volume of the french horn: it's way too loud. It sounds great, but it's too loud. I feel like the trumpet volume is too high as well. What samples are you using by the way? Also, just so I'm clear, realism is achieved by how you program the MIDI information. Low quality samples can still result in a great-sounding remix if the arrangement was programmed well. You could have the Vienna Symphonic Library, but if you don't know how to use the instruments effectively, it doesn't matter. A good example of the low quality samples with great programming yielding an awesome remix is here: Medley.mp3. I don't know who the author is, but they did an amazing job with it. This is definitely a good first remix! Changing the dynamics would improve this remix a lot. I'm looking forward to hearing your future works.
  25. Mega Man 11!!

    I showed a coworker, he thinks it looks great. But, he remembers how hard the old rockman games were. I agreed with him. He's a young guy, so he's lucky his mom's going to get him a switch for xmas when he visits her. He's a native of China. Anyways, my point is, he and I both will definitely pick this up when it is released. Thanks again for bringing it to everyone's attention.
  26. Don't let this influence your votes, but here's a (better, I hope) mix of my submission, where the piano comes through better during the busier sections. (It's the same arrangement, just a slightly different mix.)
  27. Golden Sun

    At the risk of being accused of necromancy... I'm doing some of the mellower songs from Golden Sun (one per week) if anyone's interested: Dance of the Wolves (Garoh) Lemuria Imil I reckon my capacity at about ten songs Suggestions for which other ones to do would be welcome!
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