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  2. So far I've waved - (before Winamp died on me-used the Decoder) DKC 1-3 Yoshi's Island (Afterwards- last night and this morning...-now using Single File) Star Fox Star Fox 2 Earthbound Chrono Trigger Part of Majora's Mask I'd wave the GB/NES files that I downloaded but the single file doesn't like them so... EDIT: I made another topic in "Off Topic" about the single file problem. And missing chiptunes.
  3. WinAmp is gone because the llamas finally had their revenge. (God, I'm old).
  4. Usually I have a policy of listening through any song all the way through, sometimes multiple times before committing it to my downloaded playlist. By the 5 minute mark I had already downloaded this one it was so impressive it blew me away. The only reason why I didn't download it earlier on in the piece was that I was still in stunned immobility from the sheer awesomeness.
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  6. And sorry about the rough feedback there Silverpool. Mighta projected my own frustrations a bit tooo much in that post. You'll get there one day with some practice.
  7. Results APZX got 1st with 13 points. HoboKrap got 2nd with 12 points. Dex got 3rd with 11 points Silverpool got 4th with 7 points APZX PM me for the round 76 entry! Comments Mirror, mirror on the wall it seems that APZX is the most MnP of them all. Because it's..........Smash Bro's Brawl?? It rhymes. Congrats dude, hit me up with entry 76 when you are able
  8. Just occurred to me. I forgot to post the Voting Stage notification! Well, luckily most people got their votes in.
  9. GBAMusRiper is a tool I use to extract soundbanks and MIDI data from GBA games. The success rate of it depends on what sound engine the cartridge uses. For the most part, there is no need to transcribe anymore... I personally use it to understand the songs from the Fire Emblem series, like Binding Blade, Blazing Blade, and Sacred Stones. It uses the command line, and there is a readme file included in the package. If there are any questions you have about this tool or how I specifically use it, feel free to PM or respond back.
  10. I hope to get it in tonight. I've got to play catch-up on schoolwork because the site was down for a couple days. Also, I'm sorry to say I couldn't get a bonus mix in: I thought I had a scheduled save for my DAW projects and it closed on me, but I forgot I changed the save settings, so I lost almost all my work. XD Good luck, everyone!
  11. Nice. thanks for voting and glad I was able to help.
  12. @Chernabogue Kinda curious what you think!
  13. Thank you for your response! I figured it out and submitted my vote!
  14. Thanks! The drums are just from the original instrumental. Someone made an instrumental of this already.
  15. Go back to the compothasauce page, pick the top 3 people. If there are only 2 participants, you leave the 3rd slot open. But there are 4 this round, so need to worry about that. Sorry for taking so long to get back to you on that Silverpool. EDIT) Oh and you can't vote for yourself
  16. I would hope at least all the competitors take the time to vote!
  17. Original Song : I know it just kinda ends but for right now I want to get the balance right.
  18. Alright, I can't stop with all the ideas, I'll never get anything done at this rate. I'll make this into an arrangement of History Unfolds from Soul Calibur 2, and hopefully I'll find someone to do guitar for this. Remix: History Unfolds ReMix Source:
  19. I discovered this awesome little thing called "write to disk" in Winamp. Therefore- I PRESENT MY REMADE VERSION OF ELADARD, COMPLETE WITH THE ORIGINAL!!! (sorry for caps) You guys want me to do more, just ask!
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  21. NEVER MIND I FIXED IT!!! Simply go to output, select Disk Writer Select single file select one track press play (I think you have to do this for every single track)...
  22. It's still messed up?!!!!!! Are there any other programs that can unpack chiptunes (RSN, nsf, zip)
  23. Do Pro accounts still work or no? Cause you can't use the converter without one.
  24. Pretty cool and realistic articulations for the electric guitar. )) Don't know if it's the sampled guitar, the tone or the hall that sounds a bit tinny (like a can-like preset - got one of those can presets in some of my VSTIs, too). It's also possible to make the guitar less thin (more powerful) without taking away the wide echoing room effects - just reduce the reverb a bit and use a stronger ping pong delay effect instead until you have a thick, strong and also wide, reverberating, room-filling guitar sound. I'd also leave out some of the overlappings of the guitar notes that sound a bit out of shape - like those ones at 1:32 (sometimes it's more than enough if just the overlapping hall/delay of the consecutive notes makes the tonal interference instead of whole overlapping notes - depending on which notes are overlapping). Besides these few things it's a really nice reinterpretation of the track. From where do you have got these nice ride/cymbal sounds you can hear pretty well in the beginning of the track? Are these samples from Shreddage Drums?
  25. What did you think? Post your opinion of this ReMix.
  26. Awesome jokes, they're just so awesome that no one gets them.
  27. he's making bad jokes.
  28. @MindWanderer - It would make sense to market the thing with the games that made it popular in that area, but I see that according to Nintendo UK, Euro release will match the US titles. Given that, I would guess that Nintendo based the list of titles from international sales numbers instead of just US numbers to combine markets and lower console production costs by only making two consoles options instead of three. Of course, I don't have sales numbers for each game handy to back that up, but the example of Mother 2 you use would make sense, since Mother and Mother 3 were never released outside of Japan and as has been pointed out before, nostalgia marketing dictates that we must be slaves to good-selling familiarity....
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