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  2. ...I can actually buy the (have around $380 now, gonna get a bunch more on Friday. Why? IT'S MY BIRTHDAAAAYYYYY!) Buuuttttt, I can't. Not can I preorder Zelda or Yooka-Laylee. ($100 bucks, (might include taxes...?) More if you want the game guides.) In fact, I can't even BUY them until the reviews start pouring in... (Might change later...?) We shall see.
  3. So...does anybody want to break down "TMNT 1- Title" for the NES? Anyone? Also DS, please break down some SF OSTs! If you're up to it, of course. I can't do it cause I'm currently taking "Music Theory" now...and I only use FLS to make stuff soooo....
  4. Nintendo! Crazy idea: offer the tablet by itself (with the joycons, of course). Looking at Nintendo's Buy Now page, there's a list of each component and its price. The dock is listed as $90 US, which is less than a third of the whole price. Now, I don't know exactly what the dock offers aside fro acting as a charging port for the tablet and outputting the display to a HD TV. But if the Switch is supposed to be a console and a portable, surely I can just use the Switch as a portable if I want to. The price would be lower, and it would still work fine as a portable (some of us prefer portable over console, it's true!), and then entry price would be lower... say $250. That's about what the 3DS was on release, and the Switch would be far more powerful, warranting the price. If I want to, I can buy a dock for it later. That only leaves the battery issue, which could be fixed by a proper expanded battery accessory or just grabbing a decent USB rechargeable battery pack. You still get the same everything, just not on a TV... which isn't something that handheld players are necessarily into in the first place.
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  6. Firebird. (Wurlitzer is AWESOME) Saurus and Nucleus demos (save song, close program, reopen program and song to have demos again, you must save and exit and then reopen the song periodically)
  7. About time another Skyward mix showed up. Agree with the choir sounding...a bit fake, but you do what you can... Everything else is great.
  8. An excellent arrangement, with great composition. The point of contention, for me however, is the choir. It sounds too...synthetic in direct comparison to the grand majority of organic elements. It stands out quite a bit, though I wouldn't necessarily say it ruins the piece, just that it's a sour note in what is otherwise a great listen.
  9. I had a good time and am slowly going through my pokedex and filling in gaps. The story was shorter than I expected, but it wasn't filled with filler, so I am fine with the length. One more island would have been cool, where things could have gotten more detailed. The art is great, the music has been pretty good, and I am very glad I gave this game a shot.
  10. You should consider selling this xD because I'll be first in line to buy it.
  11. 1. work-in-progress

    Fixed some issues that I thought were prevalent.
  12. Thanks for the suggestions, guys! I'll make sure to check them out.
  13. The legion and hybrit amp sims
  14. Ayyy, we even had this awesome guy DJ for us once! FLEXSTYLE!!!!
  15. +1 recommendation for this! Good vidjagame remixes, good drinks, and lots of excellent arcade cabinets.
  16. A little mix I made to promote my event series, Gamer's Paradise Party. It mixes indie EDM with video game remixes. Hope you like it! Also on Mixcloud if you prefer.
  17. This Tuesday, my monthly gamer party, Gamer's Paradise Party, returns to Cobra Arcade Bar in Downtown Phoenix. As per usual, it is free and will feature indie dance music along with video game remixes all night. More details here!
  18. Just so you know, the website's all done. Got all of the artwork in place and the are all pages working. I just need whatever info is being given for remixers, track names, notes, etc.
  19. I know you've already seen about a million of these videos, but I think mine has more effort put into it than your average one.
  20. That's probably true, but I'm going to wait. Even if Zelda and Mario end up being great, I'd like to see the Switch supported by first and third parties for the long term before I jump on board.
  21. This is the video game industry in 2017 we're talking, how many anticipated games actually deliver on the hype? Though Zelda is almost always good
  22. I had deleted my post actually. But all said was that I'm going to wait to buy the Switch. That way if Zelda or Mario end up being lackluster, I can just wait until some good games come along to dive in.
  23. Hey guys, I need two more pokemon to complete my dex, and they are the two Moon exclusive Ultrabeasts! If someone has some they'd like to trade, I can offer the Sun exclusives, or can breed you a couple starters or something!
  24. There is one issue with this version that I didn't notice until literally just a minute ago listening through it again, which is a tempo mistake toward the end of the track that happens twice. because of how I wrote the parts it involved tempo and time changes to sound right, and I slid the track back by 4 measures to add a bit to the intro, not thinking about the time changes and where that would leave the changes in the track, so I do need to go back and change that. this was more so I could post the track and get some feedback here about the overall sound. I'm pretty comfortable with the overall songwriting, more looking for feedback on the overall sound and any advice for mixing since that's my biggest weak spot right now.
  25. Hello all! I do instrumental video game remixes but also do vocal remixes too. I'm always looking for new projects to do and I think I am open to do some collab with others! I do mostly rap but I do some singing as well. I'll post samples of my songs for you to hear. Let me know if you have an idea for a collaboration and I'll be glad to do so!
  26. Epicverb from Variety of Sound, who also made the NastyDLA MKII, is a must have.
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