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  2. This seems totally counterintuitive and -dare I say- wrong to me. Melody is the main attraction, the thing that gets people hooked. It's the vision of what the song (or in your analogy, house) should look like. All the rest is just there to support it. No use in building walls and foundations just to figure out you need to tear it down again because it doesn't work with the final vision (in your analogy, you built a too short foundation, the walls are all lopsided and the body of the house looks like a nightmare out of H.R. Giger's brain). Doesn't make any sense for buildings, doesn't make sense for music - ask any architect or composer worth their salt. Your argument that it's easier to move around a few notes in the melody rather than in all the chords and accompaniment sounds as if you feel melody is there support the chords and accompaniment rather than the other way around. That sounds very strange to me, but meh, it's your music, you can do what your want. Just don't present it as univeral truth.
  3. Things I've Learned In My Years Of Music

    This may be more of a semantics thing, but I guess I mean it as more of a full arrangement with bass, drums, accompaniment, changes, etc. As there's several different ways to refer to that which is music as composition I thought that was enough, but obviously it's different if we're referring to a composition as just the melody and chords (like something you come up with and save as a leitmotif to be arranged many different times) and not something invented only by starting out a musical entity with full arrangement. I'd still argue that, in a full arrangement at least, the melody should be among the last to put in. Reason for this is it's easier to move some notes around there than it is to move around all the chords and accompaniment to fit the melody (although it's inevitable that you'd likely have to end up doing that in a track at some point anyway).
  4. That Yosh1.... is dead, now my alias is Dr. Gaspacho (can i change my username?)

    200? - 2013: Yoshigedon

    2014 - 2014: TetraPrisMa

    2014 - 2014: Yosh1PrisMa / Y-PrisMa

    2015 - 2016: Dr. Seph!Rus / Dr. Sephy

    2016 - 20xx: Dr. Gaspacho (Because my second name is Gaspar) 

  5. OCR03717 - Secret of Mana "Together We Will Stand"

    HAHA! This mix is so weird, so creative, so eclectic, and is everything I love about VGM and remixing. Bravo!
  6. Video Game Addiction

    Skyrim, Witcher 3, Okami, and Grim Dawn are my most played games Grim Dawn is 337 hours Skyrim is 122 hours, and that's without modding Witcher 3 is 54 hours Okami HD is 42 hours
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  8. Helloooooooo???? Oh well. Nika - I remade Clipped Wings AGAIN. if you're ever on, here it is- it is far from being done, I got the introduction started, though
  9. Tips on writing a bass line

    I worked hard to formulate and carefully articulate a process to match or write a bass line to a melody, and the content of my post advances the discussion without doubt. Although I want to make sure to get credit where credit is due for what I’m sharing in the post, I do see your point. So I’ll repost or edit my answer with the website URL removed from the graphic and post.
  10. Tips on writing a bass line

    Did you like, make an account just to necro a 4-years-old thread to plug a piano lesson site?
  11. Tips on writing a bass line

    I agree with Williamson in that it depends on the music style. And Timaeus provides a useful idea in presenting common intervals to use. At the most basic level, I find the bass notes to go with the melodic notes played on (or sometimes immediately after) the main downbeats by playing the notes that are at one, three, or five intervals below the melodic note. I can further narrow down these three options by following this melody to bass note assignment: Play 1 or 5 interval below melodic note if melodic note is note I, 5 for II, 3 for III, 1 for IV, 5 for V, 3 for VI, 3 for VII. The gray colored interval numbers are those that occur less frequently. The diagram below provides a visual to help map the melodic note to corresponding bass note identified by the number of intervals below the melodic note. These intervals work for all major scales (not just C) and I think minor scales with slight changes in the note intervals. Would like to hear other’s thoughts on this process.
  12. So I really need to get back into commenting on tracks; even just to try to just share the love and try not to be as cringe-worthy as I was those years back. And so of course I chose the song with the most downright sexual instrument I could... that bass is downright explicit! That intro; with the emphasis on the upright bass? Oh my; there's more than pillars of salt rising from that. Jokes and puns aside; this really does deserve a touch more attention than it's received over the years. Yes; it has H-samples in it. But would the song be the same without them? Would any other instrument bring that surprise factor? Honestly; with repeated listens, I don't think I could argue any other instrument would work in their place. The "melody" line they play isn't really something you'd get a woodwind instrument to play, and there's no drum that comes to mind that fits with this style of music that can replicate that kind of noise. Aside for that first intro at :34, the "moans" aren't even all that exposed (Heh), with a role partway between a percussive instrument and a lead line. They play with that bass and the heavily Middle Eastern sound, becoming another piece of the auditory soundscape. And as I said, I really, REALLY love that bass. Which is unfortunate, since I'm not allowed to have my bass up high or subwoofer on most of the time. That funky rhythm, those dirty note-slides, it's got real skill in it. Guess this shows the world that there's more uses for the adult animation audio than just meat-beating.
  13. Video Game Addiction

    I used to game about 7-8 hrs straight everyday, it was really bad. I finally have made schedules and let gaming and daily-work go parallel way I guess that's the best way to focus on life as well as keep gaming.
  14. Last week
  15. Nintendo Lo-Fi/Chillhop Collection

    Hi everyone, Thanks for the comments/interest in this project. I apologize for going dark for so long, but definitely want to get this off the ground eventually. I have been caught up with real life issues, such as moving my whole family into a new place, but getting very close to being freed up for production again. That's the only update I can give for now. I should be much more active on this next Month, when I will be getting some upgrades done to my personal music production setup. Excited for what's to come!
  16. Here's my remix of Level 3-2 from Turrican 1. I've been listening a lot to the original track the last few days and I couldn't get it out of my head. I had to create a remix... I wasn't sure with my choice of instruments at first but I'm really happy how they sound now (after some tweaks and library surfing). I tried to recreate the original bass instrument sound but this is as close as I got and I think it fits in very well into the general style of the remix. Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy this remix: Btw. I'm not sure which genre this remix fits in. I would say it's some sort of synthwave but i'm not sure which sub-genre... Link to the original Track:
  17. Nintendo Lo-Fi/Chillhop Collection

    I am very interested in participating in this project. Very interested. Let me know about updates on this project! I'd probably do some jazz piano stuff with hip hop drums and the like. Let me know!
  18. (As I already told you) I rather like this. It nicely hits that sweet spot where the soundscape is in-between chiptune and the original lo-fi mod sounds. Lots of interesting details in the background going on to keep stuff moving forward, too. Wasn't really feeling the ending, but that might be just me.
  19. New Album: Sound the Clarion Call

    Just bought it on Bandcamp. Congrats man.
  20. New version:
  21. Seiken Densetsu 3 - 2020 here we come!

    I wish I could say we're releasing tomorrow. Nope, not quite there yet. We're working closely with ocr staff to finally get this thing finished. Trailer's been shown at a panel. Audio is just some track length/silence edits and tagging from being done. It's close, but not quite tomorow.
  22. Seiken Densetsu 3 - 2020 here we come!

    Any news? Is there at least a vague release date?
  23. This is super fun, the accordion fits too damn well with the Windmill Hut that I would not be surprised if I was told that this was how it was meant to be played. WorldsBestGrandpa always had the best sounding folksy mixes that I'm fond of, considering that I've heard similar stuff around my family where I live for years. Great arrangement of a classic source, a certain download for me.
  24. OCR03261 - Dark Souls II "Kodoku"

    Oh yeah, I love this so very much. Strong Japanese influence that definitely sounds like the middle of a battle with lots of determination and focus in some areas, and more contemplative in others. Those chants near the end really get you amped for a fight, The flute is fantastic, and the percussion has that animated action scene quality that reminds me of so many other tv shows. Not much to nitpick at that hasn't already been mentioned, and all around, a mix that I will enjoy for quite a while.
  25. OCR03259 - Portal 2 "Motion Sickness"

    Portal was always one of those game series that had a strong musical identity for me, and I can still hear it underneath this ReMix even with the upgrade with a faster retro sounding EDM base, which is cool. I think what I mean by that is that I feel like this mix not only rearranges the source, but also builds and expands on it, making it the artists own while keeping it recognizable. These kinds of mixes are some of my favorites, where the balance between nostalgia (well, as much nostalgia as you can get from a game that really isn't old enough to be described as "nostalgic") and original direction hit just right and ultimately make a song better in my opinion. Great stuff, man!
  26. OCR03258 - Mother "If You Believe"

    I can definitely hear where others are getting some Spirited Away and SMG out of this in it's grand whimsically sounding arrangement. It's a really beautiful ReMix that holds up extremely well as the instruments play off each other and sounds like something I'd hear in a good symphonic concert. Very nice.
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