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  3. (this quote was from PRC345) I've signed up for the Discord group today, didn't get around to it earlier. I'm going to post small announcement over there in the #comps page, linking to this thread and/or ThaSauce.
  4. Wild remastered version of Hogwild classic from Crash Bandicoot imagining in N. Sane Trilogy. DOWNLOAD THIS SONG FOR FREE: This song is purely fun. I love it. As Josh Mancell has himself stated, this song really got team of Naughty Dog into the music what he made for the soundtrack. It is very nicely constructed for the scene where Crash rides a hog. Brings out the smile everytime I hear it. Instrumentation in this song is really fun and fits the wibe. It was a challenge to find fitting sounds, but I hope you like the results!
  5. Oh, for some reason I thought that this had already entered the voting round so I stopped working on a track! I'll see if I can get something in.
  6. Hey whoa whoa, how can anything ever be TOO abrasive c'mon now, I got all the raspy feelings. Alright, some lyrics: \\ Hello again / I've crossed the distance to be / here today so that I can see / approximately what you might perceive / to be the me(me) I desperately wanna believe Desperately wanna believe / desperately wanna believe / desperately wanna believe / desperately wanna believe / desperately wanna believe (I want your) Attention! Affection! -- Is it the end of my turn? / This must be the end of the world -- Hello again / now I see whatcha mean: / wholly reliant on emotional machines / failures of consciousness face-painting / scene after scene after scene of idealistic scenes Idealistic scenes / Idealistic scenes / Idealistic scenes / Idealistic, Idealistic / Scenes, scenes (I want more) Retention! Redemption! -- Is it the end of my turn? / This must be the end of my world -- Hollow followers / building / mirrored bubbles / to reside inside / and cast aside the outside 'Goya' is a word when unreal / is so real it is / synonymous with a story well told -- Please, notice me You're on fire, another sun Please, notice me You're on fire, while I burn~
  7. Update: Here's the finished version.
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  9. Sounds good! Send me another WIP when you've got the idea in place. Oh, and I have confirmed that @GSO does not do the bagpipe thing...
  10. You know what? I'll do a mix of the four themes. Cause why not? Thinking of techno...I guess?
  11. The choice is yours as how you want to approach this. SF64 and SF Adventures have very similar map select themes, but SF SNES and SF2 have their own music which could be easily incorporated. Let me know what you decide and I'll fix it all up.
  12. It's 64, not the first game. But I can do a mix if you want...Wonder if I can figure out SF2's map theme... Then again I can just have Cobalt make me a midi of it...
  13. Yes, I saw it there, thank you. No problems on length - it IS a WIP after all. I'll update our sheets ASAP and I'll give you some feedback when I can. Thanks for the claim!
  14. The youtube version is a screen capture of my FL Studio project. The soundcloud link below is the high (much higher quality) quality final mix. I never go for any specific sound I kind of just let the workflow be it's own being in a way. Sometimes I get sort of a retro modern sound, if that makes sense.
  15. Yeah, that's about the goal for this album. Your track is in a safe place, so no worries on that - you have some time before I start grinding an axe toward members with nearly finished pieces.
  16. Recently there's Axiom Verge. There is an area near the end where you have to go up and up and up constantly, and the enemies are such a pain and the traversal just wasn't fun. I usually can finish a Metroidvania even if it's not outstanding, but I rage quit pretty hard there
  17. That's the one bad thing about GS2 being more open than GS1 unfortunately. They could've made it just a little more linear to keep people on the right track.
  18. Shit, I never even saw that anyone was trying to reach out to me. I haven't logged into the forums very well. Gario what do you need? A finished track "this year" is what I see above, as in the end of 2017? That'll be more than doable and I would like to keep this track.
  19. The two judges above are absolutely correct on their concerns - repetitive and static writing is a concern. I will add that the mixing and EQ balance are issues as well - the EQ mids are excessive at the cost of a decent bass and any upper EQ, which makes the track sound muffled and lacking any base. The mix itself tends to lose the themes and melodic hooks behind the textures and (especially) the drums. Despite these issues I still enjoy what you have going here. The beat really does bring a new light to the source, and the part writing is nice, but there are too many issues with the track overall for us to take. Revisit this with our comments in mind and I think you can produce something great, but right now it isn't there yet. NO
  20. In case it got buried by other stuff, WIP is two posts up, Nika.
  21. Hey, DS, I'm still waiting for that midi...? I don't know how long it's been since I
  22. What did you think? Post your opinion of this ReMix.
  23. crank the amp up!!!!!! bass sounding good. tarncegate synthy kinda boring but seeing what you goin for. needs a more biting sound, maybe layer the guitar with another more abrasive sound, a second guitar with a fuzz pedal, or add another synth to kind of help people overlook the guitar. it sounds a little bland by itself. articulations? edgier sound? something anyway. sorry if i'm being anal but this sounds a little like you wanna master a specific sound so i thought i'd mention ma beef
  24. vocals kickass, sound too abrasive, not like hardcore too abrasive, just a bit too much for its own good. i'm getting a kind of qotsa freakout vibe from this, except much more OFEOIAFDPIFOADKGPE=GjweJr3i0ri3i0OKE"=dksfsidfoi. is this stoner metal? METAL BROFIST SISTER! is this shreddage? let's make a joint thread for some bananametal oh yeah do post the lyrics, i wanna know whats up with that insterdan, i feel soooo old loosing connectun
  25. it feels so wunderbar to export anything right now. i used to make metal wanks with good old FL 6 back in the day. this shreddage is pretty good for that. i remember having lots of files like this much worse albeit, with FL SLayer and sf2 and whataveyou. it's a pretty good homage to my FL Slayer days. gammaRAY SHITCUNT.mp3
  26. A collection of different takes on many Zelda themes. Far from complete. Track list as of now: "My take/version" of the theme from Breath of the Wild/ a bit of "Legendary Hero" from Wind Waker and nearly the entire title theme from Twilight Princess Intro to "Ballad of the Goddess" from Skyward Sword "Midna's Desperate Hour" (With custom chords!) from Twilight Princess "Dawn" and "Great Sea" from Wind Waker (Possibly the most "out there" version. Reviews are welcome. I dare say that this is my best work yet. Timing is off to make it more alive.
  27. Hey All (forgive me if I'm posting this in the wrong place), but I wanted to share this because I'm Super Excited lol (why I got business cards). I have a radio show in Vegas on 91.5FM (have had one for a year and a half now; 4 months on the FM Station). I do end up playing some oc remixes from time to time . So if you're ever in Las Vegas check out my show The Late Night Zone! I appreciate any feedback I get on my show (@LateNightZone).
  28. 3 days to go and no eligible entries. I might have to pitch in
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