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  1. Buy an external. Go on ebay and find an old Digidesign Mbox 2...will cost you literally peanuts and has great inputs....
  2. Or they can be epic!
  3. Massive collab from Thieves of Fate contributors under the group name of The Thieves of Fate?
  4. @prophetik music I would love to hop on board man! Hopefully I can get some sort of WIP to you before things fill up...things are a bit crazy over here!
  5. Oh man, here we go radical dreamers v2.0!!!
  6. Sure! Count me in this year
  7. My first instrument is piano which I played for many years before progressing into the world of percussion. I still struggle with finding time to practice everything to get it to the level where I'd like it to be. I always find it best to set goals in each area and work towards those as long as they are challenging you. Some people can just play whatever you throw in front of them. I am not one of those people! These days I tend to stick mostly to drums and percussion for intense practice, but I keep my piano up and progressing slowly...
  8. Thanks for the kind words everyone! And big shout out to @José the Bronx Rican for the amazing trailer!!!
  9. Updated this with another WIP now that my project is wrapped up. This is a mix I did to really just prove that I was not completely brain dead when it came to mixing/production. If someone could provide feedback on that it would be great!
  10. Chrono Trigger 21st anniversary stream tonight!!! https://www.twitch.tv/wiesty
  11. My thoughts resonate with Jays. I only known a bit of the situation from what I've read and it seems to bad that some sort of middle ground could not be reached. Brandon was a HUGE contributor to this website, and although sometimes controversial, he did bring a lot to this community. I've voted in the sub-forum.
  12. I should really find some way to get there this year...
  13. I had a DX7s for a while. The #@$^@$#%@#$^ was a POA to work.
  14. Chrono Trigger Retranslated tonight... https://www.twitch.tv/wiesty
  15. Playing Red Dead Redemption tonight...9PM CST https://www.twitch.tv/wiesty