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  1. OCR Secret Santa 2016

    okay i do
  2. Love your work!

    I covered one of your tracks.

    Hard stuff man,

    1. Sixto


      Great stuff! Willrock actually linked me to this a few days ago.

  3. Robots vs. Knights

    okay i am do
  4. Allan Holdsworth

    Dat legato! I've always loved Holdsworth. Yeah, he's capable of playing some complex stuff, but it's still always easy to follow and tap my foot to.
  5. This looks great! I've been dying to play a new 3D platformer.
  6. Sixto Sounds - I have many favorite tracks and artists, but you may just take the cake. At very least, you take a very, very large piece of it. After a survey of my iTunes library, I found that of all my favorite artists, you take second place for "most total songs that are totally badass", and first place for "highest concentration of songs that are totally badass" (p<.05). Thanks for being a scientifically provable total badass.

  7. Yo, did you get my PM about BA3? Get back to me! >O

  8. Destiny (OCR Clan open, join now!)

    i have it on ps4 but i am only 13 or 14 or 15 and i dont know what this clan business is but ok
  9. Shovel Knight: Knights of the ReMix 2014

    1-BLACK KNIIIIGHT 2-propeller knight 3-tinker knight 4-shovel knight
  10. Shovel Knight: Knights of the ReMix 2014

    hype activated
  11. just got my copy and started listening to the first disc. good GOD, i can not take theoryofN's track off repeat. it's soooooo good. even got people at work hooked on it!
  12. awwwyeeeeeah, new jiggin' john tesh. been waiting for this one to get posted. sounds so chill and dreamy
  13. Guitar Problems

    take some compressed air to the electronics cavity and get into every crevice you can, especially under any pots and the pickup switch
  14. Titanfall

    thanks! all signed up, definitely excited for this game
  15. Earphones - What are your reccomendations?

    i can't recommend etymotics iem's enough. i bought a pair of these a couple of months ago and they are amazing. i get incredibly clear sound and none of the annoying sibilance that happens with most in-ears. don't really need a portable headphone amp or anything with them and while the triple-flange tips do take a little getting used to (took me less than a day and then i stopped noticing they were there), the isolation you get is incredible. you dont bother the outside world and it doesnt bother you. this is also great since you wont have to blast your music to actually be able to hear it, saving your ears in the end. the tips are also sold separately in case you prefer the sound of different headphones and just need better tips.