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  1. Hm, interesting, I might have something I've joined the Discord to bug you about it.
  2. You know that usually I'd be game for a compo, especially since last Castlevania was a lot of fun. Gotta skip this one though, did another compo, 2 album directing & arrangement jobs as well as a few other musical projects this year already, so I think I can use a break I'll keep an eye out, if timing changes I might jump aboard anyway. Also, minor correction, I was pretty sure I won the last compo through the Dracula bracket, beating Simon with a curse
  3. For the lurkers out there that watched the first post in this topic, you've might noticed that some rapid progress has been made and that we're nearly done with all the music. It's looking (and sounding) very good, we'll check in with more news once we have it!
  4. Would be nice indeed! Now that a few tracks of mine passed the panel, and having thoroughly read the evals, I think I have a decent sense of how the individual judges do their thing, and also what things they will typically point out. I could list my findings here, but it would be better to hear it from the folks themselves Oh, and compliments on the excellent clickbait title
  5. The bass seems a bit indistinct to me, and I felt the piano would work better with longer, more sustained chords to fill up the space a bit more. To me, they sound a bit chopped off now. Maybe even make it an e-piano, for the soul & chill vibe, but that might also just me being too fond of e-piano's due to the Persona 5 OST As soon as you add raps to it, I think it'll be fine and I think you wouldn't need more elements to it. Maybe add some ear candy at strategic places, transition effects, sound effects or some sound design trickery to spice it up?
  6. Here's a track I did for the Robot vs Knight compo a while back. It's a remix of Shovel Knight's track "Strike the Earth" and Megaman 5's track "Mercury". If you ever wanted to hear Shovel Knight recount his thoughts on the world, give it a spin Kudos to Stephen Kelly and Furorezu for collaborating with me on such short notice!
  7. So about a month for the final deadline, and we're making good progress so far! The artwork for the front cover is now finished, and if you look at the opening post, you can already see a sneak preview Other than that, @evktalo claimed "Together Always" and I myself claimed "Whisper and Mantra" and "Flight into the Unknown". We also saw some check-ins from people already, with @HeavyViper, @Blake Inc., @Thirdkoopa, @Starphoenix, @Rexy and @djpretzel showing some very promising updates of their tracks. Really looking forward to the final versions; what we've heard so far is great stuff and I can't wait to get the album out Good luck with the last stretch, and keep up the good work guys!
  8. I was already doing some small things for this album in the background, but I've talked with Nika a bit (disclosure: he's my co-director for the Secret of Mana album that's currently in progress) and I am also on board to help out a bit more pro-actively. My work on the Secret of Mana album goes first, but if anyone needs a hand with their arrangement or production work, let me know. I can help both as advisor/sounding board or actively working out the kinks in your track, if needed. Don't be shy, just reach out.
  9. ^
  10. Time for a roundup! We passed our second-to-last deadline with great results, and as you may have seen in the opening post, we've seen a lot of updates, new WIPs and finished tracks! A quick overview: Tabby made great progress with the artwork, with a far advanced version of the front cover artwork that is nearing completion. \o/ New challengers! We've got a claim from Charles Ritz for "Did You See the Ocean" and a (temp) claim from @Rozovian for "In the Dead of Night". Initial WIPs from @Heavy Viper ("Spirit of the Night"), @Blake Inc. ("The Dark Star"), @Kylok ("Fear of the Heavens") and @Rozovian, and even though they are initial WIPs, some of them are actually pretty close to being finished already. Great stuff! Good progress was made by @Sagnewshreds ("Danger"), @Sbeast ("Prophecy"), @JonnyAtma ("Leave Time for Love"), @Jorito ("Fond Memories") and @PabloComa ("Calm Before the Storm"), they just need a bit more work to be finished. The tracks from @DS394 ("Steel and Snare"), @RebeccaETripp ("Still of the Night"), @Hylian Lemon ("A Curious Tale"), @Kylok ("A Wish") are (as good as) finished and they sound amazing. I bet you'll love them So all in all a LOT of great progress! Unfortunately not everybody was able to check in for this deadline, but most people were good in communicating about it, which is much appreciated. There is one more deadline left, and this is the big one, the really really really final deadline, followed by the release of the album. Final deadline is September 3rd, 2017. Even though we only have 1 more deadline left, we'd like to encourage you not to wait until the very last moment. If you have something ready sooner, and/or if you'd like to get some feedback on your work, please don't hesitate to share with us. We're here to help. And don't worry about forgetting the deadline, we will be in touch with you about it Best of luck with this final lap, go kick ass and give Secret of Mana the tribute it deserves!
  11. Audacity is only for audio editing and recording; it's not a DAW. If you want to get a feeling for a DAW, either try Reaper or free trial versions of the various big DAWs (iirc at least Cubase, Studio One and Bitwig have demo versions available, there might be more).
  12. Also submitted something. Turned out better than I thought, even if the project was so heavy it brought my computer to its knees. And I guess you can hear I played too much Persona 5 these past weeks
  13. It's that time again where I get to remind you of an upcoming deadline! The next deadline is July 2nd, so about 2 weeks from now. We already had a few people check in with us to update us on when they expect to have a new version, but for anyone who didn't do so we'll be expecting something Also I figured this would be a good idea to update you guys on some other things. First of all is artwork. We had a few changes here, but the good news is that we found a new artist! Please welcome Tabby aboard as our primary artist. She worked on the &Knuckles album earlier and we already saw some cool sketches for the Mana album artwork-in-progress. Can't wait! Also we have another new finished track; DS394 just handed in his finished remix of "Steel and Snare", and with its title "Steel and Wubz" it definitely delivers on the very interesting EDM promise. I think you'll love this track See y'all around deadline time in 2 weeks!
  14. Even if the sounds in your keyboard are not up to par, you can simply use VSTs for just the sounds. Having good keyboard skills will be a big help towards a good sound, because you can record your midi performance live without having to rely too much on quantization or putting in the notes in the piano roll with a mouse. That way you can still retain some of that live, human feel without being limited by the onboard sounds.
  15. It's tough to give exact numbers, but my feeling is that it's leaning more towards sampled than real instruments. The amount of tracks with purely real instruments is probably not that high, but there's a lot of tracks that have a mix of sampled instruments with real instruments (e.g. a rock track with real guitars and bass but sampled drums, an orchestral track with a live violin, an electronic track with vocals, you name it). Always a good way to make a track sound more lively and more human. I second what Meteo is saying, just use what you have, play around with it, have fun with it and see what comes out. If it sounds good, it is good