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  1. Team Knight - Shovel Power (Shovel Knight vs. Tinker Knight) Team Robot - Lonely Cosmic Workshop - (Saturn vs. Tinker Knight) Team Robot - Tinkering on Pluto (Pluto vs. Tinker Knight)
  2. Still of the Night and Arid Sands are still open, so if you wanna grab one of them (or even both), let me know. We'd be happy to have you on the album!
  3. Since we had a deadline earlier this month, it's time for an update We've had some shiny new WIPs from ThirdKoopa, Rexy, Kylok and the Eino Keskitalo/Jorito duo and also a great update (two actually) from Chernabogue. Also, as you probably already saw, we gained some more interest and that resulted in claims from ThirdKoopa, Kylok, HeavyViper and HankTheSpankTankJankerson. If I didn't do so yet: welcome aboard, guys! Good progress overall, but unfortunately we didn't receive updates from all of you. For some of you that's okay, because you told us why you couldn't do an update for the deadline and what it means moving forward. Unfortunately there's also some people from whom we didn't hear anything at all... So, to prevent claims from being stalled with no tracks in sight, we'll do things slightly different moving forward. If you can't meet a deadline, tell us why and how you'll remedy it and we'll work it out. However, if you neglect to at least tell us why you're not going to make the deadline, your claim will be removed. Of course you can get it back if you send us a WIP, but if somebody else snatches the claim, you're out of luck. We're doing this to prevent tracks being stalled with claims but no progress when other people would have loved to remix them. Hope you understand, and let's show those pesky album director people how it's done for the April 30 deadline, hmkay? Peace out.
  4. Just submitted my entry. This one was quite a bit of a struggle to get the arrangement and flow right, and I also tried to learn some new stuff to make things even more challenging for myself. Anyway, hope you enjoy a nice bit of retro 80s synthwave cheese, looking forward to the other entries!
  5. Sad to see you go, but I appreciate the heads-up. Hope to hear from you again before the deadline!
  6. I got a wip already, it's just that I'm not happy with it yet. I hope/expect to have some time in the next days to work on it. Regardless you'll get a wip from me end of the month.
  7. Excellent choice, it's a lovely tune. Dibs hereby granted, looking forward to your first WIP!
  8. Great to hear, I've marked it down for you. Happy remixing!
  9. Just submitted my track. Had a lot of fun playing with the 2 source tracks, they were a great combination! Also big shout out to @HeavyViper who was able to record the guitar parts for me at the drop of a hat. Thanks a lot mate!
  10. Another quick update... "Into the Thick of It" has been claimed by @Thirdkoopa, who sent us a 5 minute long WIP in the blink of an eye. Welcome aboard!
  11. I was more refering to Thirdkoopa, but I see now why that wasn't fully clear. But for the people reading along: you don't necessarily have to come up with a WIP if you want to claim a track (though it would be appreciated!), it's also fine to show us some of your other completed works.
  12. If you want to make a claim and you're not a posted remixer, be sure to drop us a note with some samples of your work. You know where to find us, right?
  13. High time for some updates! First, let's welcome our co director @HankTheSpankTankJankerson, of @LongBoxofChocolate fame to the roster of remixers. He claimed "I won't forget" and I'm already excited to hear what he can do with it. Another update is that sadly we had to release some very old claims from years ago. On a positive note, this opens up a few very great and popular tracks, yours for the taking. If you were on the fence, there's probably something interesting for you in the list of unclaimed tracks, so don't procrastinate and start claiming! Lastly this is of course an excellent opportunity to remind you all of the upcoming deadline, in a bit less than 3 weeks (March 5th). We hope to see some great progress in your WIPs and personally I'm especially interested in the first WIPs of @Rexy, @audio fidelity, @Sagnewshreds, @jnWake, @pu_freak, @JonnyAtma, @Fishy, @dannthr, @evktalo and @Kylok to see what they come up with. Good luck!
  14. Fully agree with DS and Gario on this. Definitely the form; it helps a lot if you just pick A as your first source, B as your second source. And of course you can just use a part of that source's melody, no need to do the full line. My Megaman track "Never Gonna Give (Up The Funk)" is a good example of that; it uses a part of Cyber Maze Core for A in the verse, another part for the bridge, a part of Gravity Beetle for the chorus, and another part of Cyber Maze Core for the solo. You can even get away with playing the 2 leads at the same time frequently. For me, having a loose idea about form and some 8/16 bar blocks that have the source material in it so I can shove them around in my DAW is a great idea to crystallize that form. Those can be pretty basic blocks, with just some drums, bass and snippets of the leads of both the sources. It's a great way to mix and match the sources and try out ideas because you quickly get a feel for what flows well and what doesn't. A variation of Gario's rhythm and beat patterns is that you can frequently re-use an arp, a bassline or some short melodic figures quite easily. Especially if you have some of those basic blocks, it can be a quick way to fill our your arrangement more and to include more reference to the source. Oh, and for the folks that worry about music theory because of all the scales, intervals, tonics mentioned: I don't know a lot of music theory, but I've learned to trust my ears and feeling and my taste. If the theoretical and technical side of things is not your strongest suit, don't forget that you have team mates to bounce your ideas off and get quick feedback. Just trust yourself and let your team mates help you out in the things you're still learning. And yes, how to combine sources can definitely be one of those things. I'm more than happy to help out my team mates with this at least
  15. What the guy above me says When I saw the team schedules, I already suspected DS would match us up. Now let's go and have some fun!