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  1. Handed in my track yesterday. Glad the bugger is done, it was killing my DAW
  2. Was planning to work on an update this weekend, let's see how far I get
  3. It's not retrowave if it doesn't have the cheese! And if you need vocoders for it, you know where to find me
  4. Let's count this as your check-in then. Looking forward to your WIP at or before the next one (July 17th)!
  5. It’s not claimed yet, but I also didn’t know you made a WIP for it! Let me hit you up and see if we can make this happen
  6. Also please welcome @Sir_NutS, who is giving Perel the glitch hop treatment that it was begging for. Looking forward to it!
  7. Funnily enough, Mac (Furilas) is also a great bass player, but I was so focused on the harmonica part that I forgot to ask him if he’d be interested in performing on bass too. Awell, the sampled bass worked pretty well too, by the sound of it
  8. I’m still headbanging to my WIP I sent ya
  9. I grew up with the MSX home computer. I think one of the first games I bought with my own money (allowance money, likely) was probably some Eurosoft port from another platform, something like Maze Master or something similarly affordable. But hey, I was like 14 or so and money was scarce If you're talking brand new games I bought with my own earned money, it was probably Metal Gear: Solid Snake for the MSX2 that I bought first. It was like 100 Dutch guilders (about 50 euro; we didn't have Euros back then!) and I bought it from this company that would send these newspaper-like folders every 2-3 months with software for many different platforms (mostly PCs and home computers) that they imported from Japan. Wasn't sure what to expect when the advert said 'Korean version', but it turned out to be a perfectly playable Korean rip on a non-official (read: not Konami branded) cartridge with a Quarth (another Konami game) label underneath. It also came in a box half the size of the official one with a color manual all in Korean - completely different from the official Japanese one. Still, it had all the right chips inside, including the SCC chip, and it played perfectly. These days, that Korean version is quite the rare item I think. Sadly the cartridge has died after I messed with it to put a switch in it so I could use the SCC with *ahem* less official Konami games, but the box and manual are still something I proudly own to this day, well over 25 years later.
  10. Welcome aboard to @HeavyViper, who just claimed Call at a Port! Can't wait to hear what he'll do with it
  11. Being on the same album, I am biased of course, but this hits hard
  12. Nope, you're in the Club, I can see you. You can access it from the menu at the top (where Browse & Activity are). Clubs are a new feature of the forums that recently got activated, and we're the first ones to use it. It's like the private forums that we used to have for Album Projects, but it's more convenient and better
  13. Isn't the whole point of this album to pick (main) character themes rather than area themes? Or am I misunderstanding?