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  1. Just like Chernabogue, I also did a remix for the FF3 project . Thought I'd share for your enjoyment, so here you are!
  2. So DS394 surprised us early with a claim and an upbeat nu-disco/complextro-ish WIP of "In the Dead of Night". Good stuff happening there!
  3. Ah, you could have sufficed with just claiming a track, but having a WIP included is of course awesome! Can I at least know which track you'd like to claim so I can mark it down for you?
  4. Whaddayaknow, djpretzel just sent me a sketch of his and Harmony's collab of "What the Forest Taught Me", sweet Also, we have private forums for the album, where you can listen to WIPs the other album remixers posted (I just posted mine) and give feedback. Anyone who confirmed their claim or sent in a WIP/finished track has access to it, so come and share! You can find it in the Private Project Subforums in the Projects forums here on OCR.
  5. So, the first deadline has passed. Because of the change of management we already considered this first deadline mostly as a kickstarter without too high expectations. We got just a handful of WIP updates and a few messages from people that they could only make the next deadline on such short notice. On the good side, we managed to confirm the claims of nearly everybody who claimed before. What's also great is the WIPs and finished tracks we've got our hands on so far; there's some cool stuff on the album already and it can only get better! Anyway, the second deadline is for real, no more 'getting started' kickstarters. So here's your reminder for the next deadline for March 5th; we expect to see something from @ergosonic, @Hylian Lemon, @zykO, @Rexy, @halc, @audio fidelity, @Harmony, @djpretzel, @RebeccaETripp, @Sagnewshreds, @jnWake, @PabloComa, @pu_freak, @Chernabogue, @Jorito, @Darangen, @Sbeast, @Fishy, @dannthr, @Starphoenix, @Guifrog. Godspeed.
  6. I am still tuned.... should I stay tuned a bit longer?
  7. Sounds good! I'm already busy running another album project, so I'll stick with keeping an eye on this topic and finishing my album track. But it's good to see some progress.
  8. I heard you mention this track on the Magfest OCR panel stream and I thought I'd check it out. I'm not familiar with the source, but it has some interesting ideas in here. Might be interesting to take the world percussion idea further and add some more ethnic instruments to it. I'm thinking flutes, maybe some steel drums and basically anything else that gives that tropical island vibe. Maybe steal some inspiration from the Chrono Cross OST too, because it somehow reminds me of some tracks of that game.
  9. I'll hop on the 'me too' bus too, as I just reached out to my collaborator yesterday to see if she's still up for the vocals for my track
  10. First of all, best wishes for 2017! Let's use this year to give Secret of Mana the tribute it deserves! And yes, this is also your reminder to send in your WIPs for the January 15 deadline Of course we haven't been idle in the past weeks. We were able to reach out to the majority of the people that claimed a track (way) earlier, and quite a few people confirmed their claim (if you haven't yet and are reading this, please let us know you're still on board). We also got our hands on a good amount of WIPs and finished tracks, and we were able to resurrect some people from their OCR hiatus, so good stuff is happening there. Hope to see some more of that good stuff in 2 weeks. Good luck!
  11. Great to hear some love for the MSX and for Aleste. I did quite a few MSX remixes and even Aleste remixes, so I can totally relate. Heck, I think I even did a cover of this on the MSX, years ago I like the EDM approach you took, sounds good to me (in so far I can judge on my Macbook speakers). Of course the source track is pretty short, so that makes it a bit harder to make a full remix out of it. The intro and outro might be a tad long; it takes about 1 minute before the source really starts kicking in and becomes recognizable in stead of just hinting the source, and the same goes for the ending. Would have been great to have some more elements of the original track spread out over the intro and outro for more nostalgia. Other than that, I enjoyed it, thanks for sharing
  12. So time for some updates... Unfortunately Hakstock had to drop his claim, but we've got a new remixer on board as well. Please welcome StarPhoenix, who claimed Mystic Invasion. Also we got check-ins from a few people and a pretty complete WIP from Sbeast and reportedly Chernabogue's WIP should be reaching us soon. So all good stuff and I'm excited about how it's going
  13. For anyone working on a track that uses french horn, @JohnStacy is a french horn player that is happy to 'excitedly record whatever is thrown my way' (his words). So if your track is in need of some french horn, be sure to hit him up!
  14. So now that we've got a fresh new start under eager new management, expect to be contacted by us over the next few days if you have made a claim Let's get things going again, this great game deserves a great album!
  15. So we finished our orientation and discussion and we now have a new forum topic for the album. Please join there for further updates and discussion on the album because it won't be happening in this thread anymore