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  1. OCR03652 - Secret of Mana "Whispers"

    Don't worry, I am used to not everybody liking remixes with lyrics and vocals in them, but that won't stop me from making others if I feel like it. Thanks for the constructive criticism and tone (also from others in this thread), it's better than the sometimes vocal complainers that ask me how I dare ruin cult classics with vocals. See you in the next vocal track
  2. No worries, we’re good. We’ll have your track on the album soon enough
  3. Chrono Cross Remix Project - cover art in first post!

    I plan on finishing my track before the end of this year too, so that's one more down
  4. I need to know if this is normal...

    I can only second that approach. I love arranging, and when I'm in that mode, I really want to focus on notes and general flow rather than specifics of sound. Sure, I have a general idea in my head with what kind of sounds I would use - which is handy, because it helps you figure out what to write - but during this phase my instruments are rather ballpark sounds that I will adjust or replace later, and I even don't bother with EQ or compression or other such things. That's all for later, first order of business is getting the notes down. The chiptune trick is great, because it helps you focus. If all you have is 3-6 instrument channels and perhaps a noise/drum channel, you will loose a lot of distraction from all the production gizmos - especially if you have to stick to a limited number of preset sounds.
  5. Seiken Densetsu 3 - 2020 here we come!

    Yes, a florist. Singing about shrubbery.
  6. @halc: It would have definitely helped if we would have had the actual track and could have actually contacted you. It's always sad to have to drop a track for reasons such as that; I'd rather have more good music on the album than less. Hit me up with your track, and we can take things from there!
  7. Ads on OC ReMix YouTube Channel

    I appreciate the transparency and the timely response from the opening post. Goes a long way to gain trust (not that I needed that). While the Youtube ads increasingly annoy me (especially those in the middle of a video, yuck), I still have no issue with monetising the videos if it ensures a continued existence of the community.
  8. Personally, I already went ahead and finished and released (and submitted) my remix I originally did for the album, but it would be good to have a full fledged FF8 album. After I take a break from 2 album gigs, I might be able to help out in some shape or form, but it's also a pretty big and ambitious project that could probably use 1-2 co-directors alongside somebody who takes the lead.
  9. Chrono Cross Remix Project - cover art in first post!

    Good to see I'm not the only late entry
  10. In the past 2 weeks, we've been wrapping up work on the album, received some track updates, finished the artwork and other bits and bobs. In short: we just sent over the final package to OCR staff so they can do their thing and bring it to y'all. To celebrate, I updated the first post of this thread with the album art as a teaser for the good things to come. Only a bit more time before we can finally share the good stuff with you all
  11. TL;DR: Just keep at it, you're doing great, and if you keep doing what you do and keep that mindset, you'll get there I finally managed to get a listen in on your latest version, and my biggest feedback point would be on the arrangement side of things. That Kefka melody is pretty cool but also pretty short. That means we're hearing it a _lot_ and half way I kinda lost interest. I think half way would be a great place to play around with the melody, maybe chop or glitch it up, mess with the timing, add some harmonies, or maybe go all out and add a wacky synth solo inspired by the main melody. Anyway, even as-is, it's pretty enjoyable, but I'm sure you can step things up a notch if you feel like working on it again. Don't hesitate to hit me up if you've got questions.
  12. Not cool bro panel.

    Pretty much. Just visit and have a nice li'l chat. You can also enjoy the late night ravings of bustatunez and snplmn every once in a while
  13. Listening back to the remix now, I have to agree with the comments about the mixing. I did this track way back in 2014/2015, and it's quite cool to listen back and hear the mistakes/not so great choices you made back then and how you've improved over time (and how much there's still to improve) .
  14. Not cool bro panel.

    Interesting that you should say that. I've never met any OCR people face-to-face nor did I visit any live events. All my involvement has been remote, mostly through Discord (go join!) and the forums. Didn't really make me feel like an outsider with an outsider perspective. Just being active in the community made me feel involved and informed. $0.02 (yay, more cash!)
  15. Not cool bro panel.

    I did some casual polling of some (a very small set of) non-musician people that do like their video games, and the key take aways were 'they always have awesome remixes', 'that is where I learned remixing videogame music was a thing' and in general that it's cool and people tend be followers for a long time already. So I wouldn't say it's dying or becoming irrelevant. Sure, VGM remixes and covers are a big thing these days, and with all these other parties doing VGM stuff nowadays, it makes sense that OCR stands out less than it used to do way back when OCR was one of the few communities doing such things. I think there's enough space in the VGM world for all these initiatives, all with their different angles and interpretations. I never dabbled in DoD because I am too lazy to learn to actually play an instrument, but I am doing a remix for a non-OCR album this month and I am also looking into Materia Collective. For the latter, there might not be an explicit bar, but I do know there's a proposal + approval process there too, and judging by the albums released they also have a QA process for stuff that makes it on the albums. Anyway, maybe it's time to accept that OCR is doing its own thing and is what it wants to be, not what you think it should be. Sure, constructive criticism is good and should be welcomed. Eagerly awaiting, almost pleading for DJP for a veto and a course correction of this perceived Titanic seems pretty fatalistic to me though. Chill, dude. It's good that you care so much, but you might wanna reconsider your tone and approach if you really want to have a solid constructive discussion.