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02-13-2011, 07:58 PM
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A while back, Skrypnyk released a Remix Album* or the like. The original version of this remix was on that, but with Jillian Goldin's vocals over it. Therefore, the title of this reNix is pretty misleading - this is not an instrumental mix of Jillian's Original, but an instrumental version of Skrypnyk's remix!

This hectic drum & bass epic is the 2nd "February reNix Spam Month" release - 2 more reNixes will be released until March hits us!
Stay Tuned!

*I've learned that "Remix Mania" is no longer available. o_O
but anyway here are the links:

Direct Download:
http://reunion.sgxmusic.com/rnx/rnx007%20-%20Jillian%20Goldin%20-%20Red%20July%20(Skrypnyk%20Instrumental%20reNix). mp3

Reunion reNix page:

Reunion Website (with cooler url):