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  1. Black Mage
    04-30-2010 11:55 PM
    Black Mage
    Yep, I'm a heathen gentile. ^_^
  2. alfredofreak
    04-29-2010 03:55 AM
    Yeah, I have a few friends that go. I might be able to get some video game soundtracks there, but it probably doesn't get any closer to actual game music concerts than that. Ah well. I take it you are not Mormon just as I'm not, correct?
  3. Black Mage
    04-27-2010 02:13 PM
    Black Mage
    There is Anime Banzai. I think it started a few years ago. This years is October 8-10, in the Davis Conference Center in Layton. According to Wikipedia, last year about 3000 people attended. Looks like it covers anime, gaming (digital, card, and table top), panels, cosplay, etc.
  4. alfredofreak
    04-22-2010 11:15 AM
    Nice to meet you. Know of any events comparable to MAGFest in our part of the country?
  5. Black Mage
    04-18-2010 11:19 PM
    Black Mage
    Cheers from a fellow OverClocker behind the Zion Curtain.

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