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oh fiddlesticks i was too late ;_;
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Originally Posted by Mini-Me View Post
Quick question: Is Cantata for Dancing still okay, or will it be retrofitted to have English vocals arranged in verse/refrain/verse/refrain/bridge/refrain structure?
I actually think the plan is to have the Wu-Tang Clan "seamlessly integrated" into the popular tracks, if I recall djpretzel's words correctly.

I'm hyped, because every time I listened to those pieces of junk, I thought to myself "This shit needs more wu-tang"
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Guys & gals, I know this will blow your minds, but:


djpretzel / / / anime mixes
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Hey Hermain Cain's awesome you communist
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Is there anywhere we can go to download the tracks still? I uh...kind of forgot to do that.
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I thought all Tetris remixes were banned?
<Gollgagh> that has got to be the shittiest scaling method I have ever seen
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It was fun while it lasted :D thanks for links djp
The pictures also gave me a good chuckle
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Late to the party.

Level 99, brushfire... I like your Quad City DJs & TMNT song... like... for real...




Any April Fool's that puts out hillarious/awesome tracks is extra successful.
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Old 04-02-2012, 06:22 AM
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Anybody got the songs backed up somewhere? I didn't have access to a computer with speakers until well after midnight.

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