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  3. Hello everyone I could not decide whether to release this song ,but I decided to do it! Here is a remix from Hollow Knight game from The Grimm Troupe DLC, there is a three songs in one I choose to remix it to the metal genre because this fight with him is epic!
  4. Hello! I can help a little bit from the theory standpoint maybe. I really liked the move to the bVI chord (Bb major) the second time through the verse! It's one of my favorite harmonic moves. Was the choice to put the bass and the melody in different keys intentional? The melody is up in the key of D major, but the bassline is in the key of A (relative to the melody, it's playing the fifth, nineth, and tenth of the chord without ever playing the root). This may have just been an artistic decision, of course, but I wanted to make sure because your ears may have missed it.
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  6. So, I tried composing a piano piece and this came out: What do you think? Appreciate any Feedback
  7. I can really imagine it as travelling Music! There are a few rhythmic inaccuracies and sometimes the left Hand maybe is a little too loud and overshadows the melody imo. But the arrangement is really nice
  8. Have been meaning to do more medieval-style remixes since my Halo theme a couple of years back, and the tune that worked best in my head was the wonderful Steam Gardens theme from Mario Odyssey (plays during Wooded Kingdom). As ever, Logic Pro X's string sounds are a challenge, and there is no acceptable solo violin sound for a lead instrument (was aiming for a vielle or medieval fiddle type sound), so I was searching for an alternative lead instrument for a while... before ending on something that may or may not be my first step towards inevitable mental decline. You'll hear what I mean pretty quickly... Here's the remix, complete with a bit of photoshopped Bayeux Tapestry, which I posted on my YouTube channel yesterday: And here's the original, excellent theme (might not jump out at you immediately in the medieval version!): It's all done fairly tongue-in-cheek and meant to raise a chuckle - but I think especially towards the second half, I was fairly pleased with the overall feel & arrangement. Would love your thoughts! Thanks
  9. So, I was a heavy 'user' of OC Remix about 16 years ago, in my high school years, and am returning to the fold now. This remix was my first stop. It's amazing to cruise downtown at night listening to this. Part remix, part re-imagining, beautiful combination of organ/keyboard and sax (sometimes hard to differentiate the two, they flow out so naturally) this one's stuck with me for just shy of two decades. In like fashion, I'll punch this into my CD player every time the sun is down and I'm headed toward the big lights. Amazing work.
  10. Looks like ThaSauce is down again I guess SoundCloud for the time being....
  11. Hey guys Ages ago I had heard a cover of Marble Garden zone done by Danny Baranowski, and I loved his take on using vocals to do the melody of a game song. Anyway, I had done a cover of it ages ago (super heavy, screaming vocals, terrible mixing) and thought I could revamp it with a new, less garbage growls style. After ages of doing a bit of on-and-off work on it, I got it to a point where I was happy enough with it and said: "screw it, it'll do." The link is below - the idea of the cover wasn't to pay homage directly to Marble Garden, but rather to Danny's work. Hope you like heavy guitars!
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  13. just remembering that it's been 12 years and this is still my favorite remix of the site
  14. Travel from town to town (and only from town to town, no overworld exploration for you, nosiree!) until a boss monster appears and beats you into pudding. ... ... ... No, you're right; that's totally fun. I don't know what I was thinking.
  15. A track included in my OC ReMix Favorites playlist. Gerudo mixes always come a point of strength with that fantastic source, but I like the way this track is put together. This is one of those takes that sounds like how I remember the original sounding, becoming the new "source", in my mind, so to speak. The whistling is fun, the guitar sounds great and it all just feels right. I remember blaring my TV to play this song on the N64 and then blaring my car radio for this version. I tend to think of the film Desperado while listening to this mix and I hope that comes across as the compliment it's meant to be!
  16. A track included in my OC ReMix Favorites playlist. The beginning of this mix always gets me. It's nothing complicated, just simple piano with some ambient effects added in, but it's continued to send shivers down my spine after all these years. I don't know if this is the "saddest" version of Terra's theme on the site, but it elicits that feeling for me more than any other. The change at 2:24 makes the track a bit creepier, one that used to remind me of Batman Returns but now evokes the Bastion soundtrack, in my mind. This track easily captures the death on snowfield atmosphere the title talks about and, for my money, is one of AmIEvil's most evocative tracks.
  17. A track included in my OC ReMix Favorites playlist. I'm not a huge fan of jazz, but I've always liked how smooth and relaxing this track is, from start to finish. It's such an easy song to pick as your first song of a long night of listening. The 1-1 track from the first Mario game is one that lends itself to jazz easily, but this one is just so successful in it's intention, you could easily fit this into a smokey lounge and not bat an eye (aside from all the smokey getting in your eyes). This is one of those mixes that doesn't break the mold but fits into it so perfectly.
  18. I found this guy on here a while back and have been enjoying his content across his platform AND ITS DISAPPEARING! Where are you SIR UV J!??!
  19. It's not retrowave if it doesn't have the cheese! And if you need vocoders for it, you know where to find me
  20. It really didn't. Great to have another remix from the game, and great to see another mix from about:blank after so long!
  21. Aight I got like a minute of something that resembles retrowave, and I'm gonna stick with it, cheese guitar solo & all ::)
  22. my God, I do not believe, 12 years waiting for a new remix of @about:blank and finally it resurfaces with its solitude in something new, and incredibly 'alone'. an incredible remix that deserves all the artist's worth, okay let's just say I have not gotten over 'Acrophobia' yet in my opinion it's in my top 3 favorite remixes of the site. the whole situation of loneliness and fall, that really moved me for 12 years, and finally waiting so long it resurfaces with another magical composition, thanks for the return and please do not forget us and post more, thanks
  23. Sooo this song ive been listening to forever needs a remix as great as it sounds can someone do it PLEASE?
  24. Hoo-boy. Here we go. So this is my first post to OCR. I'm very, VERY new to remixing and I'd like some general feedback on this track I've been working on. I'd eventually like this to be something akin to what you'd hear on GameChops or Radio Cutman which is to say, a downtempo, lo-fi, hip-hoppy remix a la @FUSION42's Mabe Chillage (which I absolutely adore). I only have maybe half of the track hammered out so far (about up to the chorus), but I'd like some feedback on it before I go any further. Soundcloud link
  25. I really like it! This was always the song that got stuck in my head in this game. I love the ethereal pads in the background, they give a dreamy feel to what would otherwise be a very straightforward track. The chords and harmonies sound fine to me. I also really like that you bitcrushed the bass throughout which I feel was a very prominent hook of the original song. Personally, I feel that the glitches and slips like at 1:42 and 1:44 aren't particularly necessary and detract from the overall feel of the song, but I love the lead arp that's playing alongside them. Overall, I think this song is excellent so far and I'm really looking forward to the rest of it!
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